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wip/mpg123-svn Mpg123 MPEG layer 1, 2, 3 audio player
wip/grandr GTK2 utility for changing RandR settings
wip/gcc43 This is the GCC 4.3.2 compiler
x11/xcursor-themes Modular xcursor themes
wip/fstobdf Reads a font from a font server and writes bdf-format output
x11/xdm X Display Manager from modular
x11/xlsfonts Lists available fonts
wip/min12xxw Konica/Minolta PagePro 1[234]xx pbmraw stream converter
wip/gcc42 This is the GCC 4.2.3 compiler
wip/fonttosfnt Modular fonttosfnt utility
wip/libcm Metacity compositor library
wip/fslsfonts Lists fonts served by the X server using pattern-matching
wip/xf86rushproto XFree86-derived rush protocol headers