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wip/netbsd-build-tools NetBSD cross-toolchain
wip/libimobiledevice Libraries and tools to communicate with iOS devices
wip/trelby Screenplay writing program
wip/squirrel The Squirrel programming language
wip/dma The DragonFly Mail Agent
devel/skalibs The C system programming library
wip/breakpad Client and server components for a crash reporting system
wip/openjazz Open source reimplementation of the Jazz Jackrabbit games
games/redeclipse Free casual arena shooter
games/lugaru Cross-platform third-person action game from Wolfire
wip/luabind Lua bindings for C++
wip/ruby-prawn-table Provides support for tables in Prawn
wip/anura Fully-featured game engine
wip/qfusion Game engine derived from id Tech 2
wip/ruby-prawn-icon Easy icons for prawn
wip/angelscript The AngelScript programming language
wip/ruby-prawn-svg SVG renderer for Prawn Ruby PDF library
wip/stratagus Real-time strategy gaming engine
wip/fogleman-craft Simple Minecraft clone written in C
games/fallingtime Arcade game inspired by Fall Down
wip/jobd Job management framework
wip/tolua++ Tool to integrate C/C++ code with Lua
games/xonotic Fast arena-style FPS
wip/xoreos-tools Tools to help the development of xoreos
wip/warsow Free fast-paced first-person shooter
wip/ruby-asciidoctor-pdf PDF extension for Asciidoctor
wip/disque Distributed message broker
wip/stormlib Blizzard MPQ archive tool
lang/neko High-level dynamically typed programming language
wip/libtheorafile Ogg Theora video decoder library
wip/libucl Universal configuration library parser
wip/wargus Importer and scripts for Warcraft2 and Aleonas Tales
wip/divecmd Download and process dive computer data
wip/ifuse FUSE filesystem to access the contents of iOS devices
lang/execline The execline scripting language
wip/hs-cmark Parser for CommonMark
wip/hs-open-browser Open a web browser from Haskell
lang/nim The Nim programming language
wip/libdivecomputer Library for communication with dive computers
wip/minio High performance distributed object storage server
wip/nq Command line queueing utility
misc/s6-portable-utils Tiny portable generic utilties
multimedia/assimp Library to import various 3D model formats
wip/pioneer Game of lonely space adventure
wip/openclonk Open source successor of the Clonk gaming series
wm/cwm Portable version of the window manager from OpenBSD
wip/aquaria Aquaria Open Source Edition
net/s6-dns Suite of DNS client programs and libraries
wip/lci A LOLCODE interpreter written in C
wip/nitrogen Background browser and setter
games/7kaa Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries
sysutils/s6 The s6 supervision suite
wip/ruby-prawn-templates Experimental extraction of template features from Prawn
wip/kcgi CGI/FCGI library for C/C++ web apps