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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.2.8p10nb1, Package name: ntp-4.2.8p10nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This release of the NTP Version 4 (NTPv4) daemon for Unix incorporates
new features and refinements to the NTP Version 3 (NTPv3) algorithms.
However, it continues the tradition of retaining backwards compatibility
with older versions.

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Package options: inet6

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SHA1: 503d68cfd3e6a9354e0e28dd38b39d850b1228b2
RMD160: c341340b93a5e1b5d88621a9e9d7eb6551f26c5e
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   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2017-03-24 04:41:08 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ntp4 to 4.2.8p10 including security fixes.

NTF's NTP Project is releasing ntp-4.2.8p10, which addresses:

* 6 MEDIUM severity vulnerabilities (1 is about the Windows PPSAPI DLL)
* 5 LOW severity vulnerabilities (2 are in the Windows Installer)
* 4 Informational-level vulnerabilities
* 15 other non-security fixes and improvements

All of the security issues in this release are listed in VU#633849.

ntp-4.2.8p10 was released on 21 March 2017.

* Sec 3389 / CVE-2017-6464 / VU#325339: NTP-01-016 NTP: Denial of Service via
  Malformed Config (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3388 / CVE-2017-6462 / VU#325339: NTP-01-014 NTP: Buffer Overflow in
  DPTS Clock (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3387 / CVE-2017-6463 / VU#325339: NTP-01-012 NTP: Authenticated DoS via
  Malicious Config Option (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3386: NTP-01-011 NTP: ntpq_stripquotes() returns incorrect Value
  (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3385: NTP-01-010 NTP: ereallocarray()/eallocarray() underused (Pentest
  report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3384 / CVE-2017-6455 / VU#325339: NTP-01-009 NTP: Windows: Privileged
  execution of User Library code (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3383 / CVE-2017-6452 / VU#325339: NTP-01-008 NTP: Windows Installer:
  Stack Buffer Overflow from Command Line (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3382 / CVE-2017-6459 / VU#325339: NTP-01-007 NTP: Windows Installer:
  Data Structure terminated insufficiently (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3381: NTP-01-006 NTP: Copious amounts of Unused Code (Pentest report
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3380: NTP-01-005 NTP: Off-by-one in Oncore GPS Receiver (Pentest report
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3379 / CVE-2017-6458 / VU#325339: NTP-01-004 NTP: Potential Overflows in
  ctl_put() functions (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3378 / CVE-2017-6451 / VU#325339: NTP-01-003 Improper use of snprintf()
  in mx4200_send() (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3377 / CVE-2017-6460 / VU#325339: NTP-01-002 Buffer Overflow in ntpq
  when fetching reslist (Pentest report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3376: NTP-01-001 Makefile does not enforce Security Flags (Pentest
  report 01.2017)
  - Reported by Cure53.

* Sec 3361 / CVE-2016-9042 / VU#325339: 0rigin
  - Reported by Matthew Van Gundy of Cisco ASIG.
   2016-12-05 16:49:59 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ntp4 to 4.2.8p9.

Here is quote from NEWS file and please refer it in detail.

NTP 4.2.8p9 (Harlan Stenn <stenn@ntp.org>, 2016/11/21)

Focus: Security, Bug fixes, enhancements.

Severity: HIGH

In addition to bug fixes and enhancements, this release fixes the
following 1 high- (Windows only), 2 medium-, 2 medium-/low, and
5 low-severity vulnerabilities, and provides 28 other non-security
fixes and improvements:
   2016-07-09 08:39:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1068) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.0 for everything mentioning perl.
   2016-06-03 11:45:09 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ntp4 package to 4.2.8p8, security fix.

(4.2.8p8) 2016/06/02 Released by Harlan Stenn <stenn@ntp.org>

* [Sec 3042] Broadcast Interleave.  HStenn.
* [Sec 3043] Autokey association reset.  perlinger@ntp.org, stenn@ntp.org
  - validate origin timestamps on bad MACs, too.  stenn@ntp.org
* [Sec 3044] Spoofed server packets are partially processed.  HStenn.
* [Sec 3045] Bad authentication demobilizes ephemeral associations. JPerlinger.
* [Sec 3046] CRYPTO_NAK crash.  stenn@ntp.org
* [Bug 3038] NTP fails to build in VS2015. perlinger@ntp.org
  - provide build environment
  - 'wint_t' and 'struct timespec' defined by VS2015
  - fixed print()/scanf() format issues
* [Bug 3052] Add a .gitignore file.  Edmund Wong.
* [Bug 3054] miscopt.html documents the allan intercept in seconds. SWhite.
* [Bug 3058] fetch_timestamp() mishandles 64-bit alignment. Brian Utterback,
  JPerlinger, HStenn.
* Update the NEWS file for 4.2.8p8.  HStenn.
* Fix typo in ntp-wait and plot_summary.  HStenn.
* Make sure we have an "author" file for git imports.  HStenn.
* Update the sntp problem tests for MacOS.  HStenn.
   2016-05-14 10:13:49 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Do SNMP support properly, as a package option, default disabled.
   2016-05-13 17:50:13 by Benny Siegert | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix package installation for Darwin, which installs tickadj and ntpsnmpd.

Not sure what the snmp thing is about; is it picking up a dependency from
the base system? Why does no other OS build it?
   2016-04-27 17:59:19 by Wen Heping | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 4.2.8p7

Upstream changes:
(4.2.8p7) 2016/04/26 Released by Harlan Stenn <stenn@ntp.org>

* [Sec 2901] KoD packets must have non-zero transmit timestamps.  HStenn.
* [Sec 2936] Skeleton Key: Any system knowing the trusted key can serve
  time. Include passive servers in this check. HStenn.
* [Sec 2945] Additional KoD packet checks.  HStenn.
* [Sec 2978] Interleave can be partially triggered.  HStenn.
* [Sec 3007] Validate crypto-NAKs.  Danny Mayer.
* [Sec 3008] Always check the return value of ctl_getitem().
  - initial work by HStenn
  - Additional cleanup of ctl_getitem by perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 3009] Crafted addpeer with hmode > 7 causes OOB error. perlinger@ntp.org
   - added more stringent checks on packet content
* [Sec 3010] remote configuration trustedkey/requestkey values
  are not properly validated. perlinger@ntp.org
  - sidekick: Ignore keys that have an unsupported MAC algorithm
    but are otherwise well-formed
* [Sec 3011] Duplicate IPs on unconfig directives will cause an assertion botch
  - graciously accept the same IP multiple times. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 3020] Refclock impersonation.  HStenn.
* [Bug 2831]  Segmentation Fault in DNS lookup during startup. perlinger@ntp.org
  - fixed yet another race condition in the threaded resolver code.
* [Bug 2858] bool support.  Use stdbool.h when available.  HStenn.
* [Bug 2879] Improve NTP security against timing attacks. perlinger@ntp.org
  - integrated patches by Loganaden Velvidron <logan@ntp.org>
    with some modifications & unit tests
* [Bug 2952] Symmetric active/passive mode is broken.  HStenn.
* [Bug 2960] async name resolution fixes for chroot() environments.
  Reinhard Max.
* [Bug 2994] Systems with HAVE_SIGNALED_IO fail to compile. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 2995] Fixes to compile on Windows
* [Bug 2999] out-of-bounds access in 'is_safe_filename()'. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 3013] Fix for ssl_init.c SHA1 test. perlinger@ntp.org
  - Patch provided by Ch. Weisgerber
* [Bug 3015] ntpq: config-from-file: "request contains an unprintable \ 
  - A change related to [Bug 2853] forbids trailing white space in
    remote config commands. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 3019] NTPD stops processing packets after ERROR_HOST_UNREACHABLE
  - report and patch from Aleksandr Kostikov.
  - Overhaul of Windows IO completion port handling. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 3022] authkeys.c should be refactored. perlinger@ntp.org
  - fixed memory leak in access list (auth[read]keys.c)
  - refactored handling of key access lists (auth[read]keys.c)
  - reduced number of error branches (authreadkeys.c)
* [Bug 3023] ntpdate cannot correct dates in the future. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 3030] ntpq needs a general way to specify refid output format.  HStenn.
* [Bug 3031] ntp broadcastclient unable to synchronize to an server
             when the time of server changed. perlinger@ntp.org
  - Check the initial delay calculation and reject/unpeer the broadcast
    server if the delay exceeds 50ms. Retry again after the next
    broadcast packet.
* [Bug 3036] autokey trips an INSIST in authistrustedip().  Harlan Stenn.
* Document ntp.key's optional IP list in authenetic.html.  Harlan Stenn.
* Update html/xleave.html documentation.  Harlan Stenn.
* Update ntp.conf documentation.  Harlan Stenn.
* Fix some Credit: attributions in the NEWS file.  Harlan Stenn.
* Fix typo in html/monopt.html.  Harlan Stenn.
* Add README.pullrequests.  Harlan Stenn.
* Cleanup to include/ntp.h.  Harlan Stenn.

(4.2.8p6) 2016/01/20 Released by Harlan Stenn <stenn@ntp.org>

* [Sec 2935] Deja Vu: Replay attack on authenticated broadcast mode. HStenn.
* [Sec 2936] Skeleton Key: Any trusted key system can serve time. HStenn.
* [Sec 2937] ntpq: nextvar() missing length check. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 2938] ntpq saveconfig command allows dangerous characters
  in filenames. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 2939] reslist NULL pointer dereference.  perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 2940] Stack exhaustion in recursive traversal of restriction
  list. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 2942]: Off-path DoS attack on auth broadcast mode.  HStenn.
* [Sec 2945] Zero Origin Timestamp Bypass. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Sec 2948] Potential Infinite Loop in ntpq ( and ntpdc) perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 2772] adj_systime overflows tv_usec. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 2814] msyslog deadlock when signaled. perlinger@ntp.org
  - applied patch by shenpeng11@huawei.com with minor adjustments
* [Bug 2882] Look at ntp_request.c:list_peers_sum(). perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 2891] Deadlock in deferred DNS lookup framework. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 2892] Several test cases assume IPv6 capabilities even when
             IPv6 is disabled in the build. perlinger@ntp.org
  - Found this already fixed, but validation led to cleanup actions.
* [Bug 2905] DNS lookups broken. perlinger@ntp.org
  - added limits to stack consumption, fixed some return code handling
* [Bug 2971] ntpq bails on ^C: select fails: Interrupted system call
  - changed stacked/nested handling of CTRL-C. perlinger@ntp.org
  - make CTRL-C work for retrieval and printing od MRU list. perlinger@ntp.org
* [Bug 2980] reduce number of warnings. perlinger@ntp.org
  - integrated several patches from Havard Eidnes (he@uninett.no)
* [Bug 2985] bogus calculation in authkeys.c perlinger@ntp.org
  - implement 'auth_log2()' using integer bithack instead of float calculation
* Make leapsec_query debug messages less verbose.  Harlan Stenn.
* Disable incomplete t-ntp_signd.c test.  Harlan Stenn.