Subject: CVS commit: wip/lire
From: Peter Bex
Date: 2009-03-18 23:01:48
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Log Message:
Update Lire to 2.1.  Release announcement:

Major changes since 2.0.3 (the previous stable release):

- Lire now requires DBD::SQLite, which uses SQLite 3.0.  (SQLite 2
   has become obsolete and is no longer supported).  This means that the
   Lire database format has changed. If you have one or more old lire
   stores, you will need to convert each of them from SQLite2 format
   to SQLite3 format, like this:

       sqlite oldstore.db .dump | sqlite3 newstore.db

   This assumes that you have both sqlite2 and sqlite3 installed on your
   system, and that the names of the command line interface for the old
   and new version are sqlite and sqlite3 respectively (this is at least
   correct for Fedora).
   After completion of the conversion(s), and after upgrading to
   Lire 2.1, SQLite 2 can be removed from your system, unless it is
   used by other applications than Lire of course.

- Improvement in exim2dlf, thanks to a patch contributed by Adrian Phillips.
   Version 4.67 of exim introduced pid to log_selector, exim2dlf now
   supports such log files too.  See also … 0934.html.
   Note that compatibility with pre-4.67 exim logfiles is preserved
   by this patch.

- Added the merge2combined and dlf2combined www
   scripts for merging web   server logs of different types into one
   log file in combined format. Next to these changes, various bugfixes
   and documentation improvements have been made.  See NEWS (at (or see for the details.