./misc/tmux, BSD-licensed terminal multiplexer (GNU Screen alternative)

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.8nb1, Package name: tmux-2.8nb1, Maintainer: leot

Tmux is a "terminal multiplexer", it enables a number of terminals
(or windows) to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal.
Tmux is intended to be a simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative
to programs such as GNU screen.

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   2018-11-29 11:51:34 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
tmux: Add reference to upstream pull request

(It is now applied so the patch will be no longer needed in the
next stable version!)
   2018-11-28 15:45:19 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
tmux: Add support for pane_current_path variable in NetBSD

Implement osdep_get_cwd() by using mount_procfs(8) in order to add
support for pane_current_path variable in NetBSD.

   2018-10-21 23:22:47 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
tmux: Update misc/tmux to 2.8

pkgsrc changes:
 - Address -Wint-conversion warnings and properly cast to long, patch by
   <christos> from NetBSD, thanks!
 - Remove patch-server-client.c, timersub() was added in compat.h
   since tmux-1.9 and is no longer needed
 - Take MAINTAINERship

 * Make display-panes block the client until a pane is chosen or it
   times out.
 * Clear history on RIS like most other terminals do.
 * Add an "Any" key to run a command if a key is pressed that is not
   bound in the current key table.
 * Expand formats in load-buffer and save-buffer.
 * Add a rectangle_toggle format.
 * Add set-hook -R to run a hook immediately.
 * Add README.ja.
 * Add pane focus hooks.
 * Allow any punctuation as separator for s/x/y not only /.
 * Improve resizing with the mouse (fix resizing the wrong pane in some
   layouts, and allow resizing multiple panes at the same time).
 * Allow , and } to be escaped in formats as #, and #}.
 * Add KRB5CCNAME to update-environment.
 * Change meaning of -c to display-message so the client is used if it
   matches the session given to -t.
 * Fixes to : form of SGR.
 * Add x and X to choose-tree to kill sessions, windows or panes.
   2018-06-09 13:23:05 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
tmux: Do not force sysconfdir to `/etc'

When sysconfdir is PREFIX/etc tmux automagically hardcode it to /etc.
This is a bit awkward in the pkgsrc context, so add a SUBST class to avoid this
hardcoding and always honor the --sysconfdir configure argument.

   2018-05-26 19:05:28 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
tmux: Update misc/tmux to 2.7

* Remove EVENT_* variables from environment on platforms where tmux uses them
  so they do not pass on to panes.
* Fixed for hooks at server exit.
* Remove SGR 10 (was equivalent to SGR 0 but no other terminal seems to do
* Expand formats in window and session names.
* Add -Z flag to choose-tree, choose-client, choose-buffer to automatically
  zoom the pane when the mode is entered and unzoom when it exits, assuming the
  pane is not already zoomed. This is now part of the default key bindings.
* Add C-g to exit modes with emacs keys.
* Add exit-empty option to exit server if no sessions (defaults to on).
* Show if a filter is present in choose modes.
* Add pipe-pane -I to to connect stdin of the child process.
* Performance improvements for reflow.
* Use RGB terminfo(5) capability to detect RGB colour terminals (the existing
  Tc extension remains unchanged).
* Support for ISO colon-separated SGR sequences.
* Add select-layout -E to spread panes out evenly (bound to E key).
* Support wide characters properly when reflowing.
* Pass PWD to new panes as a hint to shells, as well as calling chdir().
* Performance improvements for the various choose modes.
* Only show first member of session groups in tree mode (-G flag to choose-tree
  to show all).
* Support %else in config files to match %if; from Brad Town in GitHub issue
* Fix "kind" terminfo(5) capability to be S-Down not S-Up.
* Add a box around the preview label in tree mode.
* Show exit status and time in the remain-on-exit pane text; from Timo
  Boettcher in GitHub issue 1103.
* Correctly use pane-base-index in tree mode.
* Change the allow-rename option default to off.
* Support for xterm(1) title stack escape sequences (GitHub issue 1075 from
  Brad Town).
* Correctly remove padding cells to fix a UTF-8 display problem (GitHub issue
   2017-10-10 13:17:32 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
tmux: Update misc/tmux to 2.6

CHANGES FROM 2.5 TO 2.6, 05 October 2017
* Add select-pane -T to set pane title.
* Fix memory leak when lines with BCE are removed from history.
* Fix (again) the "prefer unattached" behaviour of attach-session.
* Reorder how keys are checked to allow keys to be specified that have a
  leading escape. GitHub issue 1048.
* Support REP escape sequence (\033[b).
* Run alert hooks based on options rather than always, and allow further bells
  even if there is an existing bell.
* Add -d flag to display-panes to override display-panes-time.
* Add selection_present format when in copy mode (allows key bindings that do
  something different if there is a selection).
* Add pane_at_left, pane_at_right, pane_at_top and pane_at_bottom formats.
* Make bell, activity and silence alerting more consistent by: removing the
  bell-on-alert option; adding activity-action and silence-action options with
  the same possible values as the existing bell-action; adding a \ 
"both" value
  for the visual-bell, visual-activity and visual-silence options to trigger
  both a bell and a message.
* Add a pane_pipe format to show if pipe-pane is active.
* Block signals between forking and resetting signal handlers so that the
  libevent signal handler doesn't get called in the child and incorrectly write
  into the signal pipe that it still shares with the parent. GitHub issue 1001.
* Allow punctuation in pane_current_command.
* Add -c for respawn-pane and respawn-window.
* Wait for any remaining data to flush when a pane is closed while pipe-pane is
  in use.
* Fix working out current client with no target. GitHub issue 995.
* Try to fallback to C.UTF-8 as well as en_US.UTF-8 when looking for a UTF-8
* Add user-keys option for user-defined key escape sequences (mapped to User0
  to User999 keys).
* Add pane-set-clipboard hook.
* FAQ file has moved out of repository to online.
* Fix problem with high CPU usage when a client dies unexpectedly. GitHub issue
* Do a dance on OS X 10.10 and above to return tmux to the user namespace,
  allowing access to the clipboard.
* Do not allow escape sequences which expect a specific terminator (APC, DSC,
  OSC) to wait for forever - use a small timeout. This reduces the chance of
  the pane locking up completely when sent garbage (cat /dev/random or
* Support SIGUSR2 to toggle logging on a running server, also generate the
  "out" log file with -vv not -vvvv.
* Make set-clipboard a three state option: on (tmux both sends to outside
  terminal and accepts from applications inside); external (tmux sends outside
  but does not accept inside); and off.
* Fix OSC 4 palette setting for bright foreground colours. GitHub issue 954.
* Use setrgbf and setrgbb terminfo(5) capabilities to set RGB colours, if they
  are available. (Tc is still supported as well.)
* Fix redrawing panes when they are resized several times but end up with the
  size unchanged (for example, splitw/resizep -Z/breakp).
* Major rewrite of choose mode. Now includes preview, sorting, searching and
  tagging; commands that can be executed directly from the mode (for example,
  to delete one or more buffers); and filtering in tree mode.
* choose-window and choose-session are now aliases of choose-tree (in the
  command-alias option).
* Support OSC 10 and OSC 11 to set foreground and background colours.
* Check the U8 capability to determine whether to use UTF-8 line drawing
  characters for ACS.
* Some missing notifications for layout changes.
* Control mode clients now do not affect session sizes until they issue
  refresh-client -C. new-session -x and -y works with control clients even if
  the session is not detached.
* All new sessions that are unattached (whether with -d or started with no
  terminal) are now created with size 80 x 24. Whether the status line is on or
  off does not affect the size of new sessions until they are attached.
* Expand formats in option names and add -F flag to expand them in option values.
* Remember the search string for a pane even if copy mode is exited and entered
* Some further BCE fixes (scroll up, reverse index).
* Improvements to how terminals are cleared (entirely or partially).
   2017-06-06 11:41:18 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update misc/tmux to 2.5.

CHANGES FROM 2.4 to 2.5 09 May 2017

- Reset updated flag when restarting #() command so that new output is
  recognised. GitHub issue 922.
- Fix ECH with a background colour.
- Do not rely on the terminal not moving the cursor after DL or EL.
- Fix send-keys and send-prefix in copy-mode (so C-b C-b works).
- Set the current pane for rotate-window so it works in command
- Add pane_mode format.
- Differentiate M-Up from Escape+Up when possible (that is, in
  terminals with xterm(1) style function keys). GitHub issue 907.
- Add session_stack and window_stack_index formats.
- Some new control mode notifications and corresponding hooks:
  pane-mode-changed, window-pane-changed, client-session-changed,
- Format pane_search_string for last search term while in copy mode
  (useful with command-prompt -I).
- Fix a problem with high CPU usage and multiple clients with #().
- Fix UTF-8 combining characters in column 0.
- Fix reference counting so that panes are properly destroyed and
  their processes killed.
- Clamp SU (CSI S) parameter to work around a bug in Konsole.
- Tweak line wrapping in full width panes to play more nicely with
  terminal copy and paste.
- Fix when we emit SGR 0 in capture-pane -e.
- Do not change TERM until after config file parsing has finished, so
  that commands run inside the config file can use it to make decisions
  (typically about default-terminal).
- Make the initial client wait until config file parsing has finished
  to avoid racing with commands.
- Fix core when if-shell fails.
- Only use ED to clear screen if the pane is at the bottom.
- Fix multibyte UTF-8 output.
- Code improvements around target (-t) resolution.
- Change how the default target (for commands without -t) is managed
  across command sequences: now it is set up at the start and commands
  are required to update it if needed. Fixes binding command sequences
  to mouse keys.
- Make if-shell from the config file work correctly.
- Change to always check the root key table if no binding is found in
  the current table (prefix table or copy-mode table or whatever). This
  means that root key bindings will take effect even in copy mode, if not
  overridden by a copy mode key binding.
- Fix so that the history file works again.
- Run config file without a client rather than using the first client,
  restores previous behaviour.
- If a #() command doesn't exit, continue to read from it and use its
  last full line of output.
- Handle slow terminals and fast output better: when the amount of
  data outstanding gets too large, discard output until it is drained and
  we are able to do a full redraw. Prevents tmux sitting on a huge buffer
  that the terminal will take forever to consume.
- Do not redraw a client unless we realistically think it can accept
  the data - defer redraws until the client has nothing else waiting to write.
   2017-04-27 12:29:26 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
It is no longer needed to add -D_OPENBSD_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS for
reallocarray(3) in NetBSD, fixed in tmux-2.4 by upstream (NFC).