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wip/gambas3-gb-gtk GTK+ toolkit implementation for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-clipper Polygon clipping library for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-net-smtp SMTP client for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-image-imlib Image routines for Gambas based on the Imlib2 library
wip/gambas3-gb-image Image management component for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-web-form Gambas web application GUI component
wip/gambas3-gb-gtk-opengl OpenGL library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-gtk3 GTK+ 3 toolkit implementation for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-gsl GNU Scientific Library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-dbus-trayicon System tray icon management for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-vb Visual Basic compatibility for Gambas
wip/gambas3-runtime Gambas interpreter and basic runtime
wip/gambas3-gb-term-form Gambas Terminal Applications Forms
wip/gambas3 Complete Gambas development environment
wip/gambas3-gb-complex Complex number implementation for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-dbus D-Bus interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-openssl OpenSSL library routines for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-markdown Gambas Markdown markup syntax
wip/gambas3-gb-cairo Vectorial drawing for Gambas based on Cairo
wip/gambas3-gb-form-mdi Multi-document interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-ide Integrated Development Environment for the Gambas programming language
wip/gambas3-gb-media-form Media player controls for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-compress Compression library for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-httpd HTTP server for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-logging Flexible log message handling for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-form-terminal Terminal emulator for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-map Online map viewing component for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-opengl-glsl OpenGL Shading Language for Gambas
wip/gambas3-devel Gambas compilation tools
wip/gambas3-gb-db-form Data bound controls for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-args Program arguments parser for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-mysql MySQL specific routines for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-jit Gambas JIT compiler
wip/gambas3-gb-db-sqlite3 SQLite driver for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-v4l Video capture for Gambas (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-db-odbc ODBC driver for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-pdf PDF renderer for Gambas based on Poppler
wip/gambas3-gb-form-editor Enhanced text editor for Gambas with syntax highlighting
wip/gambas3-gb-form-dialog Enhanced version of the standard dialogs for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-form Enhanced GUI controls for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-net-curl Network high-level protocol management for Gambas based on libcurl
wip/gambas3-gb-media GStreamer library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-net Network access for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5-ext Qt5 toolkit extension for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-desktop Desktop management component for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-net-pop3 POP3 client for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-xml XML tools now made in Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-xml-xslt XSLT tools for Gambas based on libxslt
wip/gambas3-gb-web-feed Gambas web feed parser and generator
wip/gambas3-gb-ncurses NCurses library for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-compress-bzlib2 Gambas bzip2 bindings
wip/gambas3-gb-db-sqlite2 The Gambas SQLite 2 driver (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-util Miscellaneous utility functions for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-form-stock Default stock icons for Gambas
wip/gambas3-scripter Gambas scripter
wip/gambas3-gb-report Report designer for Gambas (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-signal POSIX signals management for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-xml-rpc XML-RPC protocol implementation for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-opengl OpenGL library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-chart Gambas Chart Component
wip/gambas3-gb-sdl2 SDL2 component interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-report2 Report designer for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-settings Gambas Application settings management
wip/gambas3-gb-compress-zlib Gambas zlib bindings
wip/gambas3-gb-option GNU-style command-line arguments parser for Gambas (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-sdl-sound Sound library for Gambas based on SDL (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-opengl-sge Simple OpenGL game engine for Gambas based on MD2 format
wip/gambas3-gb-xml-html HTML generator for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-sdl SDL library interface for Gambas (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-crypt MD5/DES crypting for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-memcached Memcached client for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-inotify Filesystem event monitoring for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-web Gambas web applications development
wip/gambas3-gb-term Terminal manager for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-eval-highlight Syntax highlighter routines for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-db Database access for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-libxml Old XML tools for Gambas based on libxml (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-mime MIME message management for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-desktop-gnome-keyring Gnome keyring support for Gambas desktop component (deprecated)
wip/gambas3-gb-gmp GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-desktop-x11 X-Window library support for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5-opengl OpenGL for Gambas applications with Qt5
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5-webkit Web browser component for Gambas based on WebKit/Qt5
wip/gambas3-gb-scanner Scanner management library for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-opengl-glu OpenGL utility component for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-image-io Image loading and saving for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-util-web Miscellaneous utility functions for Gambas web applications
wip/gambas3-gb-qt5 Qt5 toolkit implementation for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-data More container datatypes for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-db-mysql MySQL driver for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-db-postgresql PostgreSQL driver for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-pcre Perl Compatible Regular Expression matching for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-openal OpenAL library interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-sdl2-audio SDL2 audio component interface for Gambas
wip/gambas3-gb-image-effect Image filtering routines for Gambas
audio/alure Helps manage common tasks with OpenAL applications