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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.2.3nb1, Package name: cups-2.2.3nb1, Maintainer: sbd

The Common UNIX Printing System provides a portable printing layer for
UNIX operating systems. It has been developed by Easy Software Products
to promote a standard printing solution for all UNIX vendors and users.
CUPS provides the System V and Berkeley command-line interfaces.

CUPS uses the Internet Printing Protocol (IETF-IPP) as the basis for
managing print jobs and queues. The Line Printer Daemon (LPD, RFC1179)
and AppSocket protocols are also supported with reduced functionality.

CUPS adds network printer browsing and PostScript Printer Description
("PPD")-based printing options to support real world applications under

MESSAGE.libusb [+/-]
MESSAGE.nokerberos [+/-]
MESSAGE.pam [+/-]

Required to run:
[sysutils/dbus] [graphics/tiff] [graphics/png] [security/gnutls] [print/libpaper] [textproc/libunistring] [devel/libusb1]

Required to build:

Package options: dbus, dnssd, kerberos, libusb

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SHA1: 149e9ded0744b7545630c62b6a347e747928e0f7
RMD160: 3eb91fbd20bee081e08af64ddfa23a45f2bfa7b2
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   2017-05-25 14:11:55 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Test for PIE by linking rather than just compiling, as on at least SunOS
it is dependent on linker features.
   2017-04-26 16:10:04 by Patrick Welche | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
PROVIDE cups rather than cupsd, as that is what cups-browsed looks for.
http://mail-index.netbsd.org/pkgsrc-use … 24617.html
   2017-04-08 09:27:09 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
- The IPP backend could get into an infinite loop for certain errors,
  causing a hung queue (<rdar://problem/28008717>)
- The scheduler could pause responding to client requests in order to
  save state changes to disk (<rdar://problem/28690656>)
- Added support for PPD finishing keywords (Issue 4960, Issue 4961,
  Issue 4962)
- The IPP backend did not send a media-col attribute for just the source
  or type (Issue 4963)
- IPP Everywhere print queues did not always support all print qualities
  supported by the printer (Issue 4953)
- IPP Everywhere print queues did not always support all media types
  supported by the printer (Issue 4953)
- The IPP Everywhere PPD generator did not return useful error messages
  (Issue 4954)
- The IPP Everywhere finishings support did not work correctly with
  common UI or command-line options (Issue 4976)
- Fixed an error handling issue for the network backends (Issue 4979)
- The default cupsd.conf file did not work on systems compiled without
  Kerberos support (Issue 4947)
- The "reprint job" option was not available for some canceled jobs
  (Issue 4915)
- Updated the job listing in the web interface (Issue 4978)
- Fixed some localization issues on macOS
   2017-02-18 00:45:48 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Handle non-kerberos automatically. Based on suggestions by pgoyette
and tested by him.

Add upstream bug report URL.
   2017-02-16 14:09:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Add MESSAGE that you have to remove the kerberos section from the
cupsd config file when you build cups without kerberos support.

Found by pgoyette.
   2017-02-12 07:26:18 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (1451)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from fonts/harfbuzz
   2017-02-06 14:56:14 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1452)
Log message:
Recursive bump for harfbuzz's new graphite2 dependency.
   2017-01-21 12:57:10 by Leonardo Taccari | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update print/cups to cups-2.2.2

 - Fixed some issues with the Zebra ZPL printer driver (Issue #4898)
 - Fixed some issues with IPP Everywhere printer support (Issue #4893,
   Issue #4909, Issue #4916, Issue #4921, Issue #4923, Issue #4932,
   Issue #4933, Issue #4938)
 - The rastertopwg filter could crash with certain input (Issue #4942)
 - Optimized connection usage in the IPP backend
 - The scheduler did not detect when an encrypted connection was closed
   by the client on Linux (Issue #4901)
 - The cups-lpd program did not catch all legacy usage of ISO-8859-1
   (Issue #4899)
 - Fixed builds on systems without a working poll() implementation
   (Issue #4905)
 - Added a USB quirk rule for the Kyocera Ecosys P6026cdn (Issue #4900)
 - The scheduler no longer creates log files on startup
 - The ippContainsString function now uses case-insensitive comparisons
   for mimeMediaType, name, and text values in conformance with RFC 2911.
 - The network backends now log the addresses that were found for a
   printer (<rdar://problem/29268474>)
 - Let's Encrypt certificates did not work when the hostname contained
   uppercase letters (Issue #4919)
 - Fixed reporting of printed pages in the web interface (Issue #4924)
 - Updated systemd config files (Issue #4935)
 - Updated documentation (PR #4896)
 - Updated localizations (PR #4894, PR #4895, PR #4904, PR #4908,
   Issue #4946)
 - Updated packaging files (Issue #4940)