Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/libuv
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-11-13 09:58:14
Message id:

Log Message:
libuv: updated to 1.24.0

Version 1.24.0
* unix: do not require PATH_MAX to be defined
* win,doc: path encoding in uv_fs_XX is UTF-8
* unix: add missing link dependency on kFreeBSD
* unix: add support for GNU/Hurd
* test: avoid memory leak for test_output
* zos: avoid UB with NULL pointer arithmetic
* doc: add vtjnash to maintainers
* unix: restore skipping of phys_addr copy
* unix,win: make uv_interface_addresses() consistent
* unix: remove unnecessary linebreaks
* unix,win: handle zero-sized allocations uniformly
* unix: remove unused uv__dup() function
* core,bsd: refactor process_title functions
* win: Redefine NSIG to consider SIGWINCH
* test: make sure that reading a directory fails
* win, tty: remove zero-size read callbacks
* test: fix test runner getenv async-signal-safety
* test: fix test runner execvp async-signal-safety
* test,unix: fix race in test runner
* unix,win: support IDNA 2008 in uv_getaddrinfo()
* win, tcp: avoid starving the loop
* win, dl: proper error messages on some systems
* win,fs: retry if uv_fs_rename fails
* darwin: speed up uv_set_process_title()
* aix: fix race in uv_get_process_title()
* win: support more fine-grained windows hiding