./wip/compat32_libuuid, Generate unique identifiers for objects

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.32.1, Package name: compat32_libuuid-2.32.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The UUID library is used to generate unique identifiers for objects
that may be accessible beyond the local system. This library
generates UUIDs compatible with those created by the Open Software
Foundation (OSF) Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) utility

The UUIDs generated by this library can be reasonably expected to be
unique within a system, and unique across all systems. They could
be used, for instance, to generate unique HTTP cookies across multiple
web servers without communication between the servers, and without fear
of a name clash.

From util-linux-ng.

This package is intended to crosscompile libuuid for i386 on amd64.

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SHA1: de9271fb93fb651d21c027e2efb0cf0ac80f2e9a
RMD160: bf61cb460eabcfdb90909dbcfd8e64bb9097ce65
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