Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/rspamd
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-04-19 20:31:30
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated rspamd to 1.5.5.

	* [CritFix] Fix classifier learning with Redis backend
	* [CritFix] Fix issue when parsing encoded rfc822/messages
	* [Feature] Add escaped version of lua_ucl import
	* [Feature] Add task:headers_foreach function
	* [Feature] Allow to process filenames from content type
	* [Feature] Allow to query hashed emails
	* [Feature] Ignore bayes with mostly metatokens or with too few text
	* [Feature] Probabilistically skip metatokens
	* [Feature] Retrieve all virus names from SAVAPI
	* [Feature] Rework classifiers lua metatokens
	* [Feature] Store headers order
	* [Feature] Store text tokens inside bayes tokens
	* [Feature] Use cached shingles keys
	* [Fix] Add missing score normalisation for HFILTER_URL_ONLY
	* [Fix] Avoid lookup in absent hash
	* [Fix] Check return values from Lua functions called from C
	* [Fix] Do not count sending and loading time in rspamc
	* [Fix] Escape json strings for controller rejplies from Lua
	* [Fix] Fix archive scans for savapi
	* [Fix] Fix domain_only emails RBL
	* [Fix] Fix ip_score map configuration
	* [Fix] Fix JSON output for history_redis
	* [Fix] Fix one character length substrings search
	* [Fix] Fix parsing of non-RFC compatible Exim received
	* [Fix] Fix parsing of options for workers with the same type
	* [Fix] Fix processing of small tokens vectors
	* [Fix] Fix rfc2047 tokenization
	* [Fix] Fix typo
	* [Fix] More fixes for inplace decoding
	* [Fix] Try to avoid modifications of the original data
	* [Fix] URL redirector: Fix call to is_redirector
	* [Rework] Set token data as uint64_t instead of chars array
	* [WebUI] Check if neighbours' history backend versions match
	* [WebUI] Disable phrase connectors replacement in history filtering
	* [WebUI] Disable phrase connectors replacement in symbols filtering
	* [WebUI] Do not hide messages with bad subject, just replace it with '???'
	* [WebUI] Fix error message
	* [WebUI] Fix history v2 display
	* [WebUI] Fix legacy history
	* [WebUI] history: break To address lists on commas
	* [WebUI] Increase default timeout to 20 seconds
	* [WebUI] Save some history table space

	* [Conf] Add history_redis default configuration
	* [Feature] Add spoofed rules
	* [Feature] Add URL_IN_SUBJECT rule
	* [Feature] Allow to get task's subject
	* [Feature] Allow to specify maximum number of shots for symbols
	* [Feature] Distinguish URLs found in Subject
	* [Feature] Memoize LPEG grammars
	* [Feature] Parse else parts in SA rules
	* [Feature] Process subject for mixed characters
	* [Feature] Resolve url chains in url_redirector module
	* [Feature] Stat greylisted messages as greylisted not soft-rejected
	* [Feature] Support checking for redirector in Lua SURBL
	* [Feature] Support tag_exists SA function
	* [Feature] Work with broken rfc2047 tokens
	* [Fix] Check all watcher's dependencies
	* [Fix] Do not compile hyperscan with no SSSE3 support
	* [Fix] Do not crash if cannot decode qp encoded part
	* [Fix] Fix dependencies of DKIM when multiple signatures are found
	* [Fix] Fix lists in whitelist plugin
	* [Fix] Fix one-shot symbols weight calculations
	* [Fix] Fix options and shots match
	* [Fix] Fix order of symbol options
	* [Fix] Fix parsing of dot at the end of the address
	* [Fix] Fix parsing of lua table arguments
	* [Fix] Fix processing of subject words
	* [Fix] Fix string split memoization
	* [Fix] Fix templates grammar usage
	* [Fix] Fix various issues related to Lua stack manipulation
	* [Fix] Force actions: Use postfilter if we have honor_action / require_action
	* [Fix] Further fixes to avoid PHISHING FP
	* [Fix] Preserve order of options in symbols
	* [Fix] Rspamadm grep: deal with unusually-formatted logs
	* [Fix] Use hostname suffix when dealing with history
	* [Rework] Remove outdated SA rules
	* [WebUI] Add flexible columns
	* [WebUI] Add footable
	* [WebUI] Add sender, recipients and subject columns
	* [WebUI] Allow message-id break
	* [WebUI] Fix history clustering
	* [WebUI] Fix history display
	* [WebUI] Fix sorting
	* [WebUI] Humanize sizes
	* [WebUI] Initial move towards footable
	* [WebUI] Remove datatables
	* [WebUI] Replace `.values` method with `.map`
	* [WebUI] Rework v2 symbols display
	* [WebUI] Try to normalize frequencies
	* [WebUI] Unbreak WebUI
	* [WebUI] Use Footable to draw Throughput summary table