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wip/pear-Version Library that helps with managing the version number of Git-hosted PHP projects
wip/pear-Yaml Symfony2 Yaml Component
wip/pear-ConsoleTools Tools to build applications that run on a computer console
wip/pear-FinderFacade Convenience wrapper for Symfony\s Finder component
wip/pear-phpdcd Dead Code Detector (DCD) for PHP code
wip/pear-PHP_Timer Utility class for timing
wip/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Compress-Zlib Gzip compress response if client supports it.
wip/festvox-em Polish voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/prpltwtr Treat microblogging (Twitter, etc) as IM protocols
wip/pear-channel-swiftmailer Adds channel to PEAR
wip/plconfig Tool for configuring HomePlug powerline bridges
wip/festvox-tp Croatian male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/bfgminer Modular ASIC/FPGA Bitcoin miner
wip/pear-PHPUnit_MockObject Mock Object library for PHPUnit
wip/pidgin-evolution Evolution plugin for the Pidgin instant messenger
wip/p5-Data-DPath DPath is not XPath!
wip/pear-phpcpd Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code
wip/festvox-rms US English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/pidgin-status-to-twitter Update Twitter with your Pidgin status
wip/logwatch Customizable log analysis system
wip/pear-Text_Template Simple template engine
comms/dfu-util Host side implementation of the USB DFU protocol
wip/libgrss Easy management of RSS/Atom/Pie feeds
wip/pear-File_CSV Read and write of CSV files
wip/u-boot The mkimage utility of the u-boot bootloader
wip/pear-Base Basic functionality that all eZ Components need
wip/amavis-logwatch Amavis log reporting utility
wip/festvox-clb US English female voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/mtd-utils Memory Technology Device Tools
wip/festvox-jmk Canadian English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/mpibzip2 Parallel implementation of bzip2
wip/pear-channel-cakephp Adds channel to PEAR
wip/festvox-hl Welsh voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/pear-File_Util Common file and directory utility functions
wip/p5-Iterator-Util Essential utilities for the Iterator class
wip/pear-PHP_CodeCoverage Collection, processing, and rendering for PHP code coverage
wip/ups-monitor Display UPS information in real time
wip/libsocialweb Personal social data server
wip/festvox-slt US English female voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/pear-channel-pdepend Adds channel to PEAR
wip/pear-channel-pearhub Adds channel to PEAR
wip/libopensync-plugin-palm Platform independent synchronization framework, palm plugin
wip/microblog-purple Libpurple plug-in supporting microblog services like Twitter
wip/festvox-ks Polish voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/pear-CakePHP_CodeSniffer CodeSniffer rules for checking code against the CakePHP coding standards
wip/pear-PHP_TokenStream Wrapper around PHP\s tokenizer extension
wip/fala Simple text reader
wip/filerunner Filemanager with FTP capabilities. Uses Tcl/Tk
wip/p5-MooseX-Iterator Iterate over collections
wip/p5-Catalyst-View-XML-Feed Catalyst view for RSS, Atom, or other XML feeds
wip/pear-PHP_CodeSniffer Detects PHP, JavaScript and CSS violations of coding standards
wip/pear-Swift Free Feature-rich PHP Mailer
wip/pear-fDOMDocument Extension to PHP\s standard DOM to add methods and exceptions
wip/pear-OLE Package for reading and writing OLE containers
wip/pear-channel-phpmd Adds channel to PEAR
wip/pear-File_Iterator Filters files based on a list of suffixes
wip/p5-MooseX-Role-BuildInstanceOf Less Boilerplate when you need lots of Instances
wip/pidgin-twitterstatus Use your Twitter account as your Pidgin status message
wip/gfeedline Social network client for GNOME
wip/gsmartcontrol Hard disk drive health inspection tool
wip/p5-CGI-Expand Convert flat hash to nested data using TT2\s dot convention
wip/festvox-mv Finnish voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/p5-Catalyst-Helper-Model-Email Helper for Mail::Builder::Simple
wip/p5-Data-DPath-Validator Validate data based on template data
wip/postfix-logwatch Postfix log reporting utility
wip/pear-channel-symfony Adds channel to PEAR
wip/contacts Contacts in Gnome using Evolution Database Server
wip/pear-Cache Framework for caching of arbitrary data
wip/pear-PHP_Depend PHP_Depend design quality metrics for PHP packages
wip/pear-phploc A tool for quickly measuring the size of a project
wip/pear-FPDF Unofficial PEAR FPDF-library
wip/pear-PHP_PMD PHP Mess Detector
wip/p5-Egg-Plugin-Crypt-CBC Crypt::CBC for Egg Plugin.
wip/pear-Finder Symfony2 Finder Component
wip/pear-channel-theseer Adds channel to PEAR
wip/pear-channel-ezc Adds channel to PEAR
wip/p5-Catalyst-Controller-DBIC-API Provides a REST interface to DBIx::Class
wip/pear-PHP_Invoker Utility class for invoking callables with a timeout
wip/pear-Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer Package for generating Excel spreadsheets
wip/p5-Iterator A general-purpose iterator class
wip/p5-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext Return a new instance a component on each request
wip/pear-File Common file and directory routines