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wip/libsearpc Simple RPC framework based on GObject system
wip/raw Open Source implementation of Another World engine
wip/libevhtp Flexible replacement for libevents httpd API
x11/tabbed Simple generic tabbed frontend to xembed aware applications
editors/dhex Curses-based hex-editor with diff mode
wip/seafile-client Seafile client
wip/mtpfs Access to MTP device filesystem
wip/ccnet-server Framework for writing networked applications in C
wip/enigma2000 Enigma2000 is a mixing of boulder dash and sokoban
wip/xwindiff The x11-clone of windiff
wip/nzbget Binary newsreader with NZB support
wip/jmtpfs Access to MTP devices
wip/seafile-gui Seafile client
wip/meka-git Meka is a multi-machine 8 bit emulator
wip/simple-mtpfs FUSE module for interacting with MTP devices