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misc/nyancat Nyancat in your terminal
misc/ansiweather Display current weather conditions in your terminal
textproc/py-prettytable Display tabular data in a visually appealing ASCII table format
devel/binutils GNU binary utilities
devel/tig Ncurses-based GIT repository tool
www/stagit Static git page generator
editors/le Full screen text editor inspired by Norton Editor
www/kore Web application framework for writing scalable web APIs in C
games/nudoku Ncurses based sudoku game
graphics/termtosvg Record terminal sessions as SVG animations
net/dbip-asn-lite DB-IP IP to ASN Lite: IPv4/v6 address to ASN
sysutils/psftools Tools for manipulating fixed-width, [typically] console fonts
net/dbip-country-lite DB-IP IP to Country Lite: IPv4/v6 address to country
net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Reader Read MaxMind DB files and look up IP addresses
audio/adplay Console-based OPL2 audio player
security/minisign Dead simple tool to sign files and verify signatures
devel/binaryen Compiler and toolchain infrastructure library for WebAssembly
textproc/jo JSON output from a shell
comms/qodem Re-implementation of the DOS-era Qmodem serial communications package
comms/tio Simple TTY terminal I/O application
sysutils/ttyplot Realtime plotting utility for terminals
devel/cloc Count lines of code
games/trader Simple text-based game of interstellar trading
editors/tweak Efficient hex editor
devel/wabt The WebAssembly Binary Toolkit
net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Common Code shared by the MaxMind DB reader and writer modules
graphics/ansilove ANSI and ASCII art to PNG converter
news/multimail Offline mail reader for Blue Wave, QWK, OMEN, SOUP and OPX
wm/coma Keyboard driven tiling window manager
devel/byacc Berkeley Yacc
net/dnc CLI tool to check domain names configuration
archivers/lunzip Decompressor for the lzip format
graphics/libansilove Library for converting ANSI, ASCII, and other formats to PNG
audio/adplug AdLib emulator library supporting many formats
games/asciiquarium ASCII art aquarium
textproc/lowdown Simple Markdown translator
fonts/spleen Monospaced bitmap fonts
devel/mimalloc General-purpose allocator with excellent performance characteristics
converters/bdf2sfd BDF to SFD converter
devel/mold High performance drop-in replacement for existing Unix linkers
www/motyl Opinionated blog-aware static site generator
net/dbip-city-lite DB-IP IP to City Lite: IPv4/v6 address to city
www/logswan Fast Web log analyzer using probabilistic data structures
net/statzone DNS zone file analyzer targeted at TLD zones
sysutils/bdfresize Tool for resizing BDF format fonts
converters/bdf2psf Convert a BDF font to PSF format for the Linux console
net/p5-MaxMind-DB-Writer Create MaxMind DB database files
geography/libmaxminddb C library for the MaxMind DB file format
chat/swirc Console based ICB and IRC client
devel/pax-utils ELF related utils for ELF 32/64 binaries