Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/parallel/paexec
From: Aleksey Cheusov
Date: 2012-09-10 01:30:26
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Log Message:
Update to 0.17.0
    - Option -x was added. With its help paexec can run one command
      per task.  If -g is also specified, command's exit status is
      analysed. Appropriate task and dependants are marked as "failed"
      if it is non-zero.
    - First character of -n argument must be alphanumeric, `+', `_',
      `:' or `/'.  Other symbols are reserved for future extentions.
    - With '-n :filename' paexec reads a list of nodes from the
      specified file.
    - With a help of new option '-m t=<eot>' end of task string
      may be specified, which is an empty line by default.
    - Option -md=<delim> was added that overrides the default
      delimiter (space character) between tasks in graph mode (-g).
    - Output line that contains failed dependants no longer ends with
      unnecessary space.
    - Long options were completely removed.

    - Fix. "paexec_reorder -g" now handles correctly failed tasks'
      output.  One extra line after "fatal" is expected.
    - Options -m was added. It does the same things as paexec's -m.

  More examples of use and regression tests.

  Documentation update, clean-ups and improvements.

  Regression tests:
    - Signals handling was fixed in.
    - LC_ALL is always set to C in regression tests, this fixes some
      problems in internationalized environment.

  mk-configure>=0.23.0 is required at build time