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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.02.0, Package name: ocaml-4.02.0, Maintainer: jaapb

Objective Caml is the latest implementation of the Caml dialect of ML. The main
novelties compared with its ancestor, Caml Light, are:

* Full support for objects and classes -- here combined for the first time
with ML-style type reconstruction.
* A powerful module calculus in the style of Standard ML (but retaining
separate compilation).
* A high-performance native code compiler (in addition to a Caml
Light-style bytecode compiler).

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   2014-12-15 12:46:36 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (23)
Log message:
The "rename" rule is a published synonym for the "opt" \ 
transform rule, however
only the latter is supported by cwrappers.  Change them all to "opt" \ 
rules for
consistency and to gain compatibility with cwrappers.
   2014-11-25 12:09:51 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
linker flag hack is required on Darwin prior to 9 too.

PR pkg/49417 by Sevan Janiyan.
   2014-11-21 15:15:20 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
ARM assembler glue needs either Thumb or ARMv6 with emulation for one
Thumb instruction. Go with FreeBSD and use the latter.
   2014-11-20 16:24:57 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Really match all ARM variants.
   2014-11-20 16:22:44 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Match all ARM variants.
   2014-11-01 09:51:32 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
add some missing files for 4.02.0.
   2014-10-13 15:24:45 by Jaap Boender | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Extra patch - syntactical change only, but needed for x11/ocaml-graphics
   2014-10-09 21:08:28 by Jaap Boender | Files touched by this commit (33) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to ocaml 4.02.0. Main changes (apart from ocamldoc and bugfixes, see
also upstream changelog):
Language features:
- Attributes and extension nodes
- Generative functors
- Module aliases
* Alternative syntax for string literals {id|...|id} (can break comments)
- Separation between read-only strings (type string) and read-write byte
  sequences (type bytes). Activated by command-line option -safe-string.
Build system for the OCaml distribution:
- Use -bin-annot when building.
- Use GNU make instead of portable makefiles.
- Updated build instructions for 32-bit Mac OS X on Intel hardware.
Shedding weight:
* Removed Camlp4 from the distribution, now available as third-party software.
* Removed Labltk from the distribution, now available as a third-party library.
Type system:
* Keep typing of pattern cases independent in principal mode
- Allow opening a first-class module or applying a generative functor
  in the body of a generative functor. Allow it also in the body of
  an applicative functor if no types are created
* Module aliases are now typed in a specific way, which remembers their
  identity. In particular this changes the signature inferred by
  "module type of"
- Slight change in the criterion to distinguish private
  abbreviations and private row types: create a private abbreviation for
  closed objects and fixed polymorphic variants.
* Compare first class module types structurally rather than
  nominally. Value subtyping allows module subtyping as long as the internal
  representation is unchanged.
- More aggressive constant propagation, including float and
  int32/int64/nativeint arithmetic.  Constant propagation for floats
  can be turned off with option -no-float-const-prop, for codes that
  change FP rounding modes at run-time.
- New back-end optimization pass: common subexpression elimination (CSE).
  (Reuses results of previous computations instead of recomputing them.)
- New back-end optimization pass: dead code elimination.
  (Removes arithmetic and load instructions whose results are unused.)
- Optimization of sequences of string patterns
- Experimental native code generator for AArch64 (ARM 64 bits)
- Optimization of integer division and modulus by constant divisors
- Add "-open" command line flag for opening a single module before typing
* "-o" now sets module name to the output file name up to the first \ 
  (it also applies when "-o" is not given, i.e. the module name is then
   the input file name up to the first ".")
* better sharing of structured constants
- new flag to keep locations in cmi files
- issue warning 3 when referring to a value marked with
  the [@@ocaml.deprecated] attribute
- a new format implementation based on GADTs
* Constant exception constructors no longer allocate
- avoid unnecessary boxing in let
- Better compilation of optional arguments with default values
- ocamlopt -opaque option for incremental native compilation
Toplevel interactive system:
- New "#show_*" directives
Runtime system:
- New configure option "-no-naked-pointers" to improve performance by
  avoiding page table tests during block darkening and the marking phase
  of the major GC.  In this mode, all out-of-heap pointers must point at
  things that look like OCaml values: in particular they must have a valid
  header.  The colour of said headers should be black.
- Fixed bug in native code version of [caml_raise_with_string] that could
  potentially lead to heap corruption.
- Blocks initialized by [CAMLlocal*] and [caml_alloc] are now filled with
  [Val_unit] rather than zero.
- Fixed a major performance problem on large heaps (~1GB) by making heap
  increments proportional to heap size by default
- Structural equality treats exception specifically
- efficient comparison/indexing of exceptions
- avoid using unsafe C library functions (strcpy, strcat, sprintf)
- An ISO C99-compliant C compiler and standard library is now assumed.
  (Plus special exceptions for MSVC.)  In particular, emulation code for
  64-bit integer arithmetic was removed, the C compiler must support a
  64-bit integer type.
Standard library:
* Add new modules Bytes and BytesLabels for mutable byte sequences.
- add List.sort_uniq and Set.of_list
- a faster version of "raise" which does not maintain the backtrace
- support "Unix.kill pid Sys.sigkill" under Windows
- speed improvement for Buffer
- efficient creation of uninitialized float arrays
- Improve documentation regarding finalisers and multithreading
- Trigger warning 3 for all values marked as deprecated in the documentation.