Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel
From: Jaromir Dolecek
Date: 2017-12-06 23:02:30
Message id:

Log Message:
Add php-xdebug-devel 2.6.0alpha, a dev version of xdebug with php 7.2 support

Changes since 2.5.5:
Sat, Dec 2, 2018 - xdebug 2.6.0alpha1

+ Added features:

- Implemented issue #474: Added "memory" output to profiling files, to \ 
find out where memory is allocated.
- Implemented issue #575: Dump super globals contents to error log upon errors, \ 
just like when this would happen for stack traces.
- Implemented issue #964: Parse X-Forwarded-For for the first IP address when \ 
selecting the remote_connect_back host (Steve Easley).
- Implemented issue #990: Add DBGp: notifications for notices and warnings to be \ 
shown in IDEs.
- Implemented issue #1312: Implement extended_properties feature to remote \ 
debugging to support names and values with low ASCII values.
- Implemented issue #1323: Added xdebug.filename_format setting to configure the \ 
formatting of filenames when tracing.
- Implemented issue #1379: Added support for Unix domain sockets to \ 
xdebug.remote_host (Sara Golemon).
- Implemented issue #1380: Added xdebug_is_debugger_active() that returns true \ 
when debugger is connected.
- Implemented issue #1391: Added support for earlier stack frames through new \ 
argument for xdebug_call_* functions.
- Implemented issue #1420: Handle PHP 7.2's new methods for switch/case
- Implemented issue #1470: Added xdebug.remote_timeout to make connect timeout \ 
- Implemented issue #1495: Make var_dump() also use the new \ 
xdebug.filename_format when formatting filenames.

+ Improvements:

- Implemented issue #847: Added support for "%s" specifier for \ 
- Implemented issue #1384: Compile warning on Ubuntu 16.04 with GCC 5.4.x.
- Implemented issue #1401: Improved error message in case the connection breaks.
- Implemented issue #1430: Change DBGp tests to use TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE instead \ 
of hard coded 'php'
- Implemented issue #1484: Use FD_CLOEXEC with debugging sockets to prevent FDs \ 
from leaking to forked processes (Chris Wright).
- Improve the foldexpr in xt.vim to fold lines correctly (Donie Leigh).

= Fixed bugs:

- Fixed issue #1272: property_get doesn't return @attributes for SimpleXMLElement.
- Fixed issue #1305: Property names with quotes can not be fetch while debugging.
- Fixed issue #1431: Fix "use after free" with in \ 
- Fixed issue #1432: Fixed memory leak with xdebug_path_info_dtor.
- Fixed issue #1449: Debugging breaks with array element keys containing \ 
low-ASCII variables.
- Fixed issue #1471: Tracing crashes with return_assignments and ternairy operator.
- Fixed issue #1474: Crashes due to variable resolving/reading mechanism not \ 
taking care of temporary hash tables correctly (Nikita Popov, Derick).
- Fixed issue #1481: Fixed s390x and ppc64 builds (Remi Collet).
- Fixed issue #1486: Crash on ZEND_SWITCH_LONG / ZEND_SWITCH_STRING with more \ 
than 32 cases.
- Fixed issue #1496: Rewrite README.rst to be more clear on how to install and \ 
build Xdebug.

~ Changes:

- Fixed issue #1411: Use Error (Throwable) instead of fatal error when maximum \ 
nesting level is reached.

- Removed features:

- Implemented issue #1377: Drop support for PHP 5.5 and 5.6, only PHP 7 is now \