./net/wpa_supplicant, Wireless connection client daemon for WPA, WPA2, and WEP

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.6nb1, Package name: wpa_supplicant-2.6nb1, Maintainer: reed

The wpa_supplicant package provides a wireless client daemon that supports
WPA, WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i / RSN), and WEP. It implements key
negotiation with a WPA Authenticator and it controls the roaming
and IEEE 802.11 authentication/association of the wlan driver. It
supports several EAP authentication methods.

This package also includes the wpa_cli console frontend.

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Package options: dbus

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RMD160: 2fb26394d22ac3acde2d9d7c6543af8eaac9c55a
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   2017-10-16 12:26:21 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (13) | Package updated
Log message:
wpa_supplicant: apply upstream patch for security advisory

Patches from Juoni Malinen and Mathy Vanhoef.

- CVE-2017-13077
- CVE-2017-13078
- CVE-2017-13079
- CVE-2017-13080
- CVE-2017-13081
- CVE-2017-13082
- CVE-2017-13086
- CVE-2017-13087
- CVE-2017-13088

Tested by leot, thanks!

Subject: [PATCH 1/8] hostapd: Avoid key reinstallation in FT handshake

Do not reinstall TK to the driver during Reassociation Response frame
processing if the first attempt of setting the TK succeeded. This avoids
issues related to clearing the TX/RX PN that could result in reusing
same PN values for transmitted frames (e.g., due to CCM nonce reuse and
also hitting replay protection on the receiver) and accepting replayed
frames on RX side.

This issue was introduced by the commit
0e84c25434e6a1f283c7b4e62e483729085b78d2 ('FT: Fix PTK configuration in
authenticator') which allowed wpa_ft_install_ptk() to be called multiple
times with the same PTK. While the second configuration attempt is
needed with some drivers, it must be done only if the first attempt

Subject: [PATCH 2/8] Prevent reinstallation of an already in-use group key

Track the current GTK and IGTK that is in use and when receiving a
(possibly retransmitted) Group Message 1 or WNM-Sleep Mode Response, do
not install the given key if it is already in use. This prevents an
attacker from trying to trick the client into resetting or lowering the
sequence counter associated to the group key.

Subject: [PATCH 3/8] Extend protection of GTK/IGTK reinstallation of WNM-Sleep
 Mode cases

This extends the protection to track last configured GTK/IGTK value
separately from EAPOL-Key frames and WNM-Sleep Mode frames to cover a
corner case where these two different mechanisms may get used when the
GTK/IGTK has changed and tracking a single value is not sufficient to
detect a possible key reconfiguration.

Subject: [PATCH 4/8] Prevent installation of an all-zero TK

Properly track whether a PTK has already been installed to the driver
and the TK part cleared from memory. This prevents an attacker from
trying to trick the client into installing an all-zero TK.

This fixes the earlier fix in commit
ad00d64e7d8827b3cebd665a0ceb08adabf15e1e ('Fix TK configuration to the
driver in EAPOL-Key 3/4 retry case') which did not take into account
possibility of an extra message 1/4 showing up between retries of
message 3/4.

Subject: [PATCH 5/8] Fix PTK rekeying to generate a new ANonce

The Authenticator state machine path for PTK rekeying ended up bypassing
the AUTHENTICATION2 state where a new ANonce is generated when going
directly to the PTKSTART state since there is no need to try to
determine the PMK again in such a case. This is far from ideal since the
new PTK would depend on a new nonce only from the supplicant.

Fix this by generating a new ANonce when moving to the PTKSTART state
for the purpose of starting new 4-way handshake to rekey PTK.

Subject: [PATCH 6/8] TDLS: Reject TPK-TK reconfiguration

Do not try to reconfigure the same TPK-TK to the driver after it has
been successfully configured. This is an explicit check to avoid issues
related to resetting the TX/RX packet number. There was already a check
for this for TPK M2 (retries of that message are ignored completely), so
that behavior does not get modified.

For TPK M3, the TPK-TK could have been reconfigured, but that was
followed by immediate teardown of the link due to an issue in updating
the STA entry. Furthermore, for TDLS with any real security (i.e.,
ignoring open/WEP), the TPK message exchange is protected on the AP path
and simple replay attacks are not feasible.

As an additional corner case, make sure the local nonce gets updated if
the peer uses a very unlikely "random nonce" of all zeros.

Subject: [PATCH 7/8] WNM: Ignore WNM-Sleep Mode Response without pending

Commit 03ed0a52393710be6bdae657d1b36efa146520e5 ('WNM: Ignore WNM-Sleep
Mode Response if WNM-Sleep Mode has not been used') started ignoring the
response when no WNM-Sleep Mode Request had been used during the
association. This can be made tighter by clearing the used flag when
successfully processing a response. This adds an additional layer of
protection against unexpected retransmissions of the response frame.

Subject: [PATCH 8/8] FT: Do not allow multiple Reassociation Response frames

The driver is expected to not report a second association event without
the station having explicitly request a new association. As such, this
case should not be reachable. However, since reconfiguring the same
pairwise or group keys to the driver could result in nonce reuse issues,
be extra careful here and do an additional state check to avoid this
even if the local driver ends up somehow accepting an unexpected
Reassociation Response frame.
   2016-11-16 16:07:34 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
wpa_supplicant: update to v2.6

ChangeLog for wpa_supplicant

2016-10-02 - v2.6
	* fixed WNM Sleep Mode processing when PMF is not enabled
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2015-6/] (CVE-2015-5310)
	* fixed EAP-pwd last fragment validation
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2015-7/] (CVE-2015-5315)
	* fixed EAP-pwd unexpected Confirm message processing
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2015-8/] (CVE-2015-5316)
	* fixed WPS configuration update vulnerability with malformed passphrase
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2016-1/] (CVE-2016-4476)
	* fixed configuration update vulnerability with malformed parameters set
	  over the local control interface
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2016-1/] (CVE-2016-4477)
	* fixed TK configuration to the driver in EAPOL-Key 3/4 retry case
	* extended channel switch support for P2P GO
	* started to throttle control interface event message bursts to avoid
	  issues with monitor sockets running out of buffer space
	* mesh mode fixes/improvements
	  - generate proper AID for peer
	  - enable WMM by default
	  - add VHT support
	  - fix PMKID derivation
	  - improve robustness on various exchanges
	  - fix peer link counting in reconnect case
	  - improve mesh joining behavior
	  - allow DTIM period to be configured
	  - allow HT to be disabled (disable_ht=1)
	  - add MESH_PEER_ADD and MESH_PEER_REMOVE commands
	  - add support for PMKSA caching
	  - add minimal support for SAE group negotiation
	  - allow pairwise/group cipher to be configured in the network profile
	  - use ieee80211w profile parameter to enable/disable PMF and derive
	    a separate TX IGTK if PMF is enabled instead of using MGTK
	  - fix AEK and MTK derivation
	  - remove GTKdata and IGTKdata from Mesh Peering Confirm/Close
	  - note: these changes are not fully backwards compatible for secure
	    (RSN) mesh network
	* fixed PMKID derivation with SAE
	* added support for requesting and fetching arbitrary ANQP-elements
	  without internal support in wpa_supplicant for the specific element
	  (anqp[265]=<hexdump> in "BSS <BSSID>" command output)
	* P2P
	  - filter control characters in group client device names to be
	    consistent with other P2P peer cases
	  - support VHT 80+80 MHz and 160 MHz
	  - indicate group completion in P2P Client role after data association
	    instead of already after the WPS provisioning step
	  - improve group-join operation to use SSID, if known, to filter BSS
	  - added optional ssid=<hexdump> argument to P2P_CONNECT for join case
	  - added P2P_GROUP_MEMBER command to fetch client interface address
	* P2PS
	  - fix follow-on PD Response behavior
	  - fix PD Response generation for unknown peer
	  - fix persistent group reporting
	  - add channel policy to PD Request
	  - add group SSID to the P2PS-PROV-DONE event
	  - allow "P2P_CONNECT <addr> p2ps" to be used without \ 
specifying the
	    default PIN
	* BoringSSL
	  - support for OCSP stapling
	  - support building of h20-osu-client
	* D-Bus
	  - add ExpectDisconnect()
	  - add global config parameters as properties
	  - add SaveConfig()
	  - add VendorElemAdd(), VendorElemGet(), VendorElemRem()
	* fixed Suite B 192-bit AKM to use proper PMK length
	  (note: this makes old releases incompatible with the fixed behavior)
	* improved PMF behavior for cases where the AP and STA has different
	  configuration by not trying to connect in some corner cases where the
	  connection cannot succeed
	* added option to reopen debug log (e.g., to rotate the file) upon
	  receipt of SIGHUP signal
	* EAP-pwd: added support for Brainpool Elliptic Curves
	  (with OpenSSL 1.0.2 and newer)
	* fixed EAPOL reauthentication after FT protocol run
	* fixed FTIE generation for 4-way handshake after FT protocol run
	* extended INTERFACE_ADD command to allow certain type (sta/ap)
	  interface to be created
	* fixed and improved various FST operations
	* added 80+80 MHz and 160 MHz VHT support for IBSS/mesh
	* fixed SIGNAL_POLL in IBSS and mesh cases
	* added an option to abort an ongoing scan (used to speed up connection
	  and can also be done with the new ABORT_SCAN command)
	* TLS client
	  - do not verify CA certificates when ca_cert is not specified
	  - support validating server certificate hash
	  - support SHA384 and SHA512 hashes
	  - add signature_algorithms extension into ClientHello
	  - support TLS v1.2 signature algorithm with SHA384 and SHA512
	  - support server certificate probing
	  - allow specific TLS versions to be disabled with phase2 parameter
	  - support extKeyUsage
	  - support PKCS #5 v2.0 PBES2
	  - support PKCS #5 with PKCS #12 style key decryption
	  - minimal support for PKCS #12
	  - support OCSP stapling (including ocsp_multi)
	* OpenSSL
	  - support OpenSSL 1.1 API changes
	  - drop support for OpenSSL 0.9.8
	  - drop support for OpenSSL 1.0.0
	* added support for multiple schedule scan plans (sched_scan_plans)
	* added support for external server certificate chain validation
	  (tls_ext_cert_check=1 in the network profile phase1 parameter)
	* made phase2 parser more strict about correct use of auth=<val> and
	  autheap=<val> values
	* improved GAS offchannel operations with comeback request
	* added SIGNAL_MONITOR command to request signal strength monitoring
	* added command for retrieving HS 2.0 icons with in-memory storage
	  (REQ_HS20_ICON, GET_HS20_ICON, DEL_HS20_ICON commands and
	  RX-HS20-ICON event)
	* enabled ACS support for AP mode operations with wpa_supplicant
	* EAP-PEAP: fixed interoperability issue with Windows 2012r2 server
	  ("Invalid Compound_MAC in cryptobinding TLV")
	* EAP-TTLS: fixed success after fragmented final Phase 2 message
	* VHT: added interoperability workaround for 80+80 and 160 MHz channels
	* WNM: workaround for broken AP operating class behavior
	* added kqueue(2) support for eloop (CONFIG_ELOOP_KQUEUE)
	* nl80211:
	  - add support for full station state operations
	  - do not add NL80211_ATTR_SMPS_MODE attribute if HT is disabled
	  - add NL80211_ATTR_PREV_BSSID with Connect command
	  - fix IEEE 802.1X/WEP EAP reauthentication and rekeying to use
	    unencrypted EAPOL frames
	* added initial MBO support; number of extensions to WNM BSS Transition
	* added support for PBSS/PCP and P2P on 60 GHz
	* Interworking: add credential realm to EAP-TLS identity
	* fixed EAPOL-Key Request Secure bit to be 1 if PTK is set
	* HS 2.0: add support for configuring frame filters
	* added POLL_STA command to check connectivity in AP mode
	* added initial functionality for location related operations
	* started to ignore pmf=1/2 parameter for non-RSN networks
	* added wps_disabled=1 network profile parameter to allow AP mode to
	  be started without enabling WPS
	* wpa_cli: added action script support for AP-ENABLED and AP-DISABLED
	* improved Public Action frame addressing
	  - add gas_address3 configuration parameter to control Address 3
	* number of small fixes
   2016-08-17 06:57:47 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update wpa_supplicant to v2.5

2015-09-27 - v2.5
	* fixed P2P validation of SSID element length before copying it
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2015-1/] (CVE-2015-1863)
	* fixed WPS UPnP vulnerability with HTTP chunked transfer encoding
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2015-2/] (CVE-2015-4141)
	* fixed WMM Action frame parser (AP mode)
	  [http://w1.fi/security/2015-3/] (CVE-2015-4142)
	* fixed EAP-pwd peer missing payload length validation
	  (CVE-2015-4143, CVE-2015-4144, CVE-2015-4145, CVE-2015-4146)
	* fixed validation of WPS and P2P NFC NDEF record payload length
	* nl80211:
	  - added VHT configuration for IBSS
	  - fixed vendor command handling to check OUI properly
	  - allow driver-based roaming to change ESS
	* added AVG_BEACON_RSSI to SIGNAL_POLL output
	* wpa_cli: added tab completion for number of commands
	* removed unmaintained and not yet completed SChannel/CryptoAPI support
	* modified Extended Capabilities element use in Probe Request frames to
	  include all cases if any of the values are non-zero
	* added support for dynamically creating/removing a virtual interface
	  with interface_add/interface_remove
	* added support for hashed password (NtHash) in EAP-pwd peer
	* added support for memory-only PSK/passphrase (mem_only_psk=1 and
	* P2P
	  - optimize scan frequencies list when re-joining a persistent group
	  - fixed number of sequences with nl80211 P2P Device interface
	  - added operating class 125 for P2P use cases (this allows 5 GHz
	    channels 161 and 169 to be used if they are enabled in the current
	    regulatory domain)
	  - number of fixes to P2PS functionality
	  - do not allow 40 MHz co-ex PRI/SEC switch to force MCC
	  - extended support for preferred channel listing
	* D-Bus:
	  - fixed WPS property of fi.w1.wpa_supplicant1.BSS interface
	  - fixed PresenceRequest to use group interface
	  - added new signals: FindStopped, WPS pbc-overlap,
	    GroupFormationFailure, WPS timeout, InvitationReceived
	  - added new methods: WPS Cancel, P2P Cancel, Reconnect, RemoveClient
	  - added manufacturer info
	* added EAP-EKE peer support for deriving Session-Id
	* added wps_priority configuration parameter to set the default priority
	  for all network profiles added by WPS
	* added support to request a scan with specific SSIDs with the SCAN
	  command (optional "ssid <hexdump>" arguments)
	* removed support for WEP40/WEP104 as a group cipher with WPA/WPA2
	* fixed SAE group selection in an error case
	* modified SAE routines to be more robust and PWE generation to be
	  stronger against timing attacks
	* added support for Brainpool Elliptic Curves with SAE
	* added support for CCMP-256 and GCMP-256 as group ciphers with FT
	* fixed BSS selection based on estimated throughput
	* added option to disable TLSv1.0 with OpenSSL
	* added Fast Session Transfer (FST) module
	* fixed OpenSSL PKCS#12 extra certificate handling
	* fixed key derivation for Suite B 192-bit AKM (this breaks
	  compatibility with the earlier version)
	* added RSN IE to Mesh Peering Open/Confirm frames
	* number of small fixes

2015-03-15 - v2.4
	* allow OpenSSL cipher configuration to be set for internal EAP server
	  (openssl_ciphers parameter)
	* fixed number of small issues based on hwsim test case failures and
	  static analyzer reports
	* P2P:
	  - add new=<0/1> flag to P2P-DEVICE-FOUND events
	  - add passive channels in invitation response from P2P Client
	  - enable nl80211 P2P_DEVICE support by default
	  - fix regresssion in disallow_freq preventing search on social
	  - fix regressions in P2P SD query processing
	  - try to re-invite with social operating channel if no common channels
	    in invitation
	  - allow cross connection on parent interface (this fixes number of
	    use cases with nl80211)
	  - add support for P2P services (P2PS)
	  - add p2p_go_ctwindow configuration parameter to allow GO CTWindow to
	    be configured
	* increase postponing of EAPOL-Start by one second with AP/GO that
	  supports WPS 2.0 (this makes it less likely to trigger extra roundtrip
	  of identity frames)
	* add support for PMKSA caching with SAE
	* add support for control mesh BSS (IEEE 802.11s) operations
	* fixed number of issues with D-Bus P2P commands
	* fixed regression in ap_scan=2 special case for WPS
	* fixed macsec_validate configuration
	* add a workaround for incorrectly behaving APs that try to use
	  EAPOL-Key descriptor version 3 when the station supports PMF even if
	  PMF is not enabled on the AP
	* allow TLS v1.1 and v1.2 to be negotiated by default; previous behavior
	  of disabling these can be configured to work around issues with broken
	  servers with phase1="tls_disable_tlsv1_1=1 tls_disable_tlsv1_2=1"
	* add support for Suite B (128-bit and 192-bit level) key management and
	  cipher suites
	* improved BSS Transition Management processing
	* add support for neighbor report
	* add support for link measurement
	* fixed expiration of BSS entry with all-zeros BSSID
	* add optional LAST_ID=x argument to LIST_NETWORK to allow all
	  configured networks to be listed even with huge number of network
	* add support for EAP Re-Authentication Protocol (ERP)
	* fixed EAP-IKEv2 fragmentation reassembly
	* improved PKCS#11 configuration for OpenSSL
	* set stdout to be line-buffered
	* add TDLS channel switch configuration
	* add support for MAC address randomization in scans with nl80211
	* enable HT for IBSS if supported by the driver
	* add BSSID black and white lists (bssid_blacklist, bssid_whitelist)
	* add support for domain_suffix_match with GnuTLS
	* add OCSP stapling client support with GnuTLS
	* include peer certificate in EAP events even without a separate probe
	  operation; old behavior can be restored with cert_in_cb=0
	* add peer ceritficate alt subject name to EAP events
	* add domain_match network profile parameter (similar to
	  domain_suffix_match, but full match is required)
	* enable AP/GO mode HT Tx STBC automatically based on driver support
	* add ANQP-QUERY-DONE event to provide information on ANQP parsing
	* allow passive scanning to be forced with passive_scan=1
	* add a workaround for Linux packet socket behavior when interface is in
	* increase 5 GHz band preference in BSS selection (estimate SNR, if info
	  not available from driver; estimate maximum throughput based on common
	  HT/VHT/specific TX rate support)
	* add INTERWORKING_ADD_NETWORK ctrl_iface command; this can be used to
	  implement Interworking network selection behavior in upper layers
	  software components
	* add optional reassoc_same_bss_optim=1 (disabled by default)
	  optimization to avoid unnecessary Authentication frame exchange
	* extend TDLS frame padding workaround to cover all packets
	* allow wpa_supplicant to recover nl80211 functionality if the cfg80211
	  module gets removed and reloaded without restarting wpa_supplicant
	* allow hostapd DFS implementation to be used in wpa_supplicant AP mode

2014-10-09 - v2.3
	* fixed number of minor issues identified in static analyzer warnings
	* fixed wfd_dev_info to be more careful and not read beyond the buffer
	  when parsing invalid information for P2P-DEVICE-FOUND
	* extended P2P and GAS query operations to support drivers that have
	  maximum remain-on-channel time below 1000 ms (500 ms is the current
	  minimum supported value)
	* added p2p_search_delay parameter to make the default p2p_find delay
	* improved P2P operating channel selection for various multi-channel
	  concurrency cases
	* fixed some TDLS failure cases to clean up driver state
	* fixed dynamic interface addition cases with nl80211 to avoid adding
	  ifindex values to incorrect interface to skip foreign interface events
	* added TDLS workaround for some APs that may add extra data to the
	  end of a short frame
	* fixed EAP-AKA' message parser with multiple AT_KDF attributes
	* added configuration option (p2p_passphrase_len) to allow longer
	  passphrases to be generated for P2P groups
	* fixed IBSS channel configuration in some corner cases
	* improved HT/VHT/QoS parameter setup for TDLS
	* modified D-Bus interface for P2P peers/groups
	* started to use constant time comparison for various password and hash
	  values to reduce possibility of any externally measurable timing
	* extended explicit clearing of freed memory and expired keys to avoid
	  keeping private data in memory longer than necessary
	* added optional scan_id parameter to the SCAN command to allow manual
	  scan requests for active scans for specific configured SSIDs
	* fixed CTRL-EVENT-REGDOM-CHANGE event init parameter value
	* added option to set Hotspot 2.0 Rel 2 update_identifier in network
	  configuration to support external configuration
	* modified Android PNO functionality to send Probe Request frames only
	  for hidden SSIDs (based on scan_ssid=1)
	* added generic mechanism for adding vendor elements into frames at
	* added fields to show unrecognized vendor elements in P2P_PEER
	* removed EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2 interoperability workaround so that
	  MS-CHAP2-Success is required to be present regardless of
	  eap_workaround configuration
	* modified EAP fast session resumption to allow results to be used only
	  with the same network block that generated them
	* extended freq_list configuration to apply for sched_scan as well as
	  normal scan
	* modified WPS to merge mixed-WPA/WPA2 credentials from a single session
	* fixed nl80211/RTM_DELLINK processing when a P2P GO interface is
	  removed from a bridge
	* fixed number of small P2P issues to make negotiations more robust in
	  corner cases
	* added experimental support for using temporary, random local MAC
	  address (mac_addr and preassoc_mac_addr parameters); this is disabled
	  by default (i.e., previous behavior of using permanent address is
	  maintained if configuration is not changed)
	* added D-Bus interface for setting/clearing WFD IEs
	* fixed TDLS AID configuration for VHT
	* modified -m<conf> configuration file to be used only for the P2P
	  non-netdev management device and do not load this for the default
	  station interface or load the station interface configuration for
	  the P2P management interface
	* fixed external MAC address changes while wpa_supplicant is running
	* started to enable HT (if supported by the driver) for IBSS
	* fixed wpa_cli action script execution to use more robust mechanism

2014-06-04 - v2.2
	* added DFS indicator to get_capability freq
	* added/fixed nl80211 functionality
	  - BSSID/frequency hint for driver-based BSS selection
	  - fix tearing down WDS STA interfaces
	  - support vendor specific driver command
	    (VENDOR <vendor id> <sub command id> [<hex formatted data>])
	  - GO interface teardown optimization
	  - allow beacon interval to be configured for IBSS
	  - add SHA256-based AKM suites to CONNECT/ASSOCIATE commands
	* removed unused NFC_RX_HANDOVER_REQ and NFC_RX_HANDOVER_SEL control
	  interface commands (the more generic NFC_REPORT_HANDOVER is now used)
	* fixed MSCHAP UTF-8 to UCS-2 conversion for three-byte encoding;
	  this fixes password with include UTF-8 characters that use
	  three-byte encoding EAP methods that use NtPasswordHash
	* fixed couple of sequencies where radio work items could get stuck,
	  e.g., when rfkill blocking happens during scanning or when
	  scan-for-auth workaround is used
	* P2P enhancements/fixes
	  - enable enable U-APSD on GO automatically if the driver indicates
	    support for this
	  - fixed some service discovery cases with broadcast queries not being
	    sent to all stations
	  - fixed Probe Request frame triggering invitation to trigger only a
	    single invitation instance even if multiple Probe Request frames are
	  - fixed a potential NULL pointer dereference crash when processing an
	    invalid Invitation Request frame
	  - add optional configuration file for the P2P_DEVICE parameters
	  - optimize scan for GO during persistent group invocation
	  - fix possible segmentation fault when PBC overlap is detected while
	    using a separate P2P group interface
	  - improve GO Negotiation robustness by allowing GO Negotiation
	    Confirmation to be retransmitted
	  - do use freed memory on device found event when P2P NFC
	* added phase1 network parameter options for disabling TLS v1.1 and v1.2
	  to allow workarounds with misbehaving AAA servers
	  (tls_disable_tlsv1_1=1 and tls_disable_tlsv1_2=1)
	* added support for OCSP stapling to validate AAA server certificate
	  during TLS exchange
	* Interworking/Hotspot 2.0 enhancements
	  - prefer the last added network in Interworking connection to make the
	    behavior more consistent with likely user expectation
	  - roaming partner configuration (roaming_partner within a cred block)
	  - support Hotspot 2.0 Release 2
	    * "hs20_anqp_get <BSSID> 8" to request OSU Providers list
	    * "hs20_icon_request <BSSID> <icon filename>" to \ 
request icon files
	    * "fetch_osu" and "cancel_osu_fetch" to start/stop full \ 
OSU provider
	      search (all suitable APs in scan results)
	    * OSEN network for online signup connection
	    * min_{dl,ul}_bandwidth_{home,roaming} cred parameters
	    * max_bss_load cred parameter
	    * req_conn_capab cred parameter
	    * sp_priority cred parameter
	    * ocsp cred parameter
	    * slow down automatic connection attempts on EAP failure to meet
	      required behavior (no more than 10 retries within a 10-minute
	    * sample implementation of online signup client (both SPP and
	      OMA-DM protocols) (hs20/client/*)
	  - fixed GAS indication for additional comeback delay with status
	    code 95
	  - extend ANQP_GET to accept Hotspot 2.0 subtypes
	    ANQP_GET <addr> <info id>[,<info id>]...
	  - add control interface events CRED-ADDED <id>,
	    CRED-MODIFIED <id> <field>, CRED-REMOVED <id>
	  - add "GET_CRED <id> <field>" command
	  - enable FT for the connection automatically if the AP advertises
	    support for this
	  - fix a case where auto_interworking=1 could end up stopping scanning
	* fixed TDLS interoperability issues with supported operating class in
	  some deployed stations
	* internal TLS implementation enhancements/fixes
	  - add SHA256-based cipher suites
	  - add DHE-RSA cipher suites
	  - fix X.509 validation of PKCS#1 signature to check for extra data
	* fixed PTK derivation for CCMP-256 and GCMP-256
	* added "reattach" command for fast reassociate-back-to-same-BSS
	* allow PMF to be enabled for AP mode operation with the ieee80211w
	* added "get_capability tdls" command
	* added option to set config blobs through control interface with
	  "SET blob <name> <hexdump>"
	* D-Bus interface extensions/fixes
	  - make p2p_no_group_iface configurable
	  - declare ServiceDiscoveryRequest method properly
	  - export peer's device address as a property
	  - make reassociate command behave like the control interface one,
	    i.e., to allow connection from disconnected state
	* added optional "freq=<channel ranges>" parameter to SET pno
	* added optional "freq=<channel ranges>" parameter to SELECT_NETWORK
	* fixed OBSS scan result processing for 20/40 MHz co-ex report
	* remove WPS 1.0 only support, i.e., WSC 2.0 support is now enabled
	  whenever CONFIG_WPS=y is set
	* fixed regression in parsing of WNM Sleep Mode exit key data
	* fixed potential segmentation fault and memory leaks in WNM neighbor
	  report processing
	* EAP-pwd fixes
	  - fragmentation of PWD-Confirm-Resp
	  - fix memory leak when fragmentation is used
	  - fix possible segmentation fault on EAP method deinit if an invalid
	    group is negotiated
	* added MACsec/IEEE Std 802.1X-2010 PAE implementation (currently
	  available only with the macsec_qca driver wrapper)
	* fixed EAP-SIM counter-too-small message
	* added 'dup_network <id_s> <id_d> <name>' command; this can \ 
be used to
	  clone the psk field without having toextract it from wpa_supplicant
	* fixed GSM authentication on USIM
	* added support for usin epoll in eloop (CONFIG_ELOOP_EPOLL=y)
	* fixed some concurrent virtual interface cases with dedicated P2P
	  management interface to not catch events from removed interface (this
	  could result in the management interface getting disabled)
	* fixed a memory leak in SAE random number generation
	* fixed off-by-one bounds checking in printf_encode()
	  - this could result in some control interface ATTACH command cases
	    terminating wpa_supplicant
	* fixed EAPOL-Key exchange when GCMP is used with SHA256-based AKM
	* various bug fixes

2014-02-04 - v2.1
	* added support for simultaneous authentication of equals (SAE) for
	  stronger password-based authentication with WPA2-Personal
	* improved P2P negotiation and group formation robustness
	  - avoid unnecessary Dialog Token value changes during retries
	  - avoid more concurrent scanning cases during full group formation
	  - do not use potentially obsolete scan result data from driver
	    cache for peer discovery/updates
	  - avoid undesired re-starting of GO negotiation based on Probe
	    Request frames
	  - increase GO Negotiation and Invitation timeouts to address busy
	    environments and peers that take long time to react to messages,
	    e.g., due to power saving
	  - P2P Device interface type
	* improved P2P channel selection (use more peer information and allow
	  more local options)
	* added support for optional per-device PSK assignment by P2P GO
	  (wpa_cli p2p_set per_sta_psk <0/1>)
	* added P2P_REMOVE_CLIENT for removing a client from P2P groups
	  (including persistent groups); this can be used to securely remove
	  a client from a group if per-device PSKs are used
	* added more configuration flexibility for allowed P2P GO/client
	  channels (p2p_no_go_freq list and p2p_add_cli_chan=0/1)
	* added nl80211 functionality
	  - VHT configuration for nl80211
	  - MFP (IEEE 802.11w) information for nl80211 command API
	  - support split wiphy dump
	  - FT (IEEE 802.11r) with driver-based SME
	  - use advertised number of supported concurrent channels
	  - QoS Mapping configuration
	* improved TDLS negotiation robustness
	* added more TDLS peer parameters to be configured to the driver
	* optimized connection time by allowing recently received scan results
	  to be used instead of having to run through a new scan
	* fixed ctrl_iface BSS command iteration with RANGE argument and no
	  exact matches; also fixed argument parsing for some cases with
	  multiple arguments
	* added 'SCAN TYPE=ONLY' ctrl_iface command to request manual scan
	  without executing roaming/network re-selection on scan results
	* added Session-Id derivation for EAP peer methods
	* added fully automated regression testing with mac80211_hwsim
	* changed configuration parser to reject invalid integer values
	* allow AP/Enrollee to be specified with BSSID instead of UUID for
	  WPS ER operations
	* disable network block temporarily on repeated connection failures
	* changed the default driver interface from wext to nl80211 if both are
	  included in the build
	* remove duplicate networks if WPS provisioning is run multiple times
	* remove duplicate networks when Interworking network selection uses the
	  same network
	* added global freq_list configuration to allow scan frequencies to be
	  limited for all cases instead of just for a specific network block
	* added support for BSS Transition Management
	* added option to use "IFNAME=<ifname> " prefix to use the global
	  control interface connection to perform per-interface commands;
	  similarly, allow global control interface to be used as a monitor
	  interface to receive events from all interfaces
	* fixed OKC-based PMKSA cache entry clearing
	* fixed TKIP group key configuration with FT
	* added support for using OCSP stapling to validate server certificate
	  (ocsp=1 as optional and ocsp=2 as mandatory)
	* added EAP-EKE peer
	* added peer restart detection for IBSS RSN
	* added domain_suffix_match (and domain_suffix_match2 for Phase 2
	  EAP-TLS) to specify additional constraint for the server certificate
	  domain name
	* added support for external SIM/USIM processing in EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA,
	  and EAP-AKA' (CTRL-REQ-SIM and CTRL-RSP-SIM commands over control
	* added global bgscan configuration option as a default for all network
	  blocks that do not specify their own bgscan parameters
	* added D-Bus methods for TDLS
	* added more control to scan requests
	  - "SCAN freq=<freq list>" can be used to specify which \ 
channels are
	    scanned (comma-separated frequency ranges in MHz)
	  - "SCAN passive=1" can be used to request a passive scan (no Probe
	    Request frames are sent)
	  - "SCAN use_id" can be used to request a scan id to be returned and
	    included in event messages related to this specific scan operation
	  - "SCAN only_new=1" can be used to request the driver/cfg80211 to
	    report only BSS entries that have been updated during this scan
	  - these optional arguments to the SCAN command can be combined with
	    each other
	* modified behavior on externally triggered scans
	  - avoid concurrent operations requiring full control of the radio when
	    an externally triggered scan is detected
	  - do not use results for internal roaming decision
	* added a new cred block parameter 'temporary' to allow credential
	  blocks to be stored separately even if wpa_supplicant configuration
	  file is used to maintain other network information
	* added "radio work" framework to schedule exclusive radio operations
	  for off-channel functionality
	  - reduce issues with concurrent operations that try to control which
	    channel is used
	  - allow external programs to request exclusive radio control in a way
	    that avoids conflicts with wpa_supplicant
	* added support for using Protected Dual of Public Action frames for
	  GAS/ANQP exchanges when associated with PMF
	* added support for WPS+NFC updates and P2P+NFC
	  - improved protocol for WPS
	  - P2P group formation/join based on NFC connection handover
	  - new IPv4 address assignment for P2P groups (ip_addr_* configuration
	    parameters on the GO) to replace DHCP
	  - option to fetch and report alternative carrier records for external
	    NFC operations
	* various bug fixes
   2016-03-05 12:29:49 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1813) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for security/openssl ABI bump.
   2015-11-04 01:35:47 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (748)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for net category

Problems found with existing digests:
	Package haproxy distfile haproxy-1.5.14.tar.gz
	159f5beb8fdc6b8059ae51b53dc935d91c0fb51f [recorded]
	da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709 [calculated]

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package bsddip: missing distfile bsddip-1.02.tar.Z
	Package citrix_ica: missing distfile citrix_ica-10.6.115659/en.linuxx86.tar.gz
	Package djbdns: missing distfile djbdns-1.05-test25.diff.bz2
	Package djbdns: missing distfile djbdns-cachestats.patch
	Package djbdns: missing distfile 0002-dnscache-cache-soa-records.patch
	Package gated: missing distfile gated-3-5-11.tar.gz
	Package owncloudclient: missing distfile owncloudclient-2.0.2.tar.xz
	Package poink: missing distfile poink-1.6.tar.gz
	Package ra-rtsp-proxy: missing distfile rtspd-src-
	Package ucspi-ssl: missing distfile ucspi-ssl-0.70-ucspitls-0.1.patch
	Package waste: missing distfile waste-source.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2014-02-13 00:18:57 by Matthias Scheler | Files touched by this commit (1568)
Log message:
Recursive PKGREVISION bump for OpenSSL API version bump.
   2013-03-24 15:17:31 by Blue Rats | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Pull-up leaf package. Half-way resolves PR pkg/47605. OK'd by wiz@ in
private mail. Diffs were provided in PR.
   2013-02-07 00:24:19 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1351) | Package updated
Log message:
PKGREVISION bumps for the security/openssl 1.0.1d update.