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wip/unimrcp Open-source cross-platform implementation of MRCP[v1-2]
wip/freeswitch-core FreeSwitch SoftSwitch
net/p5-Net-SFTP-Foreign SSH File Transfer Protocol client
wip/libzrtp ZRTP Secure VoIP Protocol
wip/unimrcp-apr Patched APR version for UniMRCP
wip/p5-HTML-Formatter Format HTML as plaintext
wip/unimrcp-aprutil Patched APR-UTIL version for UniMRCP
wip/tpl Store and reload your C data
wip/unimrcp-sofiasip Patched SOFIA-SIP version for UniMRCP
mail/p5-Mail-Message Object container for MIME-encoded message
wip/p5-Asterisk-vicidial Perl modules used with Asterisk-VICIdial