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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 13.0.5nb1, Package name: php71-nextcloud-13.0.5nb1, Maintainer: ryoon

A safe home for all your data

Access, share and protect your files, calendars, contacts,
communication & more at home and in your enterprise.

Required to run:
[textproc/php-json] [converters/php-iconv] [www/php-curl] [graphics/php-gd] [databases/php-pdo_sqlite] [databases/php-pdo] [archivers/php-zlib] [archivers/php-zip] [lang/perl5] [shells/bash] [devel/php-posix] [converters/php-mbstring] [lang/python27]

Required to build:

Package options: sqlite3

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SHA1: f7d9644c0c2e54677f9788a5f5f08e6a098e2388
RMD160: 71eef810a5228eb7ab1efd9ffd714f459222501c
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   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-07-26 15:03:50 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 13.0.5

Version 13.0.5 July 23 2018
    Fix highlighting of the upload drop zone (server#9837)
    Apply ldapUserFilter on members of group (server#9839)
    Make the DELETION of groups match greedy on the groupID (server#9841)
    Add parent index to share table (server#9843)
    Log full exception in cron instead of only the message (server#9958)
    Properly lock the target file on dav upload when not using part files \ 
    LDAP backup server should not be queried when auth fails (server#10032)
    Fix filenames in sharing integration tests (server#10044)
    Lower log level for quota manipulation cases (server#10076)
    Let user set avatar in nextcloud if LDAP provides invalid image data \ 
    Improved logging of smb connection errors (server#10093)
    Allow admin to disable fetching of avatars as well as a specific attribute \ 
    Allow to disable encryption (server#10121)
    Update message shown when unsharing a file (server#10164)
    Fixed English grammatical error on Settings page. (server#10165)
    Request a valid property for DAV opendir (server#10169)
    Allow updating the token on session regeneration (server#10170)
    Prevent lock values from going negative with memcache backend (server#10180)
    Correctly handle users with numeric user ids (server#10185)
    Correctly parse the subject parameters for link (un)shares of calendars \ 
    Fix "parsing" of email-addresses in comments and chat messages \ 
    Sanitize parameters in createSessionToken() while logging (server#10195)
    Also retry rename operation on InvalidArgumentException (server#10201)
    Improve url detection in comments (server#10202)
    Only bind to ldap if configuration for the first server is set (server#10233)
    Use download manager from PDF.js to download the file (files_pdfviewer#84)
    Fix trying to load removed scripts (files_pdfviewer#87)
    Only pull for new messages if the session is allowed to be kept alive \ 
    Always push object data (notifications#139)
    Add prioritization for Talk (notifications#140)
   2018-06-25 16:04:14 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 13.0.4

    Allow setting notify credentials in environment (server#9788)
    Make the token expiration also work for autocasting 0 (server#9803)
    Enable caldav for webdav subtree public-calendars (server#9820)
   2018-06-10 06:33:01 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updatet to 13.0.3

Version 13.0.3 June 7 2018
    Backport various scss fixes #8777 (server#9259)
    Fix ellipsis in filename column (server#9344)
    Replace deprecated sinon reset() call with resetHistory() (server#9358)
    Issue #9318: catch exceptions in SCSSCacher::resetCache() (server#9377)
    Log lock state on conflict (server#9389)
    Remove unneeded locks in getCacheEntry (server#9391)
    Only allow a single concurrent dav write to a file (server#9392)
    Workflow rules error when changing operation (server#9409)
    Fix jsunit tests (server#9430)
    Allow IPv6 database host (server#9432)
    Add labels for Contacts menu and Settings (server#9433)
    Get correct version of an app (server#9436)
    Fix ids of permission checkboxes for shares (server#9453)
    Fix race condition when preparing upload folder (server#9454)
    Allow to specify a link to a legal notice (server#9516)
    Fix for unbound cloned LDAP connections (server#9522)
    Dont use $info as array when its not an array (server#9525)
    Improve OAuth (server#9540)
    Bump theming version for extraordinary release (server#9547)
    Fix translation bug on lost password page (server#9548)
    Cleanup locks in scanner on error (server#9566)
    Bump version for theming again [icon] (server#9573)
    Make sure force language is reflected in html lang attribute (server#9579)
    Add privacy link to theming and fix scrollbars (server#9586)
    Fix settings menu (server#9590)
    Handle exception while itterating trough smb file listing (server#9608)
    Send invitations for shared calendars (server#9610)
    Regenerate session id after public share auth (server#9619)
    Emit event when running ./occ db:add-missing-indices (server#9620)
    Add PHP missing message to index.php (server#9621)
    Delete the previews when a version is restored (server#9622)
    Limit Sinon version to 5.0.7 at most (server#9629)
    Prepare another theming release including translations for recently added
      imprint and privacy policy strings (server#9647)
    Dont open the file on dav HEAD request (server#9649)
    Fix(AmazonS3): fix loop $result['Contents'] error (server#9650)
    Fix undefined variables (server#9651)
    Add search category icon (server#9652)
    Fix "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" (server#9654)
    Do not load calendar/addressbook plugins if not needed (server#9655)
    Make LargeFileHelper.php faster by avoiding execs as much as possible
    Improve error reporting and move format parameter to the options
    The OAuth endpoint needs to support Basic Auth (server#9659)
    LDAP password renewal fixes (server#9661)
    Check user state when fetching to avoid dealing with offline objects
    Make sure the file is readable before attempting to create a preview
    Fix drone mysqlmb4 tests (server#9672)
    Make sure the log doesn't try to read from PUT if it can't (server#9694)
    Allow admins to override FreeBusy capabilities without modifying ShareAPI
      capabilities (server#9707)
    Fix the unit tests (server#9712)
    Fix header nav (server#9727)
    Fix local users check in contacts menu (server#9732)
    Don't open the file when handling HEAD requests (3rdparty#99)
    Do not sanitize markdown output twice (files_texteditor#101)

Version 13.0.2 April 26 2018
    Show group display names (server#8779)
    Group existence check works without attribute (like with users)
    The FN is optional, carrying the displayname if present (server#8900)
    Set "share with" field to the ID of the circle (server#8905)
    Show EOL warning in the update section (server#8986)
    Use app version to generate scss filename (server#9015)
    Update icewind/smb to 2.0.5 (server#9017)
    Fix search text overlapping close button (server#9019)
    Clear any theming prefixed cache on cache buster increase (server#9020)
    Reset encryptionVersion to '1' if a file was stream copied (server#9064)
    Do not treat is-encrypted as custom property (server#9071)
    Fix proper permissions for multiple file access (server#9072)
    When formatting a share node an Empty target is invalid (server#9073)
    Move on with the next user if we found the user on one user back-end
    Allow usage of Windows 10 WebDav Netdrive (server#9089)
    Add more logging for the object storage during creation of the buckets
    Do not convert email addresses with idn_to_ascii if... (server#9095)
    Fix progress bar hidden before the upload ends (server#9124)
    Update CRL to include old quicknotes cert (server#9213)
    Fix user selectable text for public links for text files (server#9230)
    Provide an option to disable HTML emails (server#9231)
    Fix appinfo parsing when a single localized option is provided (server#9233)
    Use multibyte substring (server#9234)
    Fix webdav support for OneNote clients (server#9236)
    Fixed files copy/move when in favorites or recent section (server#9238)
    Don't update personal settings for admins (activity#262)
    Skip parameters which are not there instead of failing out (activity#265)
    Bump version 13 (files_pdfviewer#64)
    Fix info.xml (files_pdfviewer#66)
    No default enable (files_pdfviewer#67)
    Fix position of icons in "Share with" input field (gallery#418)
    Fix "No results found" tooltip (gallery#419)
    Fix UI while a share is being added (gallery#420)
    Hide "No results found" tooltip on autocompletion (gallery#424)
    Fix error while clicking on the share link checkbox (gallery#430)
   2018-03-19 19:01:09 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 13.0.1

    Dont polute the log on DAV emaillogin (server#8045)
    Don't perform CSRF check on OCS routes with Bearer auth (server#8099)
    Use S3Client::upload instead of splitting single/multipart upload ourselves \ 
    Remove old perl script to update l10n files (server#8145)
    Scss hardening (server#8156)
    Do not try to get the jailed path if we can't find the id (server#8177)
    Handle SSL certificate verifications for others than Let's Encrypt (server#8183)
    Use a phan version instead of master (server#8195)
    Repair step to clear frontend related caches (server#8197)
    Keep previous exception when transforming to dav exception (server#8228)
    Actually return stream from swift (server#8250)
    Remove invalid link to documentation (server#8253)
    Fix deleting folders when using s3 external storage (server#8261)
    Link to NC13 dev manual (server#8264)
    Better result handling of email search (server#8267)
    Update CRL to revoke files_rightclick (server#8271)
    Fix styling issues of guest pages #8155 (server#8286)
    Remove jquery ui background image (server#8287)
    Show open graph preview in WhatsApp (server#8309)
    Make acceptance tests for comments more consistent with the others (server#8395)
    Fix edit tag textbox size (server#8407)
    Use TTF fonts for avatar generation (server#8440)
    Use mb_* string methods to extract first character for generated avatars \ 
    Show hint in OCS API for user creation (server#8515)
    Fix hiding and event propagation issues with the user management popover \ 
    Add some whitespace around change.svg icon (server#8518)
    Avoid fruitless login attempts (server#8532)
    Fix retrieval of group members with numerical uids from LDAP (server#8536)
    Theming: handle not being in the serverroot (server#8554)
    Ext storage error warning (server#8561)
    Set autocomplete=new-password for mail share password (server#8577)
    Fix upload button visible on read-only folders (server#8595)
    Fixed app navigation for IE11 (server#8609)
    Fix breadcrumbs width calculation (server#8610)
    Fix comments (and systemtags) when involving users with numerical ids \ 
    Update commentstabview.js (server#8621)
    Properly encapsulate require_once for app.php (server#8631)
    AppData hardening (server#8636)
    Use hash algo that's robust against collisions (server#8654)
    Fixed date/time picker on IE11 (server#8663)
    Use a more widely available method to test s3 settings (server#8667)
    Use proper lanugage in langauge code (server#8668)
    Display the proper language strings in setttings (server#8669)
    Do not create empty userid when attribute does not have allowed chars \ 
    Remove too restrict check for background image/color (server#8675)
    Fix example regex for user agent matching (server#8676)
    Generate different UIDs for Birthday, Anniversary and Death event (server#8678)
    Don't use double quotes in MySQL queries (server#8680)
    Log exceptions that happen when writing the app store reply to storage \ 
    Set the correct active navigation entry (server#8685)
    Fix activities for end2end encryption (server#8686)
    Filter out the current user when searching for emails too (server#8687)
    Fix check if theming defaults instance is available (server#8688)
     Fix undefined index problem (server#8693)
    Disable part files for object stores (server#8725)
    Better handling of invisible elements in acceptance tests (server#8738)
    Remove base url from global cache prefix (server#8745)
    Check if the cached js file exists (server#8746)
    Sharee email matches not limited (server#8749)
    Fix integer overflow in ChunkingPlugin (server#8752)
    Revert wording back to updates (server#8755)
    Add acceptance tests for permissions on public shared folders (server#8758)
    Also send file emails in ASAP mode (activity#249)
    Ensure userids are strings (activity#252)
    Null coalescing operator is PHP7+ (activity#254)
    Update PDF.js to 1.9.426 (files_pdfviewer#55)
    Enable full screen mode for PDF files (files_pdfviewer#59)
    Fix ACE module files failing to load (files_texteditor#83)
    Do not keep FileInfoModels returned by "getModelForFile" \ 
    Fix share drop down in gallery not properly shown (gallery#394)
    Fix gallery button hidden in folders without create permission (gallery#402)
    Fix controls position in gallery layout (gallery#405)
    Removed old code already present thanks to the files app (gallery#406)
    Create "file app" public share links if the slideshow is opened \ 
from ... (gallery#407)
    Allow to check against haveibeenpwned.com password list (password_policy#61)
   2018-02-25 05:51:55 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 13.0.0


Over 1100 changes were merged in the server, with many hundreds more in existing \ 
or new apps. The main improvements include:

    Collaboration features
        Nextcloud Talk, a private videoconference software integrated with Nextcloud
            real-time and asynchronous communication with push notifications, \ 
calls and chat web and mobile devices
            Integration in business workflow with calendar invitations and calls \ 
directly from Nextcloud Files
            Screen and note sharing with participant moderation capabilities
            100% secure peer-to-peer, end-to-end encrypted calls, mediated by \ 
self-hosted server
        auto-completion of user names in comments and notification to the \ 
mentioned user
        support free/busy scheduling in native calendar applications like \ 
Thunderbird Lightning
        show meeting invites in the calendar
    End-to-End Encryption
        can encrypt data on a per-folder level rather than all-or-nothing approach
        does not require users to remember or exchange passwords
        does not require re-uploading data upon sharing
        features an optional off-line administrator recovery key
        allows full audit logging
        can be combined with our File Access Control feature so administrator \ 
can enforce aspects of End-to-end Encryption
        protects from identity theft with our Cryptographic Identity Protection \ 
    This feature is in Tech Preview for Nextcloud 13 and does not yet implement \ 
    User Interface
        new way of selecting files
        easy way to quickly copy or move to a location
        High DPI support
        admin menu integrated in one list
        no limitation to file uploads via the web interface
        user quota in the side bar
        social sharing (Twitter, G+, Facebook, Diaspora) now features a preview
        improved theming
        decreased page load times with up to 50% and faster search
        80% faster LDAP and up to 10x faster external storage
        Server-side Encryption performance largely improved
        Support for PHP 7.2
        Support for PostgreSQL 10
   2018-01-03 11:16:54 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 12.0.4

Over 50 fixes were merged in the server.

    Improve text: 'you have now' -> 'you now have (server#6464)
    Fix initializing paged search under some circumstances (server#6502)
    LDAP: simplify returning the homePath (server#6509)
    Fix sharer name overlap with filename (server#6524)
    Allow to close sidebar for text files (server#6525)
    Fix quota new endpoint 12 (server#6527)
    Pass new value to triggerChange (server#6528)
    Throw 101 when an empty group string is provided (server#6547)
    Contacts menu privacy (server#6554)
    Add color-border variable (server#6649)
    Do not stop on scss compilation failure (server#6661)
    Don't pass User object when uid string is expected (server#6674)
    Navigate to the root directory when showing the main filelist (server#6689)
    Fix LDAP User deletion (cleanup) (server#6699)
    Update aws sdk + s3 improvements (server#6737)
    Dont run invalid path repair step when upgrading from and
      later (server#6743)
    Fix language when trying to change password (server#6751)
    Fix postgresql tests (server#6792)
    Also use configured 'cache_path' for new chunking (server#6814)
    Set s3 part size to 500mb (server#6815)
    Fix contacts menu for IE11 (server#6823)
    Still trigger conflict resolution for existing entries when
      the curre (server#6847)
    Propagate multipart upload exception when aborting upload (server#6855)
    Allow to migrate from (server#6878)
    Timespan check (server#6896)
    Do not log WebDAV maintenance mode exception (server#6908)
    Don't reset quota (server#6910)
    Backport of translation string fixes (server#6935)
    Fix class name in exception logger plugin (server#6942)
    Allow quota of 0 again (server#6943)
    Fix uninitialized variable $this->params (server#6944)
    Don't add a LIKE condition when it's not needed (server#6945)
    Fix undefined offset warning when using '/' as external storage
      root (server#6946)
    Fix page title not changed (server#6987)
    Better readability for text on log in page which is directly on
      backgrounds (server#7028)
    Translate Grant Access (server#7040)
    Use fopen directly when reading objects from s3 (server#7079)
    Improve mimetype detection for object storages (server#7081)
    Fix seeking on object storage (server#7082)
    Hide spinner for initial install (server#7095)
    Ensure uid for calendar objects is unique (server#7096)
    Revert "Only allow colons in db host for IPv6 addresses (server#7102)
    Theme flow redirection page (server#7114)
    Fix icon for security settings (server#7116)
    If for some reason the json can't be decoded it is not cached (server#7118)
    Improve performance of UserMountCache with external storage
      folders (server#7120)
    {J,CS}SResourceLocator: account for symlinks in app path server#7170)
    Fix s3 download and touch (server#7186)
    Touch opertation on object storage, don't create the file cache entry
      to early (server#7207)
    Allow migration from upcoming 10.0.4 ownCloud release (server#7245)
    CSSResourceLocator: handle SCSS in apps outside root (server#7257)
    only replace permission popupmenu (server#7259)
    Fix accesslist when a user has an ID only containting 0-9 (server#7262)
    Update CRL due to files_frommail (server#7277)
    Only in case of $currentAccess the array uses the id as index (server#7328)


    Add aws sdk (3rdparty#69)
    Don't send emails to disabled users (activity#202)
    Add an option to disable emails completly (activity#206)
    Make sure the mountPoint property is public before using it
    Allow to playback m4v files (files_videoplayer#43)
    Fix notifications order (notifications#93)
   2017-10-08 05:54:41 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 12.0.3

Nextcloud 12.0.3 delivers a lot of enhancements in various areas including:

    A number of improvements to email notification templates
    2FA enhancements
    Smarter LDAP password handling
    File Drop and upload-in-general updates
    A performance improvement handling large files