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wip/cacti-plugin-monitor Monitor plugin to cacti
wip/oww-nox11 One-wire weather
wip/milter-greylist-devel Easy-to-use greylist milter for sendmail devel snapshot
wip/roundcube-skin-mvision2 Hotmail/MSN-stylish skin for roundcube webmail
wip/tortunnel Partial onion proxy for single-hop circuits through TOR
wip/cacti-plugin-thold Treshold plugin to cacti
wip/psybnc Easy-to-use, multi-user, permanent IRC-Bouncer with many features
wip/cacti-plugin-settings Settings plugin to cacti
wip/cacti-plugin-weathermap Generate maps and diagrams using data collected by Cacti
wip/rpki-git RPKI package collection
wip/py-knockknock Simple & secure port knocking client/server written in python
wip/despotify-svn Open Source Spotify client
wip/diablo Newsfeeding and newsreading server software