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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.0.80nb1, Package name: sun-jdk7-7.0.80nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This is the Linux port of the Sun Java(tm) Development Kit (J2SE 7.0).

Required to run:
[emulators/suse121_locale] [emulators/suse121_compat] [emulators/suse121_x11] [lang/sun-jre7]

SHA1: 21e5e18c3511def01590994e926a4350c0509f01
RMD160: c519e687374915166441995d4e3951b52bb2f82b
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   2016-08-19 16:45:59 by Richard PALO | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
restore SunOS distinfo checksums
   2016-08-11 00:26:46 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
Add back missed UnlimitedJCEPolicyJDK7.zip from distinfo
Add a comment on why we are u80 while Oracle download page suggests 79
http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ … 80260.html
   2016-05-17 14:42:19 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Unbreak SunOS.
   2016-05-08 19:23:29 by Christos Zoulas | Files touched by this commit (13)
Log message:
72 -> 80, security fixes
   2016-03-10 17:04:13 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Set CHECK_SHLIBS_SUPPORTED=no for both the JRE and JDK, a bug in check-shlibs
was masking test failures for the JDK package.
   2015-05-05 19:07:40 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (10)
Log message:
Add FOO-jps to PLIST, missed in last commit
   2015-05-05 18:20:08 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Add jps to the list of wrapped java binaries. Bump PKGREVISION
   2014-11-15 22:01:26 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 7.0.72

7.0.72: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ … 96190.html
Instructions to disable SSL v3.0 in Oracle JDK and JRE

Oracle recommends that users and developers disable use of the SSLv3 protocol. \ 
Please follow the Instructions to disable SSL v3.0 in Oracle JDK and JRE.
Change in javax.smartcardio.Card.disconnect(boolean reset) method behavior

Prior to the JDK 8u20 and JDK 7u72 releases, the \ 
javax.smartcardio.Card.disconnect(boolean reset) method had inverted logic for \ 
the 'reset' boolean value passed to it. The card was reset upon a disconnect if \ 
false was passed to it and vice versa. Starting with JDK 7u72 and JDK 8u20, the \ 
correct behavior as per API documentation has been implemented.

In order to provide backwards compatibility to users who rely on the old \ 
behavior, a new system property has been introduced. The following command-line \ 
option can be used to enforce the old broken behavior:


This property is set by default for 7u72 and later JDK 7 update releases. By \ 
default, no behavioral change will be noticed in this area for JDK 7 update \ 

Also the following command-line option can be used to enforce the new correct \ 


This is default for 8u20 and later JDK 8 update releases. In future Java \ 
releases, the property will be ignored/disabled and default disconnect method \ 
behavior will be as specified by API.
Bug Fixes

This release contains fixes for security vulnerabilities. For more information, \ 
see Oracle Java SE Critical Patch Update Advisory.

For a list of bug fixes included in this release, see JDK 7u72 Bug Fixes page.

Area: security-libs/javax.net.ssl
Synopsis: Decrease the preference mode of RC4 in the enabled cipher suite list

This fix decreases the preference of RC4 based cipher suites in the default \ 
enabled cipher suite list of SunJSSE provider.

See JDK-8043832 (not public).

From: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ … 98229.html
Bug Id 	Category 	Subcategory 	Description
8036022 	client-libs 	2d 	D3D: rendering with XOR composite causes InternalError.
8019623 	client-libs 	java.awt 	Lack of synchronization in AppContext.getAppContext()
8024061 	client-libs 	java.awt 	Exception thrown when drag and drop between two \ 
components is executed quickly
8028617 	client-libs 	java.awt 	Dvorak keyboard mapping not honored when ctrl \ 
key pressed
8016545 	client-libs 	java.beans 	java.beans.XMLEncoder.writeObject output is wrong
8036819 	client-libs 	javax.accessibility 	JAB: mneumonics not read for textboxes
8036983 	client-libs 	javax.accessibility 	JAB:Multiselection Ctrl+CursorUp/Down \ 
and ActivateDescenderPropertyChanged event
8028616 	client-libs 	javax.swing 	Htmleditorkit parser doesn't handle leading \ 
slash (/)
8032872 	client-libs 	javax.swing 	[macosx] Cannot select from JComboBox in a JWindow
8032874 	client-libs 	javax.swing 	ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in JTable \ 
while clearing data in JTable
8032878 	client-libs 	javax.swing 	Editable combos in table do not behave as expected
8041451 	core-libs 	javax.naming 	com.sun.jndi.ldap.Connection:ReadTimeout \ 
should abandon ldap request
8042857 	core-libs 	javax.naming 	14 stuck threads waiting for notification on \ 
7142035 	core-svc 	java.lang.instrument 	assert in j.l.instrument agents during \ 
shutdown when daemon thread is running
8028623 	core-svc 	tools 	SA: hash codes in SymbolTable mismatching \ 
java_lang_String::hash_code for extended characters.
8028619 	deploy 	deployment_toolkit 	Display issue of java control panel in ko \ 
and ja locale
8031490 	deploy 	deployment_toolkit 	Broken Java SE 7 jnlp samples (app2 and app3)
8038463 	deploy 	deployment_toolkit 	Java Control Panel doesn't display \ 
correctly in high resolution
8025051 	globalization 	locale-data 	Update resource files for TimeZone display names
8039298 	hotspot 	compiler 	C2: assert(base == NULL || t_adr->isa_rawptr() || \ 
!phase->type(base)->higher_equal(TypePtr::NULL_PTR)) failed: NULL+offs not \ 
RAW address?
8038925 	hotspot 	gc 	Java with G1 crashes in dump_instance_fields using jmap or \ 
jcmd without fullgc
8019324 	hotspot 	runtime 	assert(_f2 == 0 || _f2 == f2) failed: illegal field change
8031290 	hotspot 	runtime 	Adjust call to getisax() for additional words returned
8033696 	hotspot 	runtime 	"assert(thread != NULL) failed: just \ 
checking" due to Thread::current() and JNI pthread interaction
8051012 	hotspot 	runtime 	Regression in verifier for <init> method call \ 
from inside of a branch
8021804 	security-libs 	java.security 	Certpath validation fails if validity \ 
period of root cert does not include validity period of intermediate cert
8050158 	security-libs 	javax.net.ssl 	Introduce system property to maintain RC4 \ 
preference order
7047033 	security-libs 	javax.smartcardio 	(smartcardio) Card.disconnect(boolean \ 
reset) does not reset when reset is true
7195480 	security-libs 	javax.smartcardio 	javax.smartcardio does not detect \ 
cards on Mac OS X
8039319 	security-libs 	javax.smartcardio 	(smartcardio) \ 
Card.transmitControlCommand() does not work on Mac OS X
8043507 	security-libs 	javax.smartcardio 	(smartcardio) \ 
javax.smartcardio.CardTerminals.list() fails on MacOSX
8046343 	security-libs 	javax.smartcardio 	(smartcardio) \ 
CardTerminal.connect('direct') does not work on MacOSX
8049250 	security-libs 	javax.smartcardio 	(smartcardio) Need a flag to invert \ 
the Card.disconnect(reset) argument
8036709 	tools 	jar 	Java 7 jarsigner displays warning about cert policy tree
8033113 	xml 	jax-ws 	wsimport fails on WSDL:header parameter name customization
8029837 	xml 	jaxp 	NPE seen in XMLDocumentFragmentScannerImpl.setProperty since \ 

From: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/ … 98226.html
Bug Id 	Category 	Subcategory 	Description
8032788 	client-libs 	java.awt 	ImageIcon constructor throws an NPE and hangs \ 
when passed a null String parameter
8057184 	client-libs 	javax.swing 	JCK8's \ 
api/javax_swing/JDesktopPane/descriptions.html#getset failed with GTKLookAndFeel \ 
on Linux and Solaris run v.s. JDK8+
8001105 	core-libs 	java.lang.invoke 	findVirtual of Object[].clone produces \ 
internal error
8031502 	core-libs 	java.lang.invoke 	JSR292: IncompatibleClassChangeError in \ 
LambdaForm for CharSequence.toString() method handle type converter
8027821 	deploy 	  	For signed jars without manifest "Permissions", \ 
there is still security warning dialog before Application Error (Or blocked) \ 
8054904 	deploy 	webstart 	Webstart cache path error for Java >= 7u65
8032883 	deploy 	plugin 	java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError occurs while \ 
accessing an applet
8036620 	deploy 	plugin 	JAR file is downloaded on \ 
DownloadService.removeResource, if it is not in Deployment Cache
8040786 	deploy 	plugin 	Text is truncated in JavaScript to Java security \ 
warning dialog on OS X
8043478 	deploy 	plugin 	Oracle Linux 5.x: Expired JRE disabled in the browser \ 
automatically and no native dialog prompting for the JRE update
8025726 	deploy 	webstart 	Certificate rule in DRS does not work for Java Web \ 
Start app when caching is turned off
8051891 	deploy 	webstart 	SWT cannot load native look&feel
8050485 	hotspot 	runtime 	super() in a try block in a ctor may need to cause \ 
8027686 	install 	  	Fail to install on MacOS 10.10
7160837 	security-libs 	javax.crypto 	DigestOutputStream does not turn off \ 
digest calculation when "close()" is called
8028627 	security-libs 	javax.crypto 	Unsynchronized code path from \ 
javax.crypto.Cipher to the WeakHashMap used by JceSecurity to store codebase \ 
8012026 	client-libs 	java.awt 	[macosx] Component.getMousePosition() does not \ 
work in an applet on MacOS
8032078 	client-libs 	java.awt 	[macosx] CPlatformWindow.setWindowState throws \ 
RuntimeException, if windowState=ICONIFIED:MAXIMIZED_BOTH
8032961 	client-libs 	java.awt 	A JTextField of an applet loses the abillity to \ 
receive the focus under certain circumstances.
8032669 	client-libs 	javax.swing 	Mouse release not being delivered to Swing \ 
component in 7u45
7122142 	core-libs 	java.lang 	(ann) Race condition between isAnnotationPresent \ 
and getAnnotations
8005232 	core-libs 	java.lang 	(JEP-149) Class Instance size reduction
7185456 	core-libs 	java.lang.reflect 	(ann) Optimize Annotation handling in \ 
java/sun.reflect.* code for small number of annotationsC
8015421 	core-libs 	java.net 	NegativeArraySizeException occurs in \ 
ChunkedOutputStream() with Integer.MAX_VALUE
8021372 	core-libs 	java.net 	NetworkInterface.getNetworkInterfaces() returns \ 
duplicate hardware address
8009764 	deploy 	webstart 	Java Web Start app run on Java SE 8 b79 shows \ 
"trust level" SecurityExceptions
7094099 	deploy 	plugin 	DropDown List of JComboBox detached
6653795 	hotspot 	compiler 	C2 intrinsic for Unsafe.getAddress performs pointer \ 
sign extension on 32-bit systems
8027359 	xml 	jaxp 	XML parser returns incorrect parsing results
8032909 	xml 	jaxp 	XSLT string-length returns incorrect length when string \ 
includes complementary chars