Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-03-13 19:12:50
Message id:

Log Message:
openvpn: updated to 2.4.5

OpenVPN 2.4.5:
reload HTTP proxy credentials when moving to the next connection profile
Allow learning iroutes with network made up of all 0s (only if netbits < 8)
mbedtls: fix typ0 in comment
manpage: fix simple typ0
Treat dhcp-option DNS6 and DNS identical
show the right string for key-direction
Fix typo in error message: "optione" -> "option"
lz4: Fix confused version check
lz4: Fix broken builds when pkg-config is not present but system library is
Remove references to keychain-mcd in Changes.rst
lz4: Rebase compat-lz4 against upstream v1.7.5
systemd: Add and ship README.systemd
Update copyright to include 2018 plus company name change
man: Add .TQ groff support macro
man: Reword --management to prefer unix sockets over TCP
OpenSSL: check EVP_PKEY key types before returning the pkey
Remove warning on pushed tun-ipv6 option.
Fix removal of on-link prefix on windows with netsh
travis-ci: add brew cache, remove ccache
travis-ci: modify openssl build script to support openssl-1.1.0
autoconf: Fix engine checks for openssl 1.1
Cast time_t to long long in order to print it.
Fix build with LibreSSL
Check whether in pull_mode before warning about previous connection blocks
Avoid illegal memory access when malformed data is read from the pipe
Fix missing check for return value of malloc'd buffer
Return NULL if GetAdaptersInfo fails
Use RSA_meth_free instead of free
Bring cryptoapi.c upto speed with openssl 1.1
Add SSL_CTX_get_max_proto_version() not in openssl 1.0
TLS v1.2 support for cryptoapicert -- RSA only
Refactor get_interface_metric to return metric and auto flag separately
Ensure strings read from registry are null-terminated
Make most registry values optional
Use lowest metric interface when multiple interfaces match a route
Adapt to RegGetValue brokenness in Windows 7
Fix format spec errors in Windows builds
Local functions are not supported in MSVC. Bummer.
Mixing wide and regular strings in concatenations is not allowed in MSVC.
RtlIpv6AddressToStringW() and RtlIpv4AddressToStringW() require mstcpip.h
Simplify iphlpapi.dll API calls
Fix local #include to use quoted form
Document ">PASSWORD:Auth-Token" real-time message
Fix typo in "verb" command examples
Uniform swprintf() across MinGW and MSVC compilers
MSVC meta files added to .gitignore list
openvpnserv: Add support for multi-instances
Document missing OpenVPN states
make struct key * argument of init_key_ctx const
buffer_list_aggregate_separator(): add unit tests
Add --tls-cert-profile option.
Use P_DATA_V2 for server->client packets too
Fix memory leak in buffer unit tests
buffer_list_aggregate_separator(): update list size after aggregating
buffer_list_aggregate_separator(): don't exceed max_len
buffer_list_aggregate_separator(): prevent 0-byte malloc
Fix types around buffer_list_push(_data)
ssl_openssl: fix compiler warning by removing getbio() wrapper
travis: use clang's -fsanitize=address to catch more bugs
Fix --tls-version-min and --tls-version-max for OpenSSL 1.1+
Add support for TLS 1.3 in --tls-version-{min, max}
Plug memory leak if push is interrupted
Fix format errors when cross-compiling for Windows
Log pre-handshake packet drops using D_MULTI_DROPPED
Enable stricter compiler warnings by default
Get rid of ax_check_compile_flag.m4
mbedtls: don't use API deprecated in mbed 2.7
Warn if tls-version-max < tls-version-min
Don't throw fatal errors from create_temp_file()
Fix '--bind ipv6only'