Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/get_iplayer
From: Patrick Welche
Date: 2015-06-04 00:52:24
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Log Message:
Update get_iplayer to 2.94

   get_iplayer 2.94 was released shortly after 2.93 to fix a bug that
   broke live streaming for BBC News, BBC 6 Music and BBC 1Xtra. There
   were no other changes in 2.94. If you already installed 2.93 and do not
   require live streaming for the above stations, updating to 2.94 is not
   necessarily required. However, all users are strongly advised to do so.


1. TV listing feeds

   On 02/06/2015 the BBC removed the listing feeds used by get_iplayer to
   populate the TV programme data cache used to support searching.
   get_iplayer has now switched to using BBC schedule data instead. This
   is what you need to know:
     * If you added --refresh-feeds-tv=schedule to your preferences as a
       temporary measure to support the web pvr, remove it now from the
       command line with:

           get_iplayer --prefs-del --refresh-feeds-tv=schedule

     * Refreshing your TV data cache will be MUCH slower than before.
       Remember this especially if you use --refresh-future, which doubles
       the indexing time. The schedule parsing is based on old code
       inherited from the original version of get_iplayer, but hopefully
       it should improve a bit in future releases.
     * Programmes unique to local BBC One variants are not indexed by
       default. This reduces the indexing time by about half at the
       expense of a handful of programmes, many of which are local news
       cut-outs. If you wish to index the BBC One local variants, use
     * You may find some TV programmes in search results that are older
       than 7 days. This is because the schedule data used for indexing
       goes back to the beginning of the previous calendar week.
     * You may find some TV programmes in search results that are older
       than 7 days and no longer available (e.g., films). You may also
       find some future programmes that are not yet available. This
       hopefully should be improved in a future release.
     * Fewer TV programmes will be indexed. The TV schedule data does not
       contain old archive programmes lurking in the iPlayer site. Only
       programmes in the schedule listings will be indexed.
     * You can no longer search TV programmes for signed or audio
       described versions. That facility is unlikely ever to return.
       However, you should still be able to download those versions where
     * You can no longer search TV programmes by category. That facility
       is unlikely ever to return. Category information will not appear in
       search results (for the present a blank space will be displayed).

   REMEMBER: Any programme not in your data caches (and thus not found in
   your search results) should still be available with --pid <PID> or
   --url <URL>.

2. Live TV and radio streaming

   On 02/06/2015 the BBC removed some metadata resources used by
   get_iplayer to locate live streams. get_iplayer has been repaired to
   work around this problem. Live streaming should work as before, though
   not all streams have been tested.

3. Other changes

     * Added support for BBC One/Two Northern Ireland/Scotland/Wales live
       streams. HD streams are available for BBC One variants, but BBC Two
       variants are SD only. To access those streams with a search string,
       you must full spell out which region you want, e.g., get_iplayer
       --get --type=livetv "BBC One Scotland".
     * Added support for HD TV programmes available via HLS
     * The --playlist-metadata option is now ignored and will be removed
       in the next release.


     * Fixed "Not a SCALAR reference at line 7099" errors.
       There should no longer be any need to use -exclude-supplier=akamai
       or -exclude-supplier=limelight to work around those errors.
     * Fixed problem with future repeat overwriting previous broadcast of
       same programme in cache data.
     * Fixed problem with downloading "open subtitles" programme versions
       with embedded subtitles (e.g., opera broadcasts).

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