Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/consul
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2018-09-14 11:53:25
Message id:

Log Message:
sysutils/consul: Update to 1.2.3.


- agent: New Cloud Auto-join provider: Kubernetes (K8S)
- http: Added support for "Authorization: Bearer" head in addition to
  the X-Consul-Token header.
- dns: Added a way to specify SRV weights for each service instance to
  allow weighted DNS load-balancing.
- dns: Include EDNS-ECS options in EDNS responses where appropriate:
  see RFC 7871
- ui: Add markers/icons for external sources


- ui: Switch to fullscreen layout for lists and detail, left aligned
- connect: TLS certificate readiness now performs x509 certificate
  verification to determine whether the cert is usable.
- ui: The syntax highlighting/code editor is now on by default
- ui: Fallback to showing `Node.Address` if `Service.Address` is not
- gossip: Improvements to Serf and memberlist improving gossip
  stability on very large clusters (over 35k tested)

- agent: Avoid returning empty data on startup of a non-leader server
- agent: Fixed a panic when serf_wan port was -1 but a
  reconnect_timeout_wan value was set.
- agent: Fixed a problem where errors regarding DNS server creation
  where never shown.
- agent: Start with invalid http configuration again, even though the
  build-in proxy for connect won't start in that case.
- catalog: Allow renaming nodes with IDs.
- dns: Fixes a bug with the DNS recursor, where we would not move onto
  the next provided recursor if we encounter a SERVFAIL or REFUSED
- server: Fixed a memory leak in blocking queries against /event/list.
- snapshot: Fixed a bug where node metadata wasn't being included in
  or restored from the snapshots.
- connect: Fixed a bug where managed proxy instances registered for
  instances with different name and ID and with restrictive ACL would
  not be allowed.
- connect: Fixed a bug where built-in CA state was not correctly
  restored from a snapshot
- connect: Fixed a bug where Checks with
  `deregister_critical_service_after` would deregister the service but
  not remove the managed proxy
- connect: Fixed a bug that would output an error about pruning CAs
  every hour on the leader and might cause some CA configurations not
  to be pruned correctly
- raft: Update raft vendoring to pull in a fix for a potential memory
- license: (Consul Enterprise) Fix an issue with the license not being
  reloaded from snapshots.
- license: (Consul Enterprise) Fix an issue with encoding/decoding of
  the license package type from the /v1/operator/license endpoint.
- cli: Correctly exit with error code 1 when failing to list DCs with
  the catalog command
- ui: Improve layout on screens of a large portrait orientation
- ui: Various browser layout bugs for various vendors/setups