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misc/easymenu Software used to generate menu systems
wip/multisync-syncml-moto SyncML module for Multisync (Motorola EZX)
wip/multisync Modular program to synchronize PIM data
wip/multisync-backup Module for Multisync to backup your PIM data
wip/multisync-ldap LDAP module for Multisync
wip/libwbxml2-patched Library to handle WBXML (Patched for MultiSync)
wip/multisync-opie Module to sync Opie-devices with MultiSync
wip/arla-3.99.14 Free AFS implementation from KTH
wip/multisync-syncml SyncML module for Multisync
wip/multisync-palm Module for synchronization with Palm devices
misc/uptimec Uptime Project client