Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/get_iplayer
From: Patrick Welche
Date: 2015-01-17 13:33:14
Message id:

Log Message:
Update get_iplayer to 2.91

Version 2.91 -- Sun, 21 Dec 2014
 * suppress warnings for > 32-bit dates in obsolete Perl versions
 * Fudge a thumbnail for S4C
 * Added S4C to live tv, changed HDS manifest URLs
 * Enable --aactomp3 with HLS
 * Deal with obsolete live tv modes
 * Updated thumbnail size help text
 * Use correct URI escape method
 * HLS tweaks
 * Don't rely on order of version types in programme metadata (2nd try)
 * Revert "Don't rely on order of version types in programme metadata"
 * Don't rely on order of version types in programme metadata
 * Web PVR accessibility improvements
 * Fixes for 2c381ae9c08a8a55cc84dbb05a86e66548315976
 * Web PVR: When the description column for a result is clicked, open the info \ 
page in a new tab.
 * Add better checks for missing data to brand/series parsing
 * Check 3 levels for programme brand
 * Use media_file_size attribute if available
 * Make clear that {hls,ffmpeg}*opts only apply to re-muxing/encoding of \ 
download or output file
 * Copy authentication params to derived HLS playlist URLs
 * Windows installer 4.10
 * Updated GitHub repo location
 * Allow 3 category levels
 * Always print warning if no programme versions found
 * Added S4C to channels
 * Revert "Added support for live radio Shoutcast streams"
 * Added support for live radio Shoutcast streams
 * Added HLS mode warnings about missing ffmpeg
 * More improvements to multiple/missing versions
 * Improve handling of multiple/missing versions
 * Always call get_metadata() in download_retry_loop()
 * Fixed skipped call to get_metadata() when AtomicParsley not installed
 * Backstop <desc> with <descshort>
 * Copy firstbcast/lastbcast when replacing default with iplayer version
 * Revamped replacement of missing default version by iplayer version
 * Added larger thumbnail sizes
 * Always use iplayer version as default if found
 * Don't force episode numbers into cache episode field
 * Added support for HLS streaming and restored live tv
 * Ignore --quiet with --stdout
 * Tidy XML::Simple warnings
 * Added tagging options for new metadata processing
 * Changes to <episode> <nameshort> <desclong>
 * Added verbose message to print programme metadata URL
 * Revert "Added verbose message to indicate if new metadata code is used"
 * Added verbose message to indicate if new metadata code is used
 * Change web scraping with now-obsolete metadata extraction code
 * Strip line breaks for --info output
 * Add long description to Kodi/Freevo metadata
 * Fix long description parsing
 * Tidy up episode number insertion
 * Updated SWF player URL
 * tighten PID check in get_metadata
 * Fixed versions parsing in JSON playlist
 * Fixed versions parsing from programme metadata
 * Implemented brand/series parsing for cache
 * Added --refresh-abortonerror option
 * Implemented ION feeds for tv and radio
 * Don't allow --info with --pvr
 * Segment channels into groups (national, regional, local)
 * Use /programmes data endpoints as primary source for metadata
 * Misc metadata cleanup
 * Cygwin changes #2
 * Suppress "Added:" messages with --quiet
 * Web PVR: fixed escaping in form post parsing
 * Cygwin changes
 * Switch to mediaselector 5 API, added --mediaselector (2nd attempt)
 * Revert "Switch to mediaselector 5 API, added --mediaselector"
 * Fix application of --whitespace to final file/path
 * Switch to mediaselector 5 API, added --mediaselector
 * Suppress spurious errors in PVR log.
 * Apply JSON parsing fix to radio programmes
 * Fixed json playlist parsing to avoid "warning" vpids
 * Fixed sanitising --file-prefix and --subdir-format
 * Fixes for --pvr-queue with multiple PIDs
 * Web PVR: add /usr/local/bin/get_iplayer to search list
 * Prevent duplicate default versions if JSON playlist used
 * Use brand/series thumbnails in radio cache
 * Restore subcategories in metadata
 * Revert "add subcategories after the main categories in the 'catergories' \ 
 * add subcategories after the main categories in the 'catergories' property
 * Fix episode number search
 * Fixed web pvr imports for ancient versions of URI::Escape
 * Add BBC Sport as a masterbrand to fetch