./graphics/png, Library for manipulating PNG images

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.6.14, Package name: png-1.6.14, Maintainer: wiz

Libpng was written as a companion to the PNG specification, as a
way to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to support
the PNG file format in application programs. Most users will not
have to modify the library significantly; advanced users may want
to modify it more. The library was coded for both users. All
attempts were made to make it as complete as possible, while
keeping the code easy to understand. Currently, this library
only supports C. Support for other languages is being considered.

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SHA1: 9cc30ac84214fda2177a02da275359ffd5b068d9
RMD160: 56615aea45b63a37c6c013ce1ef8c99ee8b63f02
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   2014-10-23 09:18:23 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.14:

Version 1.6.14beta01 [September 14, 2014]
  Guard usage of png_ptr->options with #ifdef PNG_SET_OPTION_SUPPORTED.
  Do not build contrib/tools/pngfix.c when PNG_SETJMP_NOT_SUPPORTED,
    to allow "make" to complete without setjmp support (bug report by
    Claudio Fontana)
  Add "#include <setjmp.h>" to contrib/tools/pngfix.c (John Bowler)

Version 1.6.14beta02 [September 18, 2014]
  Use nanosleep() instead of usleep() in contrib/gregbook/rpng2-x.c
    because usleep() is deprecated.
  Define usleep() in contrib/gregbook/rpng2-x.c if not already defined
    in unistd.h and nanosleep() is not available; fixes error introduced
    in libpng-1.6.13.
  Disable floating point exception handling in pngvalid.c when
    PNG_FLOATING_ARITHMETIC is not supported (bug report by "zootus
    at users.sourceforge.net").

Version 1.6.14beta03 [September 19, 2014]
  Define FE_DIVBYZERO, FE_INVALID, and FE_OVERFLOW in pngvalid.c if not
    already defined.  Revert floating point exception handling in pngvalid.c
    to version 1.6.14beta01 behavior.

Version 1.6.14beta04 [September 27, 2014]
  Fixed incorrect handling of the iTXt compression flag in pngrutil.c
    (bug report by Shunsaku Hirata).  Bug was introduced in libpng-1.6.0.

Version 1.6.14beta05 [October 1, 2014]
  Added "option READ_iCCP enables READ_COMPRESSED_TEXT" to pnglibconf.dfa

Version 1.6.14beta06 [October 5, 2014]
  Removed unused "text_len" parameter from private function \ 
  Conditionally compile some code in png_deflate_claim(), when
  Replaced repeated code in pngpread.c with PNG_PUSH_SAVE_BUFFER_IF_FULL.
  Added "chunk iTXt enables TEXT" and "chunk zTXt enables TEXT"
    to pnglibconf.dfa.
  Removed "option READ_COMPRESSED_TEXT enables READ_TEXT" from \ 
    to make it possible to configure a libpng that supports iCCP but not TEXT.

Version 1.6.14beta07 [October 7, 2014]
  Removed "option WRITE_COMPRESSED_TEXT enables WRITE_TEXT" from \ 
  Only mark text chunks as written after successfully writing them.

Version 1.6.14rc01 [October 15, 2014]
  Fixed some typos in comments.

Version 1.6.14rc02 [October 17, 2014]
  Changed png_convert_to_rfc_1123() to png_convert_to_rfc_1123_buffer()
    in the manual, to reflect the change made in libpng-1.6.0.
  Updated README file to explain that direct access to the png_struct
    and info_struct members has not been permitted since libpng-1.5.0.

Version 1.6.14 [October 23, 2014]
  No changes.
   2014-10-09 16:07:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1163)
Log message:
Remove pkgviews: don't set PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES in Makefiles.
   2014-08-21 14:02:59 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.13:

Version 1.6.13beta01 [July 4, 2014]
  Quieted -Wsign-compare and -Wclobber compiler warnings in
  Added "(void) png_ptr;" where needed in contrib/gregbook to quiet
    compiler complaints about unused pointers.
  Split a long output string in contrib/gregbook/rpng2-x.c.
  Added "PNG_SET_OPTION" requirement for sRGB chunk support to \ 
    Needed for write-only support (John Bowler).
  Changed "if defined(__ARM_NEON__)" to
    "if (defined(__ARM_NEON__) || defined(__ARM_NEON))" (James Wu).
  Fixed clang no-warning builds: png_digit was defined but never used.

Version 1.6.13beta02 [July 21, 2014]
  Fixed an incorrect separator ("/" should be "\") in \ 
    (bug report from Wolfgang S. Kechel).  Bug was introduced in libpng-1.6.11.
    Also fixed makefile.bc32, makefile.bor, makefile.msc, makefile.intel, and
    makefile.tc3 similarly.

Version 1.6.13beta03 [August 3, 2014]
  Removed scripts/makefile.elf. It has not worked since libpng-1.5.0beta14
    due to elimination of the PNG_FUNCTION_EXPORT and PNG_DATA_EXPORT
    definitions from pngconf.h.
  Ensure that CMakeLists.txt makes the target "lib" directory before making
    symbolic link into it (SourceForge bug report #226 by Rolf Timmermans).

Version 1.6.13beta04 [August 8, 2014]
  Added opinion that the ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) for
    libpng is EAR99 to the README file.
  Eliminated use of "$<" in makefile explicit rules, when copying
    $PNGLIBCONF_H_PREBUILT.  This does not work on some versions of make;
    bug introduced in libpng version 1.6.11.

Version 1.6.13rc01 [August 14, 2014]
  Made "ccopts" agree with "CFLAGS" in scripts/makefile.hp* \ 
and makefile.*sunu

Version 1.6.13 [August 21, 2014]
  No changes.
   2014-06-12 10:59:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.12:

Version 1.6.12rc01 [June 6, 2014]
  Relocated new code from 1.6.11beta06 in png.c to a point after the
    declarations (Max Stepin).

Version 1.6.12rc02 [June 7, 2014]
  Changed file permissions of contrib/tools/intgamma.sh,
    test-driver, and compile from 0644 to 0755 (Cosmin).

Version 1.6.12rc03 [June 8, 2014]
  Ensure "__has_attribute()" macro exists before trying to use it with
    old clang compilers (MacPorts Ticket #43939).

Version 1.6.12 [June 12, 2014]
  No changes.
   2014-06-05 18:33:55 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.11:

Version 1.6.11beta01 [March 17, 2014]
  Use "if (value != 0)" instead of "if (value)" consistently.
  Changed ZlibSrcDir from 1.2.5 to 1.2.8 in projects/vstudio.
  Moved configuration information from the manual to the INSTALL file.

Version 1.6.11beta02 [April 6, 2014]
  Removed #if/#else/#endif from inside two pow() calls in pngvalid.c because
    they were handled improperly by Portland Group's PGI-14.1 - PGI-14.3
    when using its "__builtin_pow()" function.
  Silence 'unused parameter' build warnings (Cosmin Truta).
  $(CP) is now used alongside $(RM_F).  Also, use 'copy' instead of 'cp'
    where applicable, and applied other minor makefile changes (Cosmin).
  Don't warn about invalid dimensions exceeding user limits (Cosmin).
  Allow an easy replacement of the default pre-built configuration
    header with a custom header, via the make PNGLIBCONF_H_PREBUILT
    macro (Cosmin).

Version 1.6.11beta03 [April 6, 2014]
  Fixed a typo in pngrutil.c, introduced in libpng-1.5.6, that interferes
    with "blocky" expansion of sub-8-bit interlaced PNG files (Eric Huss).
  Optionally use  __builtin_bswap16() in png_do_swap().

Version 1.6.11beta04 [April 19, 2014]
  Made progressive reading of interlaced images consistent with the
    behavior of the sequential reader and consistent with the manual, by
    moving some code out of the PNG_READ_INTERLACING_SUPPORTED blocks. The
    row_callback now receives the proper pass number and unexpanded rows, when
    png_combine_row() isn't built or used, and png_set_interlace_handling()
    is not called.
  Allow PNG_sRGB_PROFILE_CHECKING = (-1) to mean no sRGB profile checking.

Version 1.6.11beta05 [April 26, 2014]
  Do not reject ICC V2 profiles that lack padding (Kai-Uwe Behrmann).
  Relocated closing bracket of the sRGB profile test loop to avoid getting
    "Not recognizing known sRGB profile that has been edited" warning for
    ICC V2 profiles that lack the MD5 signature in the profile header.

Version 1.6.11beta06 [May 19, 2014]
  Added PNG_SKIP_sRGB_CHECK_PROFILE choice for png_set_option().

Version 1.6.11rc01 [May 27, 2014]
  No changes.

Version 1.6.11rc02 [June 3, 2014]
  Test ZLIB_VERNUM instead of PNG_ZLIB_VERNUM in contrib/tools/pngfix.c

Version 1.6.11 [June 5, 2014]
  No changes.
   2014-03-12 10:17:52 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.10:

Version 1.6.10rc02 [February 28, 2014]
  Removed unreachable return statement after png_chunk_error()
    in pngrutil.c

Version 1.6.10rc03 [March 4, 2014]
  Un-deprecated png_data_freer().

Version 1.6.10 [March 6, 2014]
   2014-02-27 16:07:09 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.10rc01:
This fixes CERT VU#684412 and CVE-2014-0333.

Version 1.6.10beta01 [February 9, 2014]
  Backported changes from libpng-1.7.0beta30 and beta31:
  Fixed a large number of instances where PNGCBAPI was omitted from
    function definitions.
  Added pngimage test program for png_read_png() and png_write_png()
    with two new test scripts.
  Removed dependence on !PNG_READ_EXPAND_SUPPORTED for calling
    png_set_packing() in png_read_png().
  Fixed combination of ~alpha with shift. On read invert alpha, processing
    occurred after shift processing, which causes the final values to be
    outside the range that should be produced by the shift. Reversing the
    order on read makes the two transforms work together correctly and mirrors
    the order used on write.
  Do not read invalid sBIT chunks. Previously libpng only checked sBIT
    values on write, so a malicious PNG writer could therefore cause
    the read code to return an invalid sBIT chunk, which might lead to
    application errors or crashes.  Such chunks are now skipped (with
  Make png_read_png() and png_write_png() prototypes in png.h depend
  Support builds with unsupported PNG_TRANSFORM_* values.  All of the
    PNG_TRANSFORM_* values are always defined in png.h and, because they
    are used for both read and write in some cases, it is not reliable
    to #if out ones that are totally unsupported. This change adds error
    detection in png_read_image() and png_write_image() to do a
    png_app_error() if the app requests something that cannot be done
    and it adds corresponding code to pngimage.c to handle such options
    by not attempting to test them.

Version 1.6.10beta02 [February 23, 2014]
  Moved redefines of png_error(), png_warning(), png_chunk_error(),
    and png_chunk_warning() from pngpriv.h to png.h to make them visible
    to libpng-calling applications.
  Moved OS dependent code from arm/arm_init.c, to allow the included
    implementation of the ARM NEON discovery function to be set at
    build-time and provide sample implementations from the current code in the
    contrib/arm-neon subdirectory. The __linux__ code has also been changed to
    compile and link on Android by using /proc/cpuinfo, and the old linux code
    is in contrib/arm-neon/linux-auxv.c.  The new code avoids POSIX and Linux
    dependencies apart from opening /proc/cpuinfo and is C90 compliant.
  Check for info_ptr == NULL early in png_read_end() so we don't need to
    run all the png_handle_*() and depend on them to return if info_ptr == NULL.
    This improves the performance of png_read_end(png_ptr, NULL) and makes
    it more robust against future programming errors.
  Check for __has_extension before using it in pngconf.h, to
    support older Clang versions (Jeremy Sequoia).
  Treat CRC error handling with png_set_crc_action(), instead of with
    png_set_benign_errors(), which has been the case since libpng-1.6.0beta18.
  Use a user warning handler in contrib/gregbook/readpng2.c instead of default,
    so warnings will be put on stderr even if libpng has CONSOLE_IO disabled.
  Added png_ptr->process_mode = PNG_READ_IDAT_MODE in png_push_read_chunk
    after recognizing the IDAT chunk, which avoids an infinite loop while
    reading a datastream whose first IDAT chunk is of zero-length.
    This fixes CERT VU#684412 and CVE-2014-0333.
  Don't recognize known sRGB profiles as sRGB if they have been hacked,
    but don't reject them and don't issue a copyright violation warning.

Version 1.6.10beta03 [February 25, 2014]
  Moved some documentation from png.h to libpng.3 and libpng-manual.txt
  Minor editing of contrib/arm-neon/README and contrib/examples/*.c

Version 1.6.10rc01 [February 27, 2014]
  Fixed typos in the manual and in scripts/pnglibconf.dfa (CFLAGS -> CPPFLAGS
   2014-02-06 19:24:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.9, getting rid of the final two patches after discussion
with very helpful upstream.


Version 1.6.9beta01 [December 26, 2013]
  Bookkeeping: Moved functions around (no changes). Moved transform
    function definitions before the place where they are called so that
    they can be masde static. Move the intrapixel functions and the
    grayscale palette builder out of the png?tran.c files. The latter
    isn't a transform function and is no longer used internally, and the
    former MNG specific functions are better placed in pngread/pngwrite.c
  Made transform implementation functions static. This makes the internal
    functions called by png_do_{read|write}_transformations static. On an
    x86-64 DLL build (Gentoo Linux) this reduces the size of the text
    segment of the DLL by 1208 bytes, about 0.6%. It also simplifies
    maintenance by removing the declarations from pngpriv.h and allowing
    easier changes to the internal interfaces.
  Rebuilt configure scripts with automake-1.14.1 and autoconf-2.69
    in the tar distributions.

Version 1.6.9beta02 [January 1, 2014]
  Added checks for libpng 1.5 to pngvalid.c.  This supports the use of
    this version of pngvalid in libpng 1.5
  Merged with pngvalid.c from libpng-1.7 changes to create a single
  Removed #error macro from contrib/tools/pngfix.c (Thomas Klausner).
  Merged pngrio.c, pngtrans.c, pngwio.c, and pngerror.c with libpng-1.7.0
  Merged libpng-1.7.0 changes to make no-interlace configurations work
    with test programs.
  Revised pngvalid.c to support libpng 1.5, which does not support the
    PNG_MAXIMUM_INFLATE_WINDOW option, so #define it out when appropriate in
  Allow unversioned links created on install to be disabled in configure.
    In configure builds 'make install' changes/adds links like png.h
    and libpng.a to point to the newly installed, versioned, files (e.g.
    libpng17/png.h and libpng17.a). Three new configure options and some
    rearrangement of Makefile.am allow creation of these links to be disabled.

Version 1.6.9beta03 [January 10, 2014]
  Removed potentially misleading warning from png_check_IHDR().

Version 1.6.9beta04 [January 20, 2014]
  Updated scripts/makefile.* to use CPPFLAGS (Cosmin).
  Added clang attribute support (Cosmin).

Version 1.6.9rc01 [January 28, 2014]
  No changes.

Version 1.6.9rc02 [January 30, 2014]
  Quiet an uninitialized memory warning from VC2013 in png_get_png().

Version 1.6.9 [February 6, 2014]