Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/mitmproxy
From: Leonardo Taccari
Date: 2018-02-26 13:28:48
Message id:

Log Message:
mitmproxy: Update net/mitmproxy to 3.0.3

pkgsrc changes:
 - Sync DEPENDS with upstream
 - Update DESCR to reflect current reality

23 February 2018: mitmproxy 3.0
  * Fix a quote-related issue affecting the mitmproxy console command prompt

22 February 2018: mitmproxy 3.0
    Major Changes
  * Commands: A consistent, typed mechanism that allows addons to expose
    actions to users.
  * Options: A typed settings store for use by mitmproxy and addons.
  * Shift most of mitmproxy's own functionality into addons.
  * Major improvements to mitmproxy console, including an almost complete
    rewrite of the user interface, integration of commands, key bindings, and
    multi-pane layouts.
  * Major Improvements to mitmproxy’s web interface, mitmweb. (Matthew Shao,
    Google Summer of Code 2017)
  * Major Improvements to mitmproxy’s content views and protocol layers (Ujjwal
    Verma, Google Summer of Code 2017)
  * Faster JavaScript and CSS beautifiers. (Ujjwal Verma)

    Minor Changes
  * Vastly improved JavaScript test coverage (Matthew Shao)
  * Options editor for mitmweb (Matthew Shao)
  * Static web-based flow viewer (Matthew Shao)
  * Request streaming for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2 (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Implement more robust content views using Kaitai Struct (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Protobuf decoding now works without protoc being installed on the host
    system (Ujjwal Verma)
  * PNG, GIF, and JPEG can now be parsed without Pillow, which simplifies
    mitmproxy installation and moves parsing from unsafe C to pure Python
    (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Add parser for ICO files (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Migrate WebSockets implementation to wsproto. This reduces code size and
    adds WebSocket compression support. (Ujjwal Verma)
  * Add “split view” to split mitmproxy’s UI into two separate panes.
  * Add key binding viewer and editor
  * Add a command to spawn a preconfigured Chrome browser instance from
  * Fully support mitmproxy under the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), work
    around display errors
  * Add XSS scanner addon (@ddworken)
  * Add ability to toggle interception (@mattweidner)
  * Numerous documentation improvements (@pauloromeira, @rst0git, @rgerganov,
    @fulldecent, @zhigang1992, @F1ashhimself, @vinaydargar, @jonathanrfisher1,
    @BasThomas, @LuD1161, @ayamamori, @TomTasche)
  * Add filters for websocket flows (@s4chin)
  * Make it possible to create a response to CONNECT requests in http_connect
  * Redirect stdout in scripts to ctx.log.warn (@nikofil)
  * Fix a crash when clearing the event log (@krsoninikhil)
  * Store the generated certificate for each flow (@dlenski)
  * Add --keep-host-header to retain the host header in reverse proxy mode
  * Fix setting palette options (@JordanLoehr)
  * Fix a crash with brotli encoding (@whackashoe)
  * Provide certificate installation instructions on (@ritiek)
  * Fix a bug where we did not properly fall back to IPv4 when IPv6 is
    unavailable (@titeuf87)
  * Fix transparent mode on IPv6-enabled macOS systems (@Ga-ryo)
  * Fix handling of HTTP messages with multiple Content-Length headers
  * Fix IPv6 authority form parsing in CONNECT requests (@r1b)
  * Fix event log display in mitmweb (@syahn)
  * Remove private key from PKCS12 file in ~/.mitmproxy (@ograff).
  * Add LDAP as a proxy authentication backend (@charlesdhdt)
  * Use mypy to check the whole codebase (@iharsh234)
  * Fix a crash when duplicating flows (@iharsh234)
  * Fix testsuite when the path contains a “.” (@felixonmars)
  * Store proxy authentication with flows (@lymanZerga11)
  * Match ~d and ~u filters against pretty_host (@dequis)
  * Update WBXML content view (@davidpshaw)
  * Handle HEAD requests for to support Chrome in transparent mode on
    iOS (@tomlabaude)
  * Update dns spoofing example to use --keep-host-header (@krsoninikhil)
  * Call error handler on HTTPException (@tarnacious)
  * Make it possible to remove TLS from upstream HTTP connections
  * Update to pyOpenSSL 17.5, cryptography 2.1.4, and OpenSSL 1.1.0g
  * Make it possible to retroactively increase log verbosity.
  * Make logging from addons thread-safe
  * Tolerate imports in user scripts that match hook names (`from mitmproxy
    import log`)
  * Update mitmweb to React 16, which brings performance improvements
  * Fix a bug where reverting duplicated flows crashes mitmproxy
  * Fix a bug where successive requests are sent to the wrong host after a
    request has been redirected.
  * Fix a bug that binds outgoing connections to the wrong interface
  * Fix a bug where custom certificates are ignored in reverse proxy mode
  * Fix import of flows that have been created with mitmproxy 0.17
  * Fix formatting of (IPv6) IP addresses in a number of places
  * Fix replay for HTTP/2 flows
  * Decouple mitmproxy version and flow file format version
  * Fix a bug where “mitmdump -nr” does not exit automatically
  * Fix a crash when exporting flows to curl
  * Fix formatting of sticky cookies
  * Improve script reloading reliability by polling the filesystem instead of
    using watchdog
  * Fix a crash when refreshing Set-Cookie headers
  * Add connection indicator to mitmweb to alert users when the proxy server
    stops running
  * Add support for certificates with cyrillic domains
  * Simplify output of mitmproxy --version
  * Add Request.make to simplify request creation in scripts
  * Pathoc: Include a host header on CONNECT requests
  * Remove HTML outline contentview (#2572)
  * Remove Python and Locust export (#2465)
  * Remove emojis from tox.ini because flake8 cannot parse that. :(