Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/p5-Mojolicious
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-09-27 18:01:43
Message id:

Log Message:
p5-Mojolicious: update to 7.46.

7.46  2017-09-12
  - Fixed support for versions of IO::Socket::SSL older than 1.965 again.

7.45  2017-09-06
  - Fixed support for versions of IO::Socket::SSL older than 1.965. (mudler,
    foursixnine, genio, sri)

7.44  2017-09-02
  - Reverted a previous change to Mojo::Loader that allowed for load_class to be
    called on the same class multiple times, since it had very bad side effects.
  - Improved Mojo::IOLoop::TLS to use a little less memory.
  - Fixed a bug where Mojolicious controllers like \ 
    would disappear if loading the controller "MyApp::Controller::Foo" was
    attempted but failed.

7.43  2017-08-18
  - Improved Mojo::Base role support with the ability to rebless objects.

7.42  2017-08-17
  - Improved Mojo::Base role support with shorthands.

7.41  2017-08-15
  - Added with_roles method to Mojo::ByteStream, Mojo::Collection, Mojo::DOM and

7.40  2017-08-14
  - Added support for Role::Tiny extensions to all classes based on Mojo::Base.
  - Added with_roles method to Mojo::Base. (dotan)
  - Added the guide Mojolicious::Guides::Testing. (scottw)
  - Replaced systemd detection in Mojo::Log with the MOJO_LOG_SHORT environment
    variable, since there is no reliable way to detect systemd.

7.39  2017-08-03
  - Removed experimental close_idle_connections method from
  - Increased default graceful_timeout from 60 to 120 seconds in
  - Improve Mojo::Server::Daemon to log request errors.
  - Fixed a bug where Mojo::Server::Daemon would close connections too quickly
    and interrupt requests.

7.38  2017-07-30
  - Added extra attribute to Mojolicious::Static. (jabberwok)
  - Improve Mojo::URL performance significantly.
  - Fixed memory leak in Mojo::URL that was caused by a Perl 5.24 bug.

7.37  2017-07-21
  - Added slugify method to Mojo::ByteStream. (Grinnz)
  - Added slugify function to Mojo::Util. (Grinnz)
  - Fixed bugs in Mojo::IOLoop and Mojo::Reactor::Poll that would prevent a
    reset from clearing events.

7.36  2017-07-09
  - Fixed basename method in Mojo::File to work with relative paths. (jberger)
  - Fixed a bug where Mojo::Log could not correctly identify if it was deployed
    with systemd.
  - Fixed Mojo::HelloWorld to actually be a Mojolicious subclass.

7.35  2017-07-05
  - Removed deprecated watch attribute from Mojo::Server::Morbo.
  - Added spare attribute to Mojo::Server::Prefork.
  - Added -s option to prefork command.
  - Added fd option to Mojo::IOLoop::Server::listen.
  - Added fd parameter to Mojo::Server::Daemon::listen.
  - Added spare setting to Hypnotoad.
  - Increased default graceful_timeout from 20 to 60 seconds and
    heartbeat_timeout from 20 to 30 seconds in Mojo::Server::Prefork.

7.34  2017-07-02
  - Added short attribute to Mojo::Log.
  - Improved Mojo::Log to print log messages without timestamps to STDERR when
    deployed with systemd.
  - Improved Mojo::DOM performance slightly.