./graphics/asymptote, Powerful descriptive vector graphics language for technical drawings

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.41nb4, Package name: asymptote-2.41nb4, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Asymptote is a powerful descriptive vector graphics language that provides a
natural coordinate-based framework for technical drawing. Labels and equations
are typeset with LaTeX, for high-quality PostScript output. A major advantage of
Asymptote over other graphics packages is that it is a programming language, as
opposed to just a graphics program. Features of Asymptote:

# provides a portable standard for typesetting mathematical figures,
just as TeX/LaTeX has become the standard for typesetting equations;

# generates and embeds 3D vector PRC graphics into PDF files;

# inspired by MetaPost, with a much cleaner, powerful C++-like
programming syntax and floating-point numerics;

# runs on all major platforms (UNIX, MacOS, Microsoft Windows);

# mathematically oriented (e.g. rotation of vectors by complex multiplication);

# LaTeX typesetting of labels (for document consistency);

# uses simplex method and deferred drawing to solve overall size
constraint issues between fixed-sized objects (labels and arrowheads)
and objects that should scale with figure size;
...and more!

Required to run:
[math/fftw] [math/gsl] [devel/boehm-gc] [devel/readline] [print/tex-geometry] [lang/python37]

Required to build:
[print/dvipsk] [print/tex-pdftex] [textproc/makeindexk] [print/tex-tools] [print/tex-latex-bin] [fonts/tex-ec] [print/tex-epsf] [print/tex-parskip] [print/ghostscript-agpl] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [print/tex-texinfo]

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   2019-08-11 15:25:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3557) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISIONs for perl 5.30.0
   2019-04-25 09:33:32 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (620)
Log message:
PKGREVISION bump for anything using python without a PYPKGPREFIX.

This is a semi-manual PKGREVISION bump.
   2019-01-08 11:58:09 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
asymptote: Port to boehm-gc-7.6.8
upstream commit 38a59370dc5ac720c29e1424614a10f7384b943f
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-07-04 15:40:45 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (423)
Log message:
*: Move SUBST_STAGE from post-patch to pre-configure

Performing substitutions during post-patch breaks tools such as mkpatches,
making it very difficult to regenerate correct patches after making changes,
and often leading to substituted string replacements being committed.
   2017-06-08 10:47:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated asymptote to 2.41.

Release Notes for Version 2.41

The rendering of Bezier patches was improved. Minor improvements were made
to perpendicular marks in the geometry package. A perl issue was addressed.
Two unwanted temporary files are now removed after TeX processing.
EPS output is now supported with all TeX engines. A workaround was
implemented for the ImageMagick jpeg black background bug.

Release Notes for Version 2.40

A partial workaround for the OpenGL transparency bug was implemented, by
presorting transparent triangles of the same material. The examples were
updated and a segmentation fault was fixed. Multisample detection, surface
rendering, and crack filling algorithms were fixed. The default compilation
flags now specify -std=c++11.

Release Notes for Version 2.39

A workaround was implemented for the backwards incompatibility in the
TeXLive 2016 graphicx package. Empty tick labels in graphs are now avoided.
A paletteticks NoTicks option was added. Support for lualatex was improved.
Renderers for Bezier patches and curves more efficient than those
in the deprecated GLU library were implemented.
   2016-10-01 10:02:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Let's assume ghostscript is only used during build until we know otherwise.
-j build failed for me once, so mark as not MAKE_JOBS safe.
Update freeglut comment.

Bump PKGREVISION for dependency change.
   2016-09-30 13:54:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated asymptote to 2.38.

Release Notes for Version 2.38

An integer division operator # was added. Control points in xasy are now
correctly parsed. Longitudinal splitting in the revolution structure of
the solids module was fixed. Portability fixes were implemented.
The ncurses library is now only required with --enable-readline.
A --disable-sigsegv configuration option was added.

Release Notes for Version 2.37

The xasy graphical user interface now runs under both Python 2.7 and Python 3.
Legacy versions (prior to 9.14) of Ghostscript can be supported by
assigning settings.epsdriver="epswrite" (or by setting the environment
variable ASYMPTOTE_EPSDRIVER to epswrite). The quiet flag suppresses
noninteractive standard output when settings.verbosity <= 1. A progress
function was added to the plain_strings module. The smoothcontour3 module
was optimized to use Bezier triangles where appropriate, along with a
built-in least-squares routine and an improved root finder based on
quadratic interpolation. If settings.sysdir is empty, preference is given
to a version of kpsewhich in the same directory as the executable for
determining the correct sysdir. The handling of degenerate normals of
Bezier triangles was fixed. Bugs in forking, integer formatting, dash
adjustment, subpaths, and guide reversion were fixed. Version 1.30 of
asymptote.sty (auto-generated) and version 0.35 (or later) of media9.sty
are now required.

Release Notes for Version 2.36

Bezier triangle patches have been implemented in place of degenerate Bezier
tensor product patches. Surface rendering was improved. The configuration
of the readline and gc libraries was fixed. The asy configuration
directory is only created if localhistory=false. Patches are now sorted by
projected distance. Animations were fixed by running LaTeX twice.
The asy-mode.el headers were updated. Intermittent segmentation faults and
floating point exceptions in the OpenGL renderer were fixed. Support for
GSL 2.0 was added. A quite nan constant was added. Straight segments are no
longer split in bezulate. Segmentation faults in tab completion were fixed.
A work around for a clang 3.7.0 compiler bug was implemented.
The smoothcontour routine was sped up. Several bugs in the file read routines
were fixed. A bug in rest argument signature equivalence was fixed.
Threads are no longer used in batch mode, except under MacOS X. A convenience
function graphicscale was added for using graphic with the conTeXt tex
engine. The splinetype detection for Spline surfaces was fixed.

Release Notes for Version 2.35

A work around was implemented for a ghostscript eps2write bug that forces
all postscript to the first page, breaking multiple 3D XeLaTeX and ConTeXt

Release Notes for Version 2.34

The readability of named pen colors was improved in the documentation.
A surface cone(path3 base, triple vertex) routine was added for
constructing an approximate cone over an arbitrary base. A test for
Ghostscript 9.14 or later was added to the build process. The documentation
was updated. A CYGWIN warning message under Windows 8 was fixed.

Release Notes for Version 2.33

A work around was implemented for the missing epswrite driver in
ghostscript-9.15. Deconstruction is now always done in the C locale.
A work around for a unit change in dvisvgm-1.5.3 was implemented.
The path arc(pair B, pair A, pair C, real r) function was fixed.
The handling of the boolean condition in parametric surfaces was fixed.
The default meshlight was changed to nolight so that mesh lines with
positive width appear consistent with the default mesh lines.
A nonsquare image dimension error was fixed. The definition of the
SimpleHead arrowhead was fixed. The zoom/menu button and play option were
fixed. An intersect(path, surface) function was implemented.
A smoothcontour3 module written by Charles Staats and leminiscate example
were added. The inline asymptote.sty option now works with xelatex.
An obsolete workaround for an Adobe Reader transparency artifact
was removed. An asylatexdir option was added to support the pdflatex
-output-directory option. An aligndir option for aligning the picture to
an arbitrary point of the page boundary was added. The garbage collector was
updated to gc-7.4.2. The documentation was updated.

Release Notes for Version 2.32

The libc++ stringstream workaround was also enabled for FreeBSD.
The segment(bool[] b) function was fixed. The side(pair,pair,pair) function
was renamed to orient(pair,pair,pair) and an error in its documentation was
corrected. New functions orient(triple,triple,triple,triple) and
insphere(triple,triple,triple,triple,triple) were implemented. A random
number generator incompatibility on some platforms was fixed. Support was
removed for the obsolete utility texi2dvi4a2ps. Compiler warnings were

Release Notes for Version 2.31

Hangs in 3D font generation and also in the "none" tex engine were fixed.

Release Notes for Version 2.30

Compilation issues were addressed. A workaround for the broken stringstream
container in MacOS 10.9 libc++ was implemented. The OpenGL zoom/menu button
was fixed.

Release Notes for Version 2.29

The TeX bidirectional pipe was overhauled to support the context tex engine
again. The luatex and lualatex tex engines were enabled. The inline option
used by the asymptote.sty LaTeX package and the inlineimage option used for
generating external PRC files were fixed. Portability issues were addressed.

Release Notes for Version 2.28

A locale bug that interfered with the 3D PRC camera transformation was fixed.
Minimum OpenGL window constraints were removed in favour of the viewportsize
variable. The transform(u,v,O) function, which projects onto the plane
spanned by u and v through point O, was fixed. Numerical overflow issues in
quadraticroots and cubicroots were fixed. The documentation was updated.

Release Notes for Version 2.27

Move Adobe transparency workaround to C++ code to allow use of texpreamble
again with the pdflatex tex engine.

Release Notes for Version 2.26

The xasy graphical user interface now terminates the asy process on exit.
The xasy code editor under MSWindows was fixed; the default code editor is
now winpad. Degenerate HookHead and SimpleHead arrows were fixed.
Portability issues were addressed.

Release Notes for Version 2.25

A superfluous play button in rendered 3D images embedded by recent versions of
media9 is now suppressed. The contour.asy module was reverted to a previous
stable linearized version. A numerical precision issue in makepen was fixed.
A routine for drawing braces was added. Deep recursion is now avoided in
guide flattening. A workaround for an Adobe Reader transparency artifact
was implemented for the pdflatex and xelatex tex engines. Raw PRC output
can now be generated with the "-f prc" command-line option. Vector patches
are now sorted to work around opacity artifacts in many rendering engines.
The xasy code editor now accepts command-line options. Under MSWindows,
the ghostscript library is searched for in both the 32 bit and 64 bit
registries. The FAQ and documentation were updated.

Release Notes for Version 2.24

A segmentation fault in drawSphere was fixed. Recursive calls to simpson
are now supported. The explicit libglapi dependency was removed.
A latexmkrc example file that shows how to store figures in a subdirectory
is now included.

Release Notes for Version 2.23

Compilation without the FFTW library is now supported again.

Release Notes for Version 2.22

Self-defined unary operators are now allowed. Formatted strings instead of
real values are compared in OmitFormat. The segment(bool[]) function was
rewritten to use the more efficient segmentlimits(bool[]) call.
Unnecessary buffering of surface and path3 data was removed.
Portability tweaks were made.  References to out-of-date trembling
examples were removed. Vertex-colored triangles now work again in Adobe XI.
The transformation of normal vectors was fixed.  PostScript extend
qualifiers were added for axial and radial shading. The TEXMFMAN
environment variable is now used to find the TeXLive sysdir.

Release Notes for Version 2.21

Explicitly transformed billboard labels now work correctly again.
The alignment point of OpenGL billboard labels was fixed. An extend
parameter was added to the axes (default true) and axes3 (default false)
routines. A history recall bug was fixed. A typo was corrected in the
documentation of the Jacobi elliptic functions sncndn.

Release Notes for Version 2.20

A work around was implemented for a dvipdfmx bug that prevents the
xelatex tex engine from properly embedding PRC objects. Billboard rotation
is now disabled for explicitly transformed labels.

Release Notes for Version 2.19

Numerical resolution issues with the PRC camera orientation and viewportshift
were fixed. The lighting of NURBS surfaces was fixed. The special 8192
strlen NSIS build was now correctly reinstated, with stubs, to prevent the
installer from overwriting Windows PATH environment variables > 1023 bytes.

Release Notes for Version 2.18

A compilation issue on MacOSX was addressed. Secondary axes pictures now
inherit the size of the primary picture, so that the markthin marker works
properly. The special 8192 strlen NSIS build was reinstated to prevent the
installer from overwriting extremely long Windows PATH environment variables.

Release Notes for Version 2.17

A bug with non-square pen function images was fixed.  Autoscaled
logarithmic axes were fixed. Offscreen and non-offscreen rendering are now
supported in a single binary (requiring OSMesa version 8), with
settings.offscreen defaulting to false. The media9 LaTeX style file is now
used to embed 3D PRC content instead of movie15. Local 3D coordinates are
now used. PRC Part names are nolonger generated by default. A bug in
bezulate was fixed. A settings.axes3 flag was added to control the
visibility of PRC axes. An efficient 3D routine for drawing many
triangles, with specified vertices and optional normals or vertex colors,
was implemented.

Release Notes for Version 2.16

Ticks are no longer autoscaled when the number of major intervals is
specified and autoscale is false. Manual tick scaling was fixed. A bug in
the palette range was fixed. A division by zero in constructing curved arrows
was fixed. A numerical underflow was fixed. A picture bound error was
fixed. The current value of currentpen is now always respected in default
arguments. A default viewportwidth is no longer imposed for attached
images. A routine for computing camera positions was added. The format
command is now more consistent with C++ printf formatting. Named arguments
can now appear in function calls after rest arguments. The wheel example
was improved to support PDF animations. The erase command no longer resets
the machine state. Pipes are now used for xasy communication. A new mode
parameter to input and output replaces xinput, xoutput, binput, and
boutput. The icon directory path for 64-bit MSWindows systems was fixed.
Compilation of native CYGWIN binaries is now supported.