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wip/cb2bib Extract and organize bibliographic references
wip/cream Usability add-on for Vim
wip/opendchub Open source Direct Connect hub software
wip/mvsis Logic synthesis and verification tool
wip/noip Dynamic DNS update client from
security/secpanel GUI front-end for SSH
sysutils/gdmap Tool to visualize disk space
wip/sis Classic logic synthesis tool
wip/leo Programmers editor and a flexible browser
wip/regexxer Interactive tool for performing search and replace operations
wip/vpr Classic place and route tool for FPGAs
wip/vncselector Tool for managing VNC sessions
wip/azureus Bittorrent client written in java
wip/cdogs SDL port of the classic DOS arcade game
wip/vis Classic logic verification tool
wip/xar The eXtensible ARchiver
wip/realvnc Display X and Win32 desktops on remote X/Win32/Java displays