Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/security
From: Alistair G. Crooks
Date: 2016-07-24 20:49:35
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Log Message:
Add py-gssapi-1.2.0 to the Packages Collection.

	Python-GSSAPI provides both low-level and high level wrappers around
	the GSSAPI C libraries.  While it focuses on the Kerberos mechanism,
	it should also be useable with other GSSAPI mechanisms.

	Python-GSSAPI is composed of two parts:  a low-level C-style API which
	thinly wraps the underlying RFC 2744 methods, and a high-level,
	Pythonic API (which is itself a wrapper around the low-level API).
	Examples may be found in the examples directory.

	The low-level API lives in gssapi.raw.  The methods contained therein
	are designed to match closely with the original GSSAPI C methods.  All
	relevant methods and classes may be imported directly from gssapi.raw.
	Extension methods will only be imported if they are present.

	The high-level API lives directly under gssapi.  The classes contained
	in each file are designed to provide a more Pythonic, Object-Oriented
	view of GSSAPI.  The exceptions from the low-level API, plus several
	additional exceptions, live in gssapi.exceptions.  The rest of the
	classes may be imported directly from gssapi.  Only classes are
	exported by gssapi - all functions are methods of classes in the
	high-level API.