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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.3.21nb2, Package name: p5-FusionInventory-Agent-2.3.21nb2, Maintainer: bouyer

The FusionInventory agent is a generic management agent. It can perform a
certain number of tasks, according to its own execution plan, or on behalf of a
GLPI server with fusioninventory plugin, acting as a control point.

Two of these tasks are included in agent source distribution, local inventory
and wake on lan. Other tasks are distributed separatly, excepted for binary
distributions where they are bundled together.

Required to run:
[sysutils/p5-File-Copy-Recursive] [textproc/p5-YAML] [textproc/p5-Text-Template] [www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple] [www/p5-HTTP-Proxy] [lang/perl5] [net/p5-Net-SNMP] [net/p5-Net-IP] [devel/p5-UNIVERSAL-require] [devel/p5-IO-Capture] [devel/p5-IPC-Run] [devel/p5-File-Which] [devel/p5-SUPER] [textproc/p5-XML-TreePP] [www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Authen]

Required to build:
[devel/p5-Test-Exception] [devel/p5-Test-NoWarnings] [devel/p5-Test-Deep] [devel/p5-Test-MockObject] [devel/p5-Test-MockModule] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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   2019-08-11 15:25:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3557) | Package updated
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Bump PKGREVISIONs for perl 5.30.0
   2019-07-01 23:36:01 by Nia Alarie | Files touched by this commit (232)
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Follow some remaining search.cpan.org redirects.
   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
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Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2017-09-28 00:24:36 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-FusionInventory-Agent: update to 2.3.21.

2.3.21 Mon, 31 Jul 2017
* Service/daemon refactoring:
 * Move all daemon method to dedicated FusionInventory::Agent::Daemon package
 * Win32 service now based on private FusionInventory::Agent::Service inheriting
   from FusionInventory::Agent::Daemon
 * support configuration reloading on SIGHUP signal (unix)
 * support pausing service under win32
 * support run now on SIGUSR1 signal (unix)
 * and a lot of daemon/service optimizations and enhancements
 * daemon process renamed to provider derivated name under unix-like systems with
   tag if defined. Example: "fusioniventory-agent (prod)"
* Report http proxy error to help debug communication problems: #324
* Prevent setup.pm indexing in CPAN as requested by CPAN admins
* Other fixed issues: #321

* Bump Inventory task version to 1.3
* Fixed win32 softwares finally missing when 2 'inventory' are set in tasks
* Fixed bug: last dmidecode block wasn't parsed
* Updated pci.ids to 2017.07.27 version
* Updated usb.ids to 2017.07.29 version
* Updated storage inventory on MacOS supporting Firewire storages: #309 #310
* Fixes on dmidecode memory inventory: #320
* Update memory component capacity on virtual systems: #339
* Fix lenovo system information product name read from dmidecode: fix #311
* Include TL in AIX OS version: #328
* Fix Xen vm with space in name not colleted: #176

* Bump NetDiscovery & NetInventory task version to 2.3
* Fix credentials option support
* Fixed duplicated mac addresses: #315
* Also accept LLDP notifications on sysName
* Force MANUFACTURER to match real vendor, VENDOR inventory key removed
* Better cleanup of canonical strings with invalid characters
* Support more alternate mac address formats
* Fix some string field encoding
* Support Digi devices serial
* Support ups model oid
* Fixed Juniper serial retrieval
* Enhanced Konica printer discovery
* Enhanced mac address discovery
* Fixed wrong result on snmp read case: #139
* Enhanced error messages in netdiscovery task
* Updated sysobject.ids

* Bump Deploy task version to 2.4
* Added new audit checks winkey not equals support
* Support User Interaction under win32 using WTS API (need server-side plugin \ 

* Support xml file extension: #360
* Fixed returns exit code 0 even on error: #329
* Enhanced displayed error messages

2.3.20 Thu, 1 Jun 2017
* Fix #224, #254, #268
* Fix 2.3.19 regression while installing from sources
* Fix bad initialization while computing inventory checksum involving crash in \ 
rare case
* Include new CONTRIB.md file to reference not mergeable contributions
* Fix scheduling issue restarting tasks too early
* Avoid a warning on Socket module version check, issue found on Debian and MacOS
* Fix: Support SSL debugging at verbosity 2 on Stderr only

* Bump Inventory task version to 1.2
* Fixed Docker support
* Added system software category support
* Added firewall status innventory support
* Fix last user computation on some unix systems
* Add CPU CORECOUNT support based on dmidecode output
* Fix STORAGES support on some platforms
* MacOS: Refactoring to replace Tie::IxHash dependency with XML::XPath to better
  parse system profiler output
* Fix: block device inventory still possible even if fdisk command is missing on \ 
* Fix #289: Add ARM Board support
* Support UUID for lxc containers

* Fix #221, #275
* Command documentation updated
* a lot more of additional devices in sysobject.ids
* Fix Juniper new model and firmware detection

* Bump Deploy task version to 2.3
* Audit checks refactoring and fixes
* Fix win32 registry key check
* Added new audit checks like winkey values, needs a server plugin upgrade
* Enhanced audit checks error reporting
* Fix and enhanced command action to really report output, may require a server \ 
plugin upgrade
* Fix command action exit code while target command is not found on unix

* Bump WakeOnLan task version to 2.2
* Fix thanks to Ludovic Pouzenc: send magic packets to all non-loopback non-dumb \ 

2.3.19 Fri, 17 Feb 2017
* Version & provider refactoring to simplify release process
* Provided agent versions can now been commented by providers and  programs will
  expose comments for --version argument
* Tasks version is now read more efficiently and should reduce agent memory
  footing while running under daemon or service mode
* Bump tasks versions to reflect new way of reading task version
* Support no-compression option: useful for debugging or while server do not
  support compression
* Replace JSON dependency with JSON::PP pure perl version
* Fixed configuration parsing
* Fix sigterm support on win32
* Reduced agent memory footprint on win32
* Service optimizations limiting inventory run time on win32
* Fix service registration on win32 while requested from sources
* Try to reschedule target sooner on network error
* add Thomas Lornet aka devtom30 as maintainer

* Screen inventory refactoring introducing ALTSERIAL inventory value which may
  show a better serial number for some manufacturer. This will ease future
  screen serial number fix integration: comparing expected S/N toward ALTSERIAL
  will tell us we just need to update dedicated subclass for a given monitor.
* Some portable computer screens are now recognized
* Previously undefined screen caption may now contains additionnal informations,
  mostly for lcd internal panel, like panel model. These are taken from EDID
  "monitor_text" when found.
* Few more Acer serial number are fixed
* Fix some memory size read using canonical API
* add --no-compression|-C option to disable compression of communication with server
* Fix HOSTNAME for MacOS
* Add docker container support for linux
* Fix install date while using rpm packaging or for MacOS
* solaris support update
* macos support updates & fixes
* rudder updates
* virtualization/container detection updates (HyperV, VMWare, KVM, LXC/LXD, \ 
* Added TeamviewerID support for win32 & MacOS
* Fix win32 key registry reading while it contains white space
* Add batteries support on MacOS
* Add HOSTID support on linux & solaris

* Bump Deploy task version to 2.2
* Deploy task audit refactoring
* Add support for fileSHA512mismatch check processor in audit
* Fix #205 - Improve software package's audits
* Support optional audit check name in reported status (needs server update)
* Add checkprocessor unit tests

* add --no-compression|-C option to disable compression of uploaded files

2.3.18 Thu, 16 Jun 2016
* Many bug fixes
* enhance daemon/service mode:
 - running tasks are killed while service is stopping
 - httpd daemon is now made not blocking so daemon/service handles
   external events quickly
* full win32 service refactoring introducing Windows 10 support
* win32 service can be registered/deleted from sources
* support new option --tasks to specify tasks to execute and their order
* support new option --conf-reload-interval to ask to reload conf at
  regular time interval while running in daemon or service mode.

* Many bug fixes
* enhanced McAfee antivirus reporting
* added REMOTE_MGMT section to report infos related to installed remote
  management tools. Actually reports Teamviewer ID
* Eventually try ethtool syscall on linux to find network cards
* Fixed memory reporting on Solaris
* Enhanced installdate for softwares on many platforms
* Enhanced drive a storage reporting on win32

* Bump Deploy task version to 2.1.0
* trigger error on servers missing Digest::SHA library to help diagnostic
* Backport some master branch work done by guillomovitch on P2P support
* Net::Ping & Parallel::ForkManager library are now mandatory for P2P support
* POE & POE::Component::Client::Ping requirements are now obsolete
* Also add few fixes and enhancement to P2P support
* Added unittest for P2P support
* fixed issues related to JSON support
* Enhanced run command output to help debugging failures

* add --recursive|-R option to scan sub-folder for OCS files

* add g-bougard as maintainer

2.3.17 Sun, 27 Sep 2015
* add collect task support
* fix CPU frequency retrieval on Windows (#2876)
* fix CPU core and thread retrieval on Windows (#2894)
* small fixes for DragonFlyBSD (#2899)
* fix interface speed retrieval in Solaris zones (#2939)
* fix memory information retrieval on Solaris (#2907)
* fix recurrent timeout for system_profile usage on MacOS (#2913)
* fix hangup when enumerating ovirt virtual machines (#2917)
* fix virtuozzo virtual machines identification (reported on mailing-list)
* fix offline xen virtual machines properties retrieval (#2988)
* fix warning and parsing issues with LSI RAID adapter
* retrieve Rudder agent information for all kind of Unix systems (#2999)

* fix multi-threading issues

* better serial retrieval (#2912)
* better VLAN retrieval for non-Cisco devices
* fix firmware retrieval issues leading to malformed XML (#2908, #2956, #2994)
* fix multi-threading issues
* add support for Kyocera printers page counters
* additional devices in sysobject.ids (#2912, #2932, #2965, #2966, #2994)
* minor fixes in sysobject.ids
* relax constraints on sysobjectid syntax

* fix communication issue with latest FusionInventory for GLPI (#2937)

* allow to mimic agent in user-agent HTTP header

* support multi-threading via --threads option
* support inventory toward multiple hosts
* dropped unused --entity option

test suite:
* more robust SSL connection tests

2.3.16 Sun, 1 Mar 2015
* fix Rudder server UUID file location (#2865)
* use BIOS ID as guest ID for HyperV hypervisor (#2881)
* filter disabled CPUs in DMI data (#2525)
* minor fixes in CPU information retrieval

* fix communication with latest FusionInventory for GLPI (#2862)
* add multiple H3C/SMC/HP models in sysobject.ids (#2873)
* change sysobject.ids file format

* fix communication with latest FusionInventory for GLPI (#2862)
* add hirschman-specific firmware and serial OIDs (#2631)

2.3.15 Tue, 6 Jan 2015
* retrieve attached network gateway from default gateway
* do not report as address for non-configured IPMI interfaces
* fix last user retrieval with 32 bit agent on 64 bit Windows

* better firmware retrieval (#2806)

test suite:
* fix Perl version check for POE tests
* force IPv4 for connection tests

2.3.14 Mon, 15 Dec 2014
* fix ESX and Deploy task execution from server request (#2809, #2820, #2823)
* manage PID file explicitely (#2796)
* make PID file location configurable, through --pidfile option (warning:
  default location is now in agent state directory)

* add a few H3C/HP models in sysobject.ids (#2812)

* fix fast interface speed computation (#2833)

* add versioned dependencies on IO::Socket::SSL and Thread::Queue

2.3.13 Thu, 6 Nov 2014
* log HTTP replies status
* log agent stop event (#61)
* better logging of task initialisation process
* fix syslog logger usage with debug level >= 2 (#2780)
* fix SNMPv1 multiple values queries

* skip SNMP scan immediatly if there is no answer from remote host
* send task termination message to server when shutting down (#185)
* thread usage cleanup

* propagate error messages to server
* fix null-character presence in XML output (#2670,#2746,#2754,#2784)
* fix WWN physical address parsing (#2759)
* send task termination message to server when shutting down (#185)
* thread usage cleanup

* add support for FibreChannel controller on Linux (#2759)
* fix HyperV machines enumeration (#2141)
* fix typo in printer property name on Windows (#2782)
* fix wrong function call on BSD i386 (#2797)
* fix wrong function call on Solaris (#2799)
* fix parsing of psrinfo -vp output on Solaris (#2798)

test suite:
* disable tests requiring POE under perl 5.8

2.3.12 Mon, 06 Oct 2014
* drop Socket::GetAddrInfo usage, and use Socket directly for name to address

* fix networks interface enumeration on Windows XP (#2733)
* fix BIOS date format error on Solaris (#2735)
* retrieve OS minor version on Solaris (#2736)
* identify dockers containers (#2731)
* fix adobe license key format (RT #99164) Wed, 25 Sep 2014
* update MANIFEST to fix missing files

2.3.11 Wed, 25 Sep 2014
* additional distribution metadata
* more flexible message filtering in logger

* additional exclusion categories
* more detailed log message for inventory execution
* utf8 encoding fixes for local users and groups on Windows
* fix mac address retrieval for bonded addresses on Linux (#2622)
* fix network interface type identification on Windows
* add network interface type on BSD and Linux (#1838,#2622)
* add WIFI info for network interfaces on BSD and Linux ()
* identify interfaces aliases on Linux (#2622)
* add PCIID for network interfaces and video cards
* better Xorg log file parsing on Linux
* fix disk size computation on Linux (#2718)
* prevent abusive /etc/blkid.tab update on Linux
* ignore whitespace-only disk serial numbers on Windows (#2665)
* fix architecture identification on Solaris (#2672)
* add publisher for dpkg-based distribution on Linux

* drop consumables database in favor of standard consumable identification data
* no more arbitrary consumables number limit
* report unknown and approximate consumable level values as such
* fix negative consumable level values
* report multiple IP addresses associated with each port (#1421)
* report aggregated network ports (#2179,#2564,#2575)
* log sysdescr lookup in devices database
* additional Hischmann and Fortinet devices IDs (#2631) Mon, 04 Aug 2014
* fix regression introduced in 2.3.10 wrt hostname on Windows (#2647)
* fix regression introduced in 2.3.10 wrt last logged user on Windows
* provide error messages for name to resolution failures

netdiscovery and netinventory:
* avoid crash for missing logger with command-line tools

2.3.10 Wed, 30 Jul 2014
* fix serial key retrieval regression on Windows (#2632,#2641)
* fix office 32bits serial retrieval on 64bits Windows (#2616)
* fix duplicate network interface on AIX (#2527)
* fix warnings for non-parsable etime on Unix (#2636)
* fix global zone identification on Solaris (#2620)
* fix software retrieval on recent BSDs (#2637)
* better file system types identification on Solaris
* add support for HyperV machines enumeration (#2141)
* add support for LXC container identification (#2311)
* add --scan-profiles option to fusioninventory-inventory (#2625)

* fix nmap parameters computation (#2618)
* better device identification (#2601, #2194)

* fix invalid character presence in XML output
* add support for Extreme Discovery Protocol (EDP)
* better handling of CDP implementation differences
* better handling of multiple discovery protocols Tue, 15 Jul 2014
* fix sysobjectid and consumables databases files installation

2.3.9 Tue, 15 Jul 2014
* disable lower-level SSL checks when no-ssl-checks is used

netinventory and netdiscovery tasks:
* merge all files from sysobjectid database into a single one
* update sysobjectid database

netdiscovery task:
* catch more SNMPv3 authentication errors
* allow multiple SNMP credentials for netdiscovery executable

netinventory task:
* better printer consumable identification, using vendor references
* externalize consumable ids in a data file
* report 0% level instead of 100% for wastetoners with OK status (#2593)
* skip problematic address only for non-existing interfaces (#2599)
* mark --model option as deprecated for netinventory executable

inventory task:
* disable user profile scanning for software by default on Windows (#2555)
* avoid fatal dmidecode usage on Windows 2003 for CPUs (#2562)
* fix last loggued user identification on Windows (#2553)
* fix product key decoding on Windows 8 (#2544)
* fix IE 10+ version retrieval on Windows (#2528)
* more details for USB devices on Windows (#2598)
* get OS UUID for SPARC on Solaris (#2539)
* add Xen Citrix server VM support (#2529)

2.3.8 Sun, 11 May 2014
netinventory task:
* add support for trunk port identification on non-cisco hardware (#2386)
* add VENDOR element, and keep MANUFACTURER bound to original manufacturer
* add H3C hardware database
* better error messages for non-existing interfaces

inventory task:
* fix multiple crashes introduced by command logging
* fix crash in Windows License module when office is not installed (#2202)
* fix last loggued user retrieval on Windows (#2458)
* fix 32bits software in user environment retrieval on Windows 64bits

test suite:
* transfer hardware tests in private hardware repository Wed, 30 Apr 2014
inventory task:
* fix crash introduced by command logging on BSD hosts

2.3.7 Tue, 29 Apr 2014
* do not rely on GNU install specific options

netinventory and netdiscovery tasks:
* drop support for SNMP dictionary
* drop support for SNMP models
* large code cleanup
* enhance firmware and serial number retrieval
* update extreme networks models database

inventory task:
* fix multiple warnings for missing commands (#2460)
* fix 'broken pipe' error messages on Solaris (#2460)
* fix warnings for NIS/NIS+ external references in /etc/passwd (#2460)
* log executed commands with debug level >= 2
* fix a crash in Windows storage inventory (#2471)
* fix process inventory on AIX (#2481)
* fix firmware version retrieval on AIX (#2480)
* fix mac address extraction for infiniband interfaces (#2432)
* fix CPU identification on newer ARM kernels (#2485)
* fix inconsistencies in process runtime computation (#2491)

test suite:
* ship missing LXC test file (#2483)

2.3.6 Mon, 10 Mar 2014
* abort with explicit error message when there is
  no available task
* when receiving a push request from a server, reschedule
  contact for this server only

inventory task:
* fix a warning with LXC 1.0.x

netinventory task:
* fix SNMPv3 credentials handling
* fix mac address retrieval on non-default VLANs
* fix LLDP info retrieval for some hardware
* fix memory exhaustion for some hardware (#2414)
* use get-next-requests instead of get-bulk-requests, slower but safer,
  especially with large gaps in indexes

netdiscovery task:
* fix SNMPv3 credentials handling
* do not report errors for non-responding host with SNMPv3

wake-on-lan task
* honour all mac addresses from server request (#2353)

test suite:
* fix network interface test on Solaris (#2438) Tue, 14 Jan 2014
inventory task:
* fix AIX LVM regression introduced by incorrect fix (#2384)
* fix another potential warning on AIX

2.3.5  Tue, 14 Jan 2014
netinventory task:
* add more default OIDs for mappings undefined in SNMP model
* fallback on default OID if SNMP model mapping doesn't bring any result
* restore and enhance mac adressses extraction for connected devices on
  non-default VLANs
* fix trunk port identification
* fix model loading with fusioninventory-netinventory

inventory task:
* get size for Adaptec RAID controller disks on Linux (#2360)
* fix size reporting for LSI RAID controller disks on Linux
* add support for modern MegaRAID controllers on Linux (#2361)
* better identification for hard disk manufacturers (#2362)
* fix timeout for user enumeration in AD environment on Windows (#2201)
* fix a potential crash in software inventory on Windows
* cleanup whitespace for DMI and /proc values (#2391)
* fix multiple potential warnings on AIX (#2384)

test suite:
* fix test files list (#2394)
* fix network interface enumeration test on Solaris (#2346)

2.3.4  Fri, 29 Nov 2013
netdiscovery task:
* install missing sysobjectid database files
* add additional device types (phones, storage, etc...) support

netinventory task:
* add default OIDs for mappings undefined in SNMP model
* add IFALIAS support for interfaces
* allow SNMPv3 usage from fusioninventory-netinventory
* allow discovery without model from fusioninventory-netinventory

netinventory and netdiscovery tasks:
* fix infinite recursion in mac address canonicalisation, leading to memory
  exhaustion (#2336)
* fix SNMPv3 usage without optional parameters

* OpenVZ: disable the Virtuozzo module if libvirt is already plugged on OpenVZ

2.3.3  Wed, 06 Nov 2013
* clean up in the distribution, thanks Olivier Mengué <dolmen@cpan.org>

inventory task
* fix missing 32bits software on 64bits windows (#2212)

netinventory task
* fix SNMP reconnection when issuing VLAN-specific queries on some Cisco
  devices (#2178)
* use longer default SNMP timeout, and make them configurable
* handle MAC addresses with embedded VLAN identifier

netdiscovery task
* backport device model identification from sysobjectid value

2.3.2  Fri, 20 Sep 2013
* avoid some warning messages

netinventory task
* fix: properly pass the SNMP credentials
* better handling of mac addresses

2.3.1  Mon, 09 Sep 2013
inventory task
* report when running in a BSD Jail or a LXC system, thanks Igor Morozov
* better strategy for extracting USB printer serial on windows (#2213)
* force lowercase identifiers for USB and PCI lookups (#2122)

netdiscovery task
* fix invalid log message and spurious warnings during discovery (#2200)
* fix dictionary update handling, breaking fusioninventory-netdiscovery usage
* use sysobjectid for better identification
* more sysdescr-based identification rules
* fix loss of information when applying sysdescr-based identification rules
* normalize sysdescr better before dictionary lookup

netinventory task
* ensure device type is set in agent answer
* emits warnings when retrieved values are obviously wrong
* better handling of mac addresses
* large code cleanup and optimisation

wake-on-lan task
* fix wrong mac address pattern check

2.3.0  Thu, 01 Aug 2013
* Deploy, Network and ESX tasks are now integrated in the distribution
* new fusioninventory-inventory executable, dedicated to inventory task

* no more thread usage for HTTP interface
* no more token usage for HTTP interface, request source address is enough
* --httpd-trust option now allows multiple values
* --daemon and --no-fork options are now available from command-line only

inventory task:
* add DNS_DOMAIN, BOOT_TIME and FQDN in OPERATINGSYSTEM section (#1197, #1347, #1358)
* collect public SSH keys
* collect local users and groups (#1570, #1870)
* collect license key for MS Office on Windows (#152)
* collect software from user profile on Windows(#1674)
* collect license key for Adobe suite, Panic's Transit, VMware Fusion on MacOs
* collect service package version on AIX (#1896)
* collect manufacturer information for memories (#1735)
* enforce consistent handling of USB and PCI identifiers (#1861)
* enforce consistent TYPE values for network interfaces (#1838)
* various UTF8 encoding fixes
* better stripping of bogus values
* Megaraid and 3ware RAID controller support on BSD (Egor Morozov)
* Megaraid controller support on Linux (Egor Morozov)
* support new OpenVZ configuration on Linux (Alessandro Iurlano)
* LPAR support on AIX (#950, #952)
* FreeBSD jail support on BSD (#736, #1555)
* better caching of system_profiler output (#2076)
* better Qemu support (#2106)
* better OpenVM support (#1774)
* better HyperV support (#1989, #1990, #1991)
* fix CPU inventory for non-i386 arches on Linux (#2172)
* better CPU inventory on Solaris (#1741, #1905, #2152)
* better memory inventory on Solaris (#1711, #1714, #1737)
* better slot inventory on Solaris (#1730)
* fix VXFS filesystem identification on Solaris (#1696)
* minimal support for busybox-specific command output (#1372)
* no more memconf usage on Solaris
* no more Mac::SysProfile usage on MacOS (#1646)

wake-on-lan task:
* ethernet and udp methods support on all systems

netdiscovery task:
* fix for regression introduced during code refactoring regarding printers

test suite:
* check the link for 404 error in the doc
* check for warnings generated during parsing
* check entries generated from parsing match expected inventory format
* normalize list before comparaison, for perl 5.18 hash randomisation

2.2.8  unreleased

* minor fixes in LVM support
   2017-06-28 10:27:45 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (52)
Log message:
These packages all require the PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC hack.
   2017-06-05 16:25:36 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from lang/perl5 5.26.0
   2016-06-08 21:25:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2236) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.
   2016-04-01 14:07:30 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
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