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./wip/doom2-pwad-preacher, Doom II mod

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 20181129nb1, Package name: doom2-pwad-preacher-20181129nb1, Maintainer: micha

Attention: This is a mod for Doom II, not a standalone game!
It has received one of the 2018 Cacowards on Doomworld.

For the look & feel intended by the author, you need the original Doom II
from id Software as base (doom2.wad as IWAD).
If you don't have Doom II, you can use Freedoom (freedoom2.wad as IWAD) to
play, but the Freedoom graphics doesn't match well to the style of this mod.

Advanced engine needed : Boom compatible
Primary purpose : Single player

Preacher is a 9 map boom compatible episode. You play as a mad preacher who
hears a voice in his head impelling him to take down all evil in the World.

Layouts are open and non linear, and start spots are randomized.

There are graphic and sound replacements, but weapon and enemy behaviours
are untouched.

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