Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors/vim-share
From: Daniel Horecki
Date: 2018-01-20 13:19:09
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Log Message:
Update to newest changeset.


8.0.1380  using "vim -r swapfile" the hit-enter prompt is misplaced.
8.0.1381  ch_readraw() waits for NL if channel mode is NL
8.0.1382  get "no write since last change" message if terminal is open
8.0.1383  local additions in help skips some files
8.0.1384  not enough quickfix help; confusing winid
8.0.1385  Python 3.5 is getting old
8.0.1386  cannot select modified buffers with getbufinfo()
8.0.1387  wordcount test is old style
8.0.1388  char not overwritten with ambiguous width char
8.0.1389  getqflist() items are missing if not set
8.0.1390  DirectX scrolling can be slow, vertical positioning is off
8.0.1391  encoding empty string to JSON sometimes gives "null"
8.0.1392  build fails with --with-features=huge --disable-channel
8.0.1393  too much highlighting with 'hlsearch' and 'incsearch' set
8.0.1394  cannot intercept a yank command
8.0.1395  it is not easy to see if a colorscheme is well written
8.0.1396  memory leak when CTRL-G in search command line fails
8.0.1397  pattern with \& following nothing gives an error
8.0.1398  :packadd does not load packages from the "start" directory
8.0.1399  warnings and errors when building tiny version
8.0.1400  color scheme check script shows up as color scheme
8.0.1401  cannot build with GTK but without XIM
8.0.1402  crash with nasty autocommand
8.0.1403  using freed buffer in grep command
8.0.1404  invalid memory access on exit
8.0.1405  duplicated code for getting a typed character
8.0.1406  difficult to track changes to a quickfix list
8.0.1407  GUI: CursorHold may trigger before 'updatetime'
8.0.1408  crash in setqflist()
8.0.1409  buffer overflow in :tags command
8.0.1410  hang when using count() with an empty string
8.0.1411  reading invalid memory with CTRL-W :
8.0.1412  using free memory using setloclist()
8.0.1413  accessing freed memory in :cbuffer
8.0.1414  accessing freed memory in :lfile.
8.0.1415  warning for unused function without timers feature
8.0.1416  crash when searching for a sentence
8.0.1417  test doesn't search for a sentence
8.0.1418  no test for expanding backticks
8.0.1419  cursor column is not updated after ]s
8.0.1420  accessing freed memory in vimgrep
8.0.1421  accessing invalid memory with overlong byte sequence
8.0.1422  no fallback to underline when undercurl is not set
8.0.1423  error in return not caught by try/catch
8.0.1424  the timer_pause test is flaky on Travis
8.0.1425  execute() does not work in completion of user command
8.0.1426  "gf" and <cfile> don't accept ? and & in URL
8.0.1427  the :leftabove modifier doesn't work for :copen
8.0.1428  compiler warning on 64 bit MS-Windows system