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wip/py-zbar Python bindings for the ZBar bar code reader
wip/mescc-tools Tools for the full source bootstrapping process
wip/mes-nyacc NYACC (Not Yet Another Compiler Compiler) with patches for mes
wip/powwow Client to play MUDs
wip/termbox Library for writing text-based user interfaces
wip/guile-persist Persistance programming framework for GNU Guile
wip/guile-stis-parser Parser combinator framework for GNU Guile
wip/py-pip2pi Build a PyPI-compatible package repository from pip
wip/rust-bindgen Automatically generate Rust FFI bindings to C (and some C++) libraries
wip/pack Vim package manager
wip/py-cgen C and Cxx source generation from an AST
wip/cfiles Ncurses file manager written in C with vim like keybindings
wip/py-potr Off-The-Record protocol implementation in Python
wip/pijul Distributed version control system
wip/cargo-audit Audit Cargo.lock files for crates with security vulnerabilities
wip/nary Npm in Rust
wip/oneko Neko (cat) or other animals follow your pointer
wip/guile-reader Extensible reader framework for GNU Guile.
wip/mle Termbox-based texteditor
wip/py-taler-util Util library for GNU Taler