Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/ccache
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-01-15 09:07:02
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Log Message:
ccache: updated to 3.3.5

ccache 3.3.5

New features and improvements
* Documented how automatic cache cleanup works.

Bug fixes
* Fixed a regression where the original order of debug options could be lost. \ 
This reverts the “Improved parsing of -g* options” feature in ccache 3.3.
* Multiple -fdebug-prefix-map options should now be handled correctly.
* Fixed matching of directories in the ignore_headers_in_manifest configuration \ 
* Fixed detection of missing argument to -opt/--options-file.
* ccache now bails out when building a precompiled header if any of the \ 
corresponding header files have an updated timestamp. This fixes complaints from \ 
* Fixed a bug related to erroneously storing a dependency file with absolute \ 
paths in the cache on a preprocessed hit.
* ccache -c/--cleanup now works like documented: it just recalculates size \ 
counters and trims the cache to not exceed the max size and file number limits. \ 
Previously, the forced cleanup took “limit_multiple” into account, so that \ 
ccache -c/--cleanup by default would trim the cache to 80% of the max limit.
* ccache no longer ignores linker arguments for clang since clang warns about them.
* Plugged a couple of file descriptor leaks.
* Fixed a bug where ccache would skip hashing the compiler argument following a \ 
-fno-working-directory, -fworking-directory, -nostdinc, -nostdinc++, -remap or \ 
-trigraphs option in preprocessor mode.