./www/lynx, Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client

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Branch: CURRENT, Version:, Package name: lynx-, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

lynx is a program which allows a user to access World-Wide Web servers
and other information servers. It uses only ascii representation so
that it can be used from ascii-terminals and dialin-lines.

Package options: curses, inet6

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SHA1: 65bbf95627c88723bbb5880155e5fe01c2753d0c
RMD160: a683f9c163a6c343bde53ffde99dbecce4e41b02
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   2015-08-18 09:31:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (282)
Log message:
Bump all packages that depend on curses.bui* or terminfo.bui* since they
might incur ncurses dependencies on some platforms, and ncurses just bumped
its shlib.
Some packages were bumped twice now, sorry for that.
   2015-08-17 19:11:32 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (178) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for ncurses shlib bump.
   2014-10-09 16:07:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1163)
Log message:
Remove pkgviews: don't set PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES in Makefiles.
   2014-09-16 11:52:05 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Depend on fixed ncursesw package and remove unneeded patch.
   2014-09-12 23:29:22 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Correct and fix build with ncursesw.
From Leonard Schmidt in PR 49200.
   2014-03-12 11:13:15 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.8.8rel2:

2014-03-09 (2.8.8rel.2)
* correct errata in test-files which cause broken links in break-out directory
  in lynx.isc.org server -TD
* amend change from 2.8.8pre.2, to ensure that MinGW libraries already
  declaring 'sleep()' will build -TD
* drop unused save/compress rules from makefile.in, because fixing umask for
  these is pointless -TD
* modify makefile.in to establish sane umask value in the \ 
"install-doc" rule
  (report by Rajeev V Pillai) -TD
* build-fix for NetBSD, whose curses library provides use_default_colors(),
  but the package turns off the keymap feature (patch by Thomas Klausner).
   2014-02-20 16:34:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Remove unused patch after update.
   2014-02-20 11:07:35 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 2.8.8rel1:

2014-02-14 (2.8.8rel.1)
2014-02-14 (2.8.8pre.5)
* change quoting for fixup to help_files.sed in 2.8.8dev.17 to work around
  bug in cygwin's make/sed programs -TD
* change quality value for application/xhtml+xml mime type added for Debian
  #184482, to ensure that it is offered as one of Lynx's internal types on
  an "Accept:" line sent to the server (Debian #725178) -TD
* trim unexpected query-parameters from file: URIs when checking for their
  presentation and compression types.  Not all browsers do this, etc. -TD
* modify forms-submit to trim query-parameters from the action URI if it
  happens to be a file-URL.  IE and some other browsers do this. The RFCs
  do not mention this since forms are an HTTP feature (Debian #738121) -TD
* reviewed command-line options which were not provided in lynx.cfg; added
  others which could be useful for dumps (i.e., force_html, hiddenlinks,
  listonly, list_inline, localhost, short_url, with_backspaces) -TD:
* add dont_wrap_pre to lynx.cfg (request by GV) -TD
* use idn_free() rather than ordinary free (patch by GV)
* build-fix when alt-bindings are disabled (patch by GV)
* correct sense of --disable-alt-bindings option in configure script (prompted
  by report by GV) -TD

2014-02-04 (2.8.8pre.4)
* modify the LOCALE_CHARSET feature to provide a default value for the
  ASSUMED_CHARSET feature aka "display-charset" (Debian #737416) -TD
* fix two bugs in print-to-file from 2.8.8dev.10 changes -TD
  + suggested filename suffix for text/html was ".html" rather than \ 
  + using ^U to clear the filename to print to did not cancel the prompt
  (report by Klaus-Peter Wegge)
* disable EXP_JAPANESEUTF8_SUPPORT if the system has no iconv support -TD
* modify makefiles to perform the src/chrtrans rules from the top-level rather
  than via the src-level, solving the issue of "makefile races" -TD
* reviewed minor fixes from OpenBSD CVS for these issues:
  - fix makefile races [espie]
  - read/write result checking fixes to avoid unsigned comparisons vs -1 [krw]
  However, the former is not an improvement; kept only the latter -TD

2014-01-11 (2.8.8pre.3)
* apply analogous changes to tidytls.c interface -TD
* apply openssl patch from openSUSE package for Lynx to modify the SSL options
  to omit the SSLv2 and compression features (report by BJP) -TD
* add check for alternate package "libssl" also used with Fedora20 -TD
* fix a check in configure-script for openssl subdirectory in includes. It
  happened to work in most cases due to a spurious blank in the pkg-config
  file; this was removed recently, e.g., for Fedora20 -TD
* fill-in some dangling links in test-files -TD
* build-fix for --disable-prettysrc (reported by Don Hsi-Yun Yang aka
  "omoikane") -TD
* review/improve html helpfiles -TD
* ensure that $(sysconfdir) exists in makefile as dependency of install-help
  rule -TD
* update config.guess (2014-01-01), config.sub (2014-01-01)

2013-12-17 (2.8.8pre.2)
* change makefile.msc and lynx-slang.iss to use dll for slang -TD
* change URL for HELPFILE in lynx.cfg, etc., to omit version-specifics -TD
* update example of options menu shown in user-guide -TD
* restore ^Z maxscreen-toggle for Windows, omitted in 2.8.8dev.17 cleanup -TD
* typographical fixes for manpage (Bjarni I. Gislason, Debian #732236).
* allow fallback sleep() function to be used for MinGW -GV
* remove special case in configure.in which added "-lcompat" to $LIBS
  for OpenBSD, MirBSD and EkkoBSD (Christian Weisgerber, Thorsten Glaser).
* build-fix for --disable-forms-options -TD
* omit request for admin-access in NullSoft installer, since lynx could be
  installed in user's directory -TD
* change Windows default for LYNX_LSS_FILE to not use a directory-path -TD

2013-11-28 (2.8.8pre.1)
2013-11-28 (2.8.8dev.17)
* revise/update counts in README.metrics, using a script replacing a manual
  procedure -TD
* amend check for magic header bytes from 2.8.8dev.3 for "deflate" to \ 
limit it
  to the 3-bit block header described in RFC-1951 -TD
* install the sample-files in the dpkg test-script -TD
* add configure option --with-cfg-path and environment variables LYNX_CFG_PATH
  to provide search-list capability for the ".cfg" and \ 
".lss" files -TD
* modify configuration of COLOR_STYLE value in lynx.cfg, allowing multiple
  filenames to be specified and providing those as choices in the O'ptions
  menu (Debian #404893) -TD
* updates for lynx_help_main.html -TD
* update URLs in about_lynx.html -TD
* add internal URL "LYNXEDITMAP:", which is (like \ 
"LYNXKEYMAP:") generated,
  making that the primary page for field-editing help -TD
* improve DOSPATH-related logic in HomeEnv(), making this work properly with
  Windows Vista and 7.  The feature is needed to read Lynx's bookmarks file
  from the user's "Personal" shell-folder (report by Manuel Nunez) -TD
* modify samples/*.bat to work when running in a directory whose pathname
  contains spaces -TD
* reduce required privileges for installing in lynx.iss -TD
* improve sed expression appended to help_files.sed to fix a case for the
  edit-helpfiles which left a ".gz.gz" suffix for compressed filename URLs,
  overlooked since 2.8.1pre.3 -TD
* modify logic in lkcstring_to_lkc() to allow named keys, e.g., from curses,
  to be used consistently in a KEYMAP directive -TD
* add version-info to LYIcon.rc -TD
* add symbols in Keysym_Strings[] and table in setup_vtXXX_keymap() for
  function keys 2-12, to improve keymap-configurability -TD
* change extra-key #define's in LYStrings.h to enum -TD
* cleanup pre-2.7 debris from LYStrings.c and LYStrings.h -TD
* modify tables for key-bindings and edit-bindings to allow them to be reloaded
  to their initial values -TD
* add check in get_connection() for ftp-connections to ensure that a password
  from a URL is non-empty -TD
* add samples/oldlynx.bat to demonstrate how to use non-color-style -TD
* add NSIS script, to allow building Windows installer via cross-compiling -TD
* fixes to configure script and makefiles to work with empty $prefix, e.g.,
  as used in MSYS -TD
* improve configure check for sleep() for cross-compiling to MinGW -TD
* modify configure check for inet_addr() for cross-compiling to MinGW -TD
* add configure check for Win32 flavor of PDCurses when cross-compiling to
  MinGW using the "--with-screen=pdcurses" option -TD
* improve color-style simulation of old color scheme by coloring input fields
  with color #5 -TD
* correct search logic to match links which are wrapped on the right margin.
  Previous fixes to highlight arbitrarily long links overlooked this case
  (Debian #546264) -TD
* modify the INFO page, normally bound to "=", to show decoded strings for
  URLs, e.g., which use %xy hexadecimal encoding.  The decoded strings are
  shown on the line following the encoded URLs if the strings are different.
  Also if display-charset is UTF-8, modify -dump "References" URLs to show
  the corresponding decoded strings for consistency with the text which is
  already in UTF-8.  Other URLs such as that shown in the status area are
  shown in encoded form per previous discussion which recommending doing this
  to address phishing attempts (Debian #398274) -TD
* simplify file-URLs shown in reference list of -dump by trimming unnecessary
  "localhost", e.g.,
  (Debian #334787) -TD
* extend the "Bad HTML" warning feature to -dump option when the -stderr
  option is also set (Debian #398304) -TD
* add -list_inline option, which modifies -dump output to put links inline with
  the text rather than in a list at the end of the dump (Debian #584080) -TD
* add clarification in manpage regarding -force_html option versus -dump or
  -crawl (Debian #254603, Debian #295273) -TD
* improve manpage descriptions of -reload, -get_data and -post_data (Debian
  #350853) -TD
* modify manpage synopsis to make it clearer that Lynx accepts more than one
  path and/or URL on the command-line. The paragraph explaining this was
  added in 2.8.6dev.5 (Debian #350853) -TD
* update COPYHEADER, clarifying license issues -TD
* minor change to Content-Length logic from 2.8.8dev.13 to work with Amazon's
  cookies (Debian #720541) -TD
* improve warning message for GNUTLS_CERT_SIGNER_NOT_FOUND (Debian #695653) -TD
* ignore non-fatal return codes from gnutls_handshake introduced by SNI change
  in 2.8.8dev.15 (Debian #724812, patch by Hans Wurst).
* updates for configure macros -TD
  + CF_ACVERSION_CHECK, fix from byacc for "newer" autoconf.
  + CF_ADD_LIB_AFTER, fix from xterm for problem with -Wl,xxx options
  + CF_CURSES_LIBS, modify to allow external script to set $cf_term_lib and/or
  + CF_MIXEDCASE_FILENAMES, add msys / msysdll to known host/platform types
  + CF_RPATH_HACK, use sort and uniq rather than sort -u, to work with HPUX
    11.11, etc.
  + CF_TRY_PKG_CONFIG, set variables for consistent usage of this macro
  + CF_XOPEN_SOURCE, add msys / msysdll to known host/platform types
  + CF_X_ATHENA, trim extra X libraries after updating lists, to work with ld
    --as-needed option which in effect uses only the first mention of the
    library.  If that does not follow everything that depends on the library,
    ld will silently fail to resolve symbols.
* update config.guess (2013-06-10), config.sub (2013-09-05)

2013-07-29 (2.8.8dev.16)
* build-fix for setmode() definition on Cygwin -TD
* modify HTUtils.h to work around header conflict with Cygwin w32api and
  openssl 1.0.1e (prompted by report/patch by Supriyo Biswas) -TD
* protect redefined errno values for Windows port from redefinition warnings
  when using MinGW build, since the WSAxxx values are what the configuration
  actually uses -TD
* modify <address> tag to treat it like <p> when used within a list -TD
* update fi.po from
* add on/off toggles to options menu for the color-style and default-colors
  features, to help deal with packages which enable default colors without
  adjusting the color-style settings to avoid having yellow text on a white
  background (report by Stephen Isard) -TD
* add -default-colors command-line option to allow toggling the state of the
  DEFAULT_COLORS setting from lynx.cfg -TD
* improve discussion of -dump and -force_html in manpage (Ubuntu #1112568) -TD
* cleanup quoting and use of ASCII "-" versus hyphen in manpage -TD
* add checks for zero-length strings in a few places to prevent infinite loop
  when the focus moves to a text-field which is past the right margin due to
  improper placement for the nested-tables configuration (report by Rajeev V
  Pillai) -TD
* update doctype for html documentation to 4.01 strict -TD
* correct handling of backslash in TrimCommand() function introduced in
  2.8.6dev.4, used to process the commands for "test=" in mime-types -TD
* correct 2.8.3dev.13 check for permissible place to split UTF-8 encoded text,
  reported by Coverity -TD
* make DONT_TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS logic configurable via lynx.cfg as
  TRACK_INTERNAL_LINKS; the configure script now sets the default value -TD
* fix most issues found by clang 3.2 analyze -TD
* fix most issues found by Coverity scan -TD

2012-11-18 (2.8.8dev.15)
* corrected position of highlighting from search/whereis function when using
  multibyte characters (Debian #673385) -TD
* modify default case for HTLoadGopher() to use the file's suffix to obtain
  a MIME mapping rather than always storing unknown types to disk (suggested by
  Dario Niederman) -TD
* modify ^X-e handling to not limit the result to the form field's length
  (report by Keith Bowes) -TD
* modify the Inno Setup files to show lynx's version numbers.  Development
  and prerelease versions are indicated in the numeric-only versions by
  prefixing a "10" or "20" -TD
* ask for filesize when downloading via ftp, to use this in the read-progress
* fix special case when -dont_wrap_pre option is used, to restore space between
  words which was lost when inserting a soft newline used to splice together
  segments of a long line (Ubuntu #806749) -TD
* provide more readable ETA message as an option (prompted by patch by Joerg
  Hahn) -TD
* add GNUTLS call to enable SNI (Server Name Indication) extension (Ubuntu
  #732177) -TD
* correct typo for -bibhost option in manpage (Redhat #854574) -TD
* revise nsl-fork logic for passing addrinfo and hostent data back to eliminate
  fixed limit on the number of records to return -TD
* correct problem with loop logic in fill_addrinfo() exposed by multiple
  addresses from
  (report/analysis by TG) -TD
* updates for configure script macros (TD):
  + add 3rd parameter to AC_DEFINE's to allow autoheader to run
  + remove unused macros
* update nl.po from
* improve checking of certificates in the gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2()
  by handling special case where self-signed certificates should be reported
  (patch by Jamie Strandboge).
* update config.guess (2012-09-25), config.sub (2012-08-18)

2012-08-22 (2.8.8dev.14)
* reset anchor's actual-length calculation at the end of pumpData() to handle
  scenario where this is used for internal data movement, i.e., for
  decompressing files (report by Owen Leibman, Debian #681214) -TD
* drop two files overlooked in previous commit (TD):
  lynx.rsp and WWW/Library/Implementation/HTFWriter.c

2012-08-15 (2.8.8dev.13)
* make nsl-fork work for the DNS lookup using getaddrinfo, i.e., for IPv6
  configurations (report by FLWM) -TD
* add U+0218, U+0219, U+021a, and U+021b to 0x53, 0x73, 0x54, and 0x74,
  respectively, for Romanian s/t with cedilla in def7_uni.tbl (Ralph Babel)
* modify handling of "set" in -cmd_script option to try both cfg-file and
  rc-file settings (prompted by discussion with Andrew Watts) -TD
* update configure script to add --datarootdir option, which changes the
  default for man-page from /usr/lib to /usr/share -TD
* modify configure check for sizeof(time_t), sizeof(off_t) to help recover if
  it is run in a deficient environment such as busybox -TD
* limit downloaded files by Content-Length if any, to match behavior of IE,
  Firefox and some other browsers; this is not addressed in RFC 2616 (Debian
  #681214) -TD
  For more information, see "Content-Length in the Real World" by Eric Law:
http://blogs.msdn.com/b/ieinternals/arc … on-it.aspx
* fix an unbounded loop in restrictions_fun() which could cause a core dump
  (Debian #616107) -TD
* add LDFLAGS to top-level makefile.in, for consistency with other recursive
  options (suggested by Naomasa Maruyama) -TD
* modify makefile.in and src/makefile.in to pass make-flags, e.g., "-n" for
  POSIX make -TD
* updated configure macros (TD):
  + add check for clang warning options
  + check for tinfo library, which may be present
  + omit -Wpointer-arith check for pre-3.0 gcc
  + add check for 'make' programs ${MAKEFLAGS} versus ${MFLAGS}, for recursive
* updated list for "$(TABLES)" in src/makefile.in so that parallel \ 
builds work
  properly (patch by Diego Elio Petteno)
* remove extra "$(LDFLAGS)" from src/makefile.in when linking lynx \ 
(patch by
  Josef Sontgen)
* correct formatting of large file-sizes in directory listing (Debian
  #666213) -TD
* improve checking of certificates in the gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2()
  (report by Martin Georgiev) -TD
* update de.po eo.po sv.po vi.po from
* use PDCurses "wide" variation in makefile.msc -TD
* modified quoting for parameter values passed to blat mailer to ensure that
  it handles embedded blanks (report by pfourier) -TD
* fix regression introduced by changes for Debian #603648 -TD
* modify makew32.bat and makefile.bcb to use GnuWin32 packages to simplify
  builds with Borland 5.51 C++ compiler (prompted by discussion with
  pfourier) -TD
* add configure check for windres needed for mingw build if cross-compiling -TD

2012-02-22 (2.8.8dev.12)
* treat charsets ISO-8859-8-E and ISO-8859-8-I as aliases of ISO-8859-8
  (Owen Leibman)
* amend the dev.10 change to HTLoadDocument(), which broke caching of forms,
  to limit it to just the case where the user has pressed ^R, etc (report by
  TG) -TD

2012-02-19 (2.8.8dev.11)
* correct help-message for -html5_charset option -Kihara Hideto
* correct a typo in strtol change from dev.10 which caused hexadecimal numeric
  entities to be misrendered -TG
* update eo.po, et.po and tr.po from
* correct dll name for bzip2 in lynx.iss package script -TD

2012-02-12 (2.8.8dev.10)
* updated po/lynx.pot; there are a few new messages -TD
* add "submit" and "reset" commands (Debian #603645) -TD
* add "pwd" command, to show current working directory in the \ 
statusline -TD
* modify check in HText_endForm() when a form contains only a single input
  field, to allow a return in any text-like field other than textarea to cause
  the form to be submitted (Debian #603648) -TD
* add bzlib to win32 makefile.msc -TD
* define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN in makefile.msc to accommodate naming conflict
  in recent Win32 SDKs, which otherwise include winsock.h in windows.h -TD
* fixes for the dev.9 Win32 feature to toggle between normal/fullscreen,
  by checking the actual screensize after maximizing the display -TD
* use ASCII apostrophe for 7-bit approximation to U+02bd as well -TD
* use ASCII apostrophe 0x27 for 7-bit approximation to Unicode apostrophe
  U+02bc (suggested by Ralph Babel)
* update LYLeaks.c / LYLeaks.h to include the bstring allocation, copy and free
  functions -TD
* several fixes for the -find-leaks option, e.g., include LYLeaks.h in a few
  modules, modify the StrAllocVsprintf function to update the bookkeeping,
  etc -TD
* move call to LYCanWriteFile into LYValidateOutput, to make prompts for
  download, print and upload more alike -TD
* correct an old bug in send_file_to_file(), used when printing a page to a
  file, which prevented its check for appending to an existing file -TD
* modify LYValidateFilename to use LYTildeExpand -TD
* modify LYConvertToURL to use LYTildeExpand for Unix, and further modify
  LYTildeExpand to lookup given user's home directory, thereby making commands
  such as "g ~root/tmp" work as expected -TD
* replaced most LYgetStr calls with LYgetBString, except for LYMail.c and
  LYNews.c since those do use LYgetStr's limits as it was designed.  Other
  calls generally did not need those limits -TD
* modify finish_ExtEditForm to eliminate wrapping when an edited line is longer
  than MAX_LINE.  The user is still offered the choice of wrapping to the
  displayed size of a TEXTAREA, but if declined, the TEXTAREA's content will
  not be wrapped -TD
* modify LYgetstr, making it call revised function LYgetBString which handles
  bstring's, and allows editing fields which can grow without fixed buffer
  limits.  In particular, forms all use the same calls, which means that
  their result is no longer limited by MAX_LINE -TD
* extend ^X-e editing of textarea's to include single-line fields -TD
* modify comparison for splitting lines to allow for long preformatted lines,
  e.g., using &nbsp;'s to not wrap when the line-wrap mode is disabled -TD
* modify cfg2html.pl to handle options which contain a digit, e.g.,
  HTML5_CHARSETS whose default value was not marked properly -TD
* modify HTLoadDocument() to not retain a cached document if user is explicitly
  doing a refresh.  This fixes the case for a #fragment url, which was
  otherwise treated as the same as the address without the #fragment -TD
* clarify version of GPL used in README (request by Paul Menzel) -TD
* modify HTLoad() to discard charset information before reloading a document,
  in case the server changes the content-type information between loads
  (report by Stanislav Brabec) -TD
* use tidy to indent html documentation -TD
* provide a way to substitute parameters in URLs for jumpfiles (adapted from
  patch by Mark Skilbeck -TD
* ensure that button/input tags have a value for display, in case the tag is
  improperly terminated (report by Aki Helin) -TD
* work around glibc bug in sscanf in SGML_character() using strtol() (report by
  Aki Helin) -TD
* add check for charset attribute on meta element -Kihara Hideto
* eliminate ON/OFF macros, using TRUE/FALSE both to work around breakage from
  zlib changes as well as because they were unnecessary (GenToo
  #383113) -Nikos Chantziaras, TD
* updated several configure script macros (TD):

2011-06-12 (2.8.8dev.9)
* modfy cfg2html to add ".url" directive for referencing RFC's etc -TD
* document blat/blatj usage in lynx.cfg -TD
* add/use WriteStreamTitle(), to provide doctype for cookie-jar page, used to
  help validate the page -TD
* improve readability of cookie-jar page by showing the unescaped cookie
  values, other minor formatting changes -TD
* modify cookie domain-matching to accommodate RFC 6265, which states that a
  leading dot on a domain attribute should be discarded (report by Sebastien
  Hinderer) -TD
* integrate most of the changes from patch in 2.8.6rel.4 package at
	http://en.sourceforge.jp/project/lynx-win32-pata -TH, TD
  + provide toggle between normal/fullscreen
  + ifdef'd changes for FEP.
  + correct a message translation in ja.po
  + modify Xsystem.c to not use MinGW's system() call.
  + add three items to lynx.cfg
  + replace ifdef's for CONV_JISX0201KANA_JISX0208KANA with configuration
    variable conv_jisx0201kana
  + modify makefile.bcb and lynx.rsp to use openssl and intl libraries.
  + add feature ifdef'd with USE_PROGRAM_DIR which adds fallback definitions
    for pathnames to use the directory of lynx.exe
  + add check for unsafe filenames in DOS/Windows, e.g., those that correspond
    to a device.
* update command-line syntax for the blat mailer, to work with blat 2.6.2 -TD
* change default in makelynx.bat to assume blat rather than blatj, because
  the latter does not provide a way to authenticate user/password on a mail
  server -TD
* change #define's for addrlist-page and alt-bindings to reflect their
  non-experimental status -TD
* change default for --enable-addrlist-page configure option to enabled -TD
* modify blat/blatj configuration so that support for both is compiled-in
  for DOSPATH configurations.  Add "-altblat" option to select blat vs \ 
  Define USE_ALT_BLAT_MAILER to specify which is the default (prompted by
  report by LarryL) -TD
* correct an interaction between LYCloseOutput() and LYRemoveTemp() as used in
  send_file_to_mail(), to allow a temporary file to be closed and used by
  external program before removing it -TD
* modify lkcstring_to_lkc() to accept hex/octal values, allowing those in the
  KEYMAP configuration as suggested by the commented lines in lynx.cfg (report
  by Richie Wood) -TD
* build-fix for DEC C 5.x with _DECC_V4_SOURCE defined, i.e., missing
  declaration of "off_t" (report/analysis by Rod Reiger) -TD
* build-fixes for Alpha VMS V8.3 with C V7.1-015, based on lynx 2.8.7
  development snapshot (report/analysis by Scott Harrod) -TD
* improve scripts/tbl2html.pl, to handle translation of octal escapes in the
  approximation comments -TD
* amend implementation of "readonly" attribute from 2.8.7dev.10 to \ 
  it from "disabled" (report by David Paschal) -TD
* amend change to cookie prefix matching from Debian #460108.  The discussion
  overlooked this definition from RFC 2109:
   Path   Defaults to the path of the request URL that generated the
          Set-Cookie response, up to, but not including, the
          right-most /.
  In that context, lynx was correct to extract the default "path" attribute
  rather than
  as asserted in the report.  However, lynx warned unnecessarily (according to
  the bug report) about the given path attribute.  Deciding whether to suppress
  this warning is under control of the user via the lynx.cfg setting
  COOKIE_QUERY_INVALID_DOMAINS since 2.8.2dev.16 (report by Owen Leibman) -TD
* add eo.po (Esperanto) from
* modify format of ADVANCED_COOKIE_CONFIRMATION message in nl.po per guideline
  to allow localized single-letter responses to prompt (report by Jurgen
  Gaeremy) -TD
* add configure check for <bsd/random.h>, used in Debian package -TD
* modify src/tidy_tls.c to use gnutls_priority_set_direct() in preference to
  various access functions, to eliminate deprecation warnings (report by
  Andreas Metzler) -TD
* updated several configure script macros (TD):
* update config.guess (2011-01-01), config.sub (2011-04-01)

2011-01-10 (2.8.8dev.8)
* correct sense of menu-name parameter in add_item_to_list() from dev.7
  changes (report by Larry Hart) -TD
* remove duplicate copy of CF_TRY_PKG_CONFIG added to aclocal.m4 in 2.8.8dev.4,
  which caused autoconf-2.13 to emit weird error messages about undefined
  symbols (report by TG) -TD

2010-12-11 (2.8.8dev.7)
* add PERSONAL_MAIL_NAME to options menu and .lynxrc (Debian #603647) -TD
* remind user how to cancel message (Debian #292787) -TD
* add HTML5_CHARSETS feature, which allows the user to choose whether to
  interpret pages without an explicit charset according to the HTML5
  "compatibility" feature (Debian #604466, Debian #514897) -TD
* add EXTERNAL_MENU feature to lynx.cfg, which allows the user to customize the
  menu-entry shown, e.g., to suppress the display of the URL
  (Debian #603646) -TD
* cleanup URLs in lynx documentation -DK
* add check in getfile() when handling a "mailto:" url, to prevent it \ 
when the
  user has requested a dump (Debian #563308) -TD
* improve configure check for IDNA library, which may depend upon intllib,
  e.g., building with mingw on cygwin -DK
* modify autoconf macros which look for X libraries, e.g., for PDCurses, to
  accommodate ongoing changes in xorg package scripts -TD
* reorganize autoconf macro CF_WITH_CURSES_DIR, to make it usable for both
  curses and ncurses -TD
* several changes to autoconf macros to lessen use of legacy shell feature
  "${name-value}" in favor of "${name:-value}", since the \ 
former is broken in
  recent versions of bash -TD
* apply overlooked patch from pre-2.8.5, makes RMDIR_PATH configurable
  (report/patch by Frank Heckenbach).
* correct one of the places where link-number is formatted, for form input
  anchors.  This was broken in dev.6 by the -unique_urls changes (report by
  DK) -TD
* undo a cleanup change to link-types from dev.6 which broke some uses of
  input-anchors (report by FLWM) -TD
* minor formatting improvements to sources using cindent 2.0-20101107 -TD
* restore \r to \n conversion in HTML_put_character(), broken in gcc warning
  cleanup (report by FLWM) -TD
* fix a double-free in make_argv() (report by FLWM) -TD
* add a memset in RestoreSession(), fixes uninitialized memory reference for
  the VLINK section -PBM
* update config.guess (2010-09-24), config.sub (2010-09-11)

2010-10-04 (2.8.8dev.6)
* amend change for Debian #514897 to exclude XML documents (Debian #592883) -TD
* use HTParsePort() in a few places, e.g., HTFinger.c, to allow for IPv6
  addresses with colons (Debian #587330) -TD
* modify option -dump so it is parsed in the first pass, using that to suppress
  requirement for lss file if lynx is used only to dump output -TD
* add option -unique-urls (Debian #586762) -TD
* fix most gcc type-conversion warnings -TD
* add configure check for ctags/etags programs, needed for some BSD ports -TD
* add configure --with-textdomain option to allow overriding the "lynx"
  NLS textdomain, to help ensure that Lynx's build-script does not conflict
  with alternative packages -TD
* use AC_ARG_PROGRAM in configure script, to support --program-suffix, etc.,
  to help with packaging -TD
* add Debian build script, for testing (adapted from lynx-cur package) -TD
* add RPM build script, for testing -TD

2010-08-25 (2.8.8dev.5)
* modify convert_to_idna() to check for malformed urls (Debian #594300 reports
  this as CVE-2010-2810) -TD
* correct typo in po/makefile.inn from removal of mkdirs.sh in dev.4 (Debian
  #592078) -TD
* correct a sign-extension error in UpdateBoundary(), used for MIME boundary
  computation, broken in dev.4 compiler-warning fixes -TD

2010-06-21 (2.8.8dev.4)
* check for SSL error when reading response from "GET".  This incidentally
  exposes a longstanding bug in GNUTLS:
  (google the message "A TLS packet with unexpected length was received")
  which prevents connection to
  (report by Ignac Vucko) -TD
* fix ifdef/define's in LYMain.c to show GNUTLS version in user-agent when
  built with tidy_tls.c -TD
* improve format of X509_NAME_oneline() in tidy_tls.c, making it compatible
  with the OpenSSL function so that no post-processing is needed -TD
* correct typo in configure --enable-gnutls-compat option, which sometimes made
  it enabled as a side-effect of setting --with-gnutls -TD
* add configure option --enable-wais, for test-compiles with freeWAIS -TD
* fixes to build with VMS -Christoph J Gartmann
  + created [.src]multinet_ucx.opt with a single line
  + modified build.com to have an additional option "Multinet with
    UCX emulation"
  + modified libmake.com for the same reason
  + modified [.www.library.implementation]www_tcp.h for the same reason
  + provide definition of IS_CJK_TTY for HTWAIS.c by adding include of
* fix typo in users's guide -PBM
* drop mkdirs.sh and MKINSTALLDIRS symbol from makefiles, using "mkdir \ 
-p" -TD
* limit parsed URIs with new config parameter MAX_URI_SIZE, default 8192
  (RedHat #605286, forwarded by Vincent Danen). For arbitrarily long URIs,
  alloca() could run out of stack space -TD
* several changes to configure script, from ongoing work on xterm, etc -TD
  + workaround for broken ".pc" file for X Toolkit, which omits the ICE
  + modify CF_NCURSES_CONFIG to use CF_CURSES_HEADER to pick out the particular
    flavor of ncurses.h, e.g., <ncursesw/curses.h>
  + add parameter to CF_CURSES_HEADER to allow looking for specific
    subdirectory ncurses/ncursesw/etc + restructured CF_X_ATHENA to use
    pkg-config, if available.
  + CF_GNUTLS eliminates duplicate libraries when configuring with pkg-config
  + modified several macros to quote params of ifelse()
  + CF_AR_FLAGS allows $ARFLAGS to override the choice of ar-flags, in
    particular check if a given choice is part of the current $ARFLAGS
  + workaround CF_XOPEN_CURSES for (temporary) problem with ncurses headers,
    which did not account for the fact that _XOPEN_SOURCE_EXTENDED may be
    defined in a system header.
* remove redundant updates for CFLAGS and LIBS in configure script which are
  now done in CF_FIND_LINKAGE macro -TD
* fix a problem with configure script which broke "--with-gnutls=/usr" \ 
  by Atsuhito Kohda) -TD
* resolve warnings from "clang --analyze", tested with Fedora 12 and clang
  2.6-0.5.pre1.fc12, 2.7-1.fc12 -TD
* further improvements to print_wwwfile_to_fd() -TD
  + corrected length used for radio/checkboxes.
  + fill in wrapped fields.

2010-04-25 (2.8.8dev.3)
* modify print_wwwfile_to_fd() to add field values to the printed form (Debian
  #574940) -TD
* add check for magic (header bytes) before trying to decompress, since zlib
  does not provide this check (Redhat #503921) -TD
* add workaround in CF_SSL configure macro for broken openssl pkg-config script
  on Redhat, CentOS -TD
* add configure option --disable-rpath-hack -TD
* allow IPv6 addresses without "http://" prefix (Redhat #425879, patch \ 
by Kamil
* build-fixes for OpenSolaris aka Solaris 11 -TD
* add/use CF_RPATH_HACK, for constructing rpath references to libraries in
  nonstandard locations -TD
* improve configure macros CF_CURSES_TERM_H and CF_FIND_LINKAGE -TD
* add synopsis entries for -get_data and -post_data options to lynx.man
  (report by Dallas E. Legan II) -TD
* fix a possible conflict between CF_HEADER_PATH and CF_LIBRARY_PATH by setting
  their respective target variables, not appending -TD
* improve configure macro CF_XOPEN_SOURCE by removing rather than undefining
  preexisting symbols as they are added to the definitions -TD
* add configure check for -lnetwork, from tin -TD
* when renaming/copying a bookmark file, e.g., to delete a bookmark, modify
  its permissions for compatibility with IsOurFile() (Redhat #486070) -TD
* fix most gcc writable-strings warnings -TD
* update config.guess (2009-12-30), config.sub (2009-12-31)

2009-11-25 (2.8.8dev.2)
* modify trimming of URI in LYSetCookie() to eliminate trimming of final leaf
  (Debian #460108) -TD
* document the various xxx_PATH settings in lynx.cfg -TD
* modify cfg2html.pl to improve formatting of cattoc.html -TD
* split-up top-level makefile install-html rule to allow generating the
  htmlized cfg without doing an install -TD
* suppress positioning for editor when using it to edit files via dired -TD
* modify samples/lynx-demo.cfg to suppress external file-utilities, since the
  intent is to make the installer work standalone, but allow extension -TD
* add traces for builtin dired operations -TD
* modify built-in "touch" for dired to use binary mode when opening \ 
file -TD
* remove check from 2.8.5dev.11 which prevents user from moving a directory in
  dired unless the external program "mv" is provided -TD
* regularize use of isEmpty(), non_empty() -BL
* match built-in "positionable" editor names more liberally -BL
* promote some experimental options to normal, tidy up related EXP_xxx vs
  USE_xxx symbols -TD
  The scrollbar, progressbar, sessions and session-cache options are now
  enabled by default.
* modify scanning in HTRules.c to only trim comments where '#' is either at
  the beginning of a line, or follows whitespace (patch by Kihara Hideto).
* correct a place where LYStrExtent2 was used where byte-count is needed
  (patch by Bake Timmons).
* modify LYExecv() in LYLocal.c to allow win32 applications to use this
  function -TD
* modify ok_stat() in LYLocal.c to retry with "." appended when the \ 
path syntax
  indicates that it is probably a directory name -TD
* fix an old typo in configure macro CF_CHECK_FUNCDECL -TD
* change library dependency for gnutls from crypt to gcrypt, originally in
  2.8.5dev.15 (Debian #555579) -TD
* update de.po from
* fix some tidy- and linklint-warnings in help-files -TD
* amend change from 2.8.7dev.14 to not use clrscr() function in stop_curses()
  if using PDCurses, since clrscr() is not in the win32 api -TD
* modify configure script to check if linkage for bzlib and zlib succeeded,
  before defining symbol which makes the compiler uses these libraries -TD
* update lynx_help_main.html to point to "release/lynx2-8-7" \ 
documentation -TD

2009-08-28 (2.8.8dev.1)
* add <sys/types.h> include in socklen_t configure check (from OpenBSD CVS)
* eliminate UCPutUtf8ToBuffer() - redundant -TD
* use memset's to simplify some initialization in HTML.c, extending a change
  made in 2.8.7dev.10 (prompted by issue in OpenBSD) -TD
* add optional support for IDNA using GNU libidn (Debian #352596) -TD
* ignore LEFT-TO-RIGHT-MARK (U+200E) in HTML files (Debian #408835) -TD
* correct check for return-value from gnutls_certificate_verify_peers2(), which
  in conjunction with unclean internals of gnutls caused caused some sites to
  be treated as if they were version-1 X.509 CAs (Debian #231609,
  Ubuntu 293708) -TD
* revise dired-mode's modify_tagged() function, correcting and extending the
  source-paths to validate against the target path.  Before, lynx's current
  working directory was used to validate against target path, i.e., when moving
  all tagged files to a new location.  Lynx's check to ensure that
  source/target paths are distinct prevented users from moving tagged files to
  the current directory (report by Jasper) -TD
* change compiled-in default for SYSLOG_REQUESTED_URLS to false (prompted by
  Debian #537907) -TD
* adjust ifdef in change_sug_filename() so that paths containing square
  brackets are trimmed on VMS only (report by Gaute Strokkenes) -TD
* amend change to ifdef in LYMain.c (from 2.8.7dev.14), since it prevents build
  on NetBSD, whose libintl.h does not include locale.h (report by Thomas
  Klausner) -TD
* modify configure macro CF_GCC_ATTRIBUTES to make it more self-contained -TD
* improve configure check for _XOPEN_SOURCE for HPUX 11 to ensure mbstate_t is
  declared -TD
* update config.guess (2009-08-19), config.sub (2009-08-19)