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meta-pkgs/courier, version 0.65.0, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Meta-package for the Courier mail server suite, courier-0.65.0

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mail/courier-analog, version 0.16nb7, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Courier log analyzer, courier-analog-0.16nb7

security/courier-authlib, version 0.64.0nb13, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Courier Authentication Library, courier-authlib-0.64.0nb13

mail/courier-imap, version 4.10.0nb8, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  IMAP server for access to maildir-style mailboxes, courier-imap-4.10.0nb8

mail/courier-maildir, version 0.68.1nb8, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Courier maildir utilities, courier-maildir-0.68.1nb8

mail/courier-mta, version 0.68.1nb13, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Courier mail transport agent, courier-mta-0.68.1nb13

fonts/courier-prime, version 1.203nb1, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Fixed-width font designed for screenplays, courier-prime-1.203nb1

mail/courier-unicode, version 2.1, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Implements several algorithms related to the Unicode Standard, courier-unicode-2.1

wip/courierpassd, version 1.1.2, maintainer joe
  Password changing daemon using courier-authlib, courierpassd-1.1.2

net/couriertcpd, version 0.68.1nb8, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Courier TCP socket and TLS servers, couriertcpd-0.68.1nb8

fonts/tex-courier, version 2014, maintainer minskim
  Adobe Type 1 free copies of Courier, tex-courier-2014

fonts/tex-courier-scaled, version 2014, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Provides a scaled Courier font, tex-courier-scaled-2014

fonts/tex-courier-scaled-doc, version 2014, maintainer pkgsrc-users
  Documentation for tex-courier-scaled, tex-courier-scaled-doc-2014