Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/neomutt
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-07-18 20:39:38
Message id:

Log Message:
Updated neomutt to 20170714.

2017-07-14  Richard Russon  <>
* Translations
  - Update German translation
* Docs
  - compile-time output: use two lists
  - doxygen: add config file
  - doxygen: tidy existing comments
* Build
  - fix script
* Upstream
  - Fix crash when $postponed is on another server.

2017-07-07  Richard Russon  <>
* Features
  - Support Gmail's X-GM-RAW server-side search
  - Include pattern for broken threads
  - Allow sourcing of multiple files
* Contrib
  - vombatidae colorscheme
  - zenburn colorscheme
  - black 256 solarized colorscheme
  - neonwolf colorscheme
  - Mutt logos
* Bug Fixes
  - flags: update the hdr message last
  - gpgme S/MIME non-detached signature handling
  - menu: the thread tree color
  - Uses CurrentFolder to populate LastDir with IMAP
  - stabilise sidebar sort order
  - colour emails with a '+' in them
  - the padding expando '%>'
  - Do not set old flag if mark_old is false
  - maildir creation
  - Decode CRLF line endings to LF when copying headers
  - score address pattern do not match personal name
  - open attachments in read-only mode
  - Add Cc, In-Reply-To, and References to default mailto_allow
  - Improve search for mime.types
* Translations
  - Update Chinese (Simplified) translation
* Coverity defects
  - dodgy buffers
  - leaks in lua get/set options
  - some resource leaks
* Docs
  - update credits
  - limitations of new-mail %f expando
  - escape <>'s in nested conditions
  - add code of conduct
  - fix ifdef examples
  - update mailmap
  - Update modify-labels-then-hide
  - fix mailmap
  - drop UPDATING files
* Website
  - Changes pages (diff)
  - Update Arch distro page
  - Update NixOS distro page
  - Add new Exherbo distro page
  - Update translation hi-score table
  - Update code of conduct
  - Update Newbies page
  - Add page about Rebuilding the Documentation
  - Add page of hard problems
* Build
  - remove unnecessary steps
  - drop instdoc script
  - move smime_keys into contrib
  - fixes for Solaris
  - don't delete non-existent files
  - remove another reference to devel-notes.txt
  - Handle native Solaris GSSAPI.
  - drop configure options --enable-exact-address
  - drop configure option --with-exec-shell
  - drop configure option --enable-nfs-fix
  - drop configure option --disable-warnings
  - Completely remove dotlock
  - More sophisticated check for BDB version + support for DB6 (non default)
* Tidy
  - drop VirtIncoming
  - split mutt_parse_mailboxes into mutt_parse_unmailboxes
  - tidy some buffy code
  - tidy the version strings
* Upstream
  - Add ~<() and ~>() immediate parent/children patterns
  - Add L10N comments to the GNUTLS certificate prompt
  - Add more description for the %S and %Z $index_format characters
  - Add config vars for forwarded message attribution intro/trailer
  - Block SIGWINCH during connect()
  - Improve the L10N comment about Sign as
  - Auto-pad translation for the GPGME key selection "verify key" headers
  - Enable all header fields in the compose menu to be translated
  - Force hard redraw after $sendmail instead of calling mutt_endwin
  - Make GPGME key selection behavior the same as classic-PGP
  - Rename 'sign as' to 'Sign as'; makes compose menu more consistent
  - Change the compose menu fields to be dynamically padded