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wip/py-dask Flexible parallel computing library for analytics
wip/py-bokeh Statistical and novel interactive HTML plots for Python
wip/py-hmmlearn Algorithms for inference of Hidden Markov Models
wip/py-cloudpickle Extended pickling support for Python objects
wip/py-zict Mutable Mapping Interfaces
wip/py-tblib Serialization library for Exceptions and Tracebacks
wip/py-locket File based locks for Python for Linux and Windows
wip/py-distributed Distributed is the parallel scheduler for dask
wip/py-HeapDict Heap with decrease-key and increase-key operations
wip/py-partd Key-Value byte store with appendable values
wip/apache-arrow Cross-language development platform for in-memory analytics
wip/py-cityhash Python wrapper for FarmHash and CityHash
wip/py-cramjam Extremely thin Python bindings to de/compression algorithms in Rust
wip/py-fastparquet Python implementation of the parquet format,
wip/py-vcrpy simplifies and speeds up tests that make HTTP requests
wip/py-apache-arrow Python Bindings for Apache-Arrow
wip/py-threadpoolctl Python helpers to limit the number of threads of datascience tools
wip/py-scikit-learn Machine learning algorithms for Python
wip/py-pytest-lazy-fixture It helps to use fixtures in pytest.mark.parametrize
wip/py-fastcluster Fast hierarchical clustering routines for R and Python