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wip/linux-modutils-old Linux kernel module utilities, .old versions
devel/bin86 Simple assembler and linker for x86 machine code
wip/tr2latex Troff to LaTeX converter
wip/linux-kernel The Linux kernel
lang/pcc Portable C compiler
x11/libxcb X protocol C-language Binding
x11/xwd Dump X11 display or window to XWD X Window Dump image file
wip/net-tools Network configuration and status tools for Linux
wip/vm-pop3d POP3 server with support for virtual mail accounts
games/defendguin Clone of the arcade game Defender
wip/which Locate a command
wip/linux-makedev Script to make and update Linux /dev device nodes
x11/slock Simple X11 screen locker
wip/linux-nfs-utils Linux NFS client and server utilities
www/micro_httpd Really small HTTP server than runs from inetd(8)
math/bc Arbitrary precision calculator language
x11/py-xcbgen XCB protocol descriptions (in XML)
wip/linux-kernel-headers Linux kernel headers
wip/util-linux Miscellaneous essential utilities for Linux systems
wip/ppp Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) over serial lines
sysutils/lilo Generic boot loader for Linux
www/mini_httpd Small, forking webserver with IPv6 and SSL support
x11/xrestop X11 clients server-side resource usage monitor
devel/log4cxx Logging framework for C++
net/gethost Hostname and IP resolver for testing /etc/hosts and nsswitch.conf
x11/xvidcap Capture X display to individual frames or MPEG video
wip/linux-kbd Keyboard and console utilities for Linux
net/wpa_supplicant Wireless connection client daemon for WPA, WPA2, and WEP
print/epdfview Lightweight PDF viewer using Poppler and GTK2
print/tex-everypage LaTeX package for hooks to run on every page
print/tex-draftwatermark Textual watermark package for LaTeX
print/tex-draftwatermark-doc Documentation for tex-draftwatermark
print/poppler-cpp PDF rendering library (cpp wrapper)
devel/lettuce Behaviour-driven development test tool
devel/sparse Semantic parser for C
devel/log4cplus Logging API for C++
editors/lyx Document processor and graphical frontend for LaTeX
wip/linux24-kernel-headers Linux kernel headers
net/md-whois Improved whois client
print/tex-everypage-doc Documentation for tex-everypage
time/vixie-cron Execute and maintain scheduled commands
editors/ed GNU version of line-oriented text editor
games/tuxmath Educational math arcade game
wip/xpdq X11 interface for pdq printing subsystem
print/rtf2latex2e RTF to LaTeX2e converter
wip/man-db Manual pager and related man page utilities
graphics/inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor
devel/cppcheck Tool for static C/C++ code analysis
print/poppler-utils PDF utilities (from poppler)
print/poppler-includes Poppler Xpdf includes (unsupported)
mail/ripmime Extract the attached files out of a MIME encoded email package
mail/mailsort Sort mbox mail folders by date
fonts/freefonts Collection of 79 freely available fonts
converters/odt2txt Simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text
misc/linux-words English word list
devel/lcov Front-end for GCCs coverage testing tool gcov
devel/googletest Googles C++ testing framework
x11/xwud Display XWD X Window Dump image file
graphics/ewipe Presentation editor and viewer based on Tcl/Tk
wip/shadow User administration and passwd database tools for Linux
wip/iptables Interface to Linux netfilter firewalling subsystem
wip/xspread X11 spreadsheet based on sc
wip/lorder Determine interdependencies in a list of object files
wip/linux24-kernel The Linux kernel
wip/linux-hotplug Hardware autoconfiguration for Linux
wip/parted Create, destroy, resize, check, and copy partitions and file systems
wip/libavc1394 Interface for the 1394 Audio/Video Controls
wip/p5-HTML-Latex Perl5 module for converting HTML to LaTeX
wip/sysklogd System and kernel log daemons for Linux
wip/linux-module-init-tools Linux kernel module utilities (kernel 2.5.48 and above)
wip/libraw1394 Functions for converting raw1394 protocol packets
wip/mozplugger Mozilla plugin for launching external viewers
wip/godura Simple GTK2-based notepad text editor
wip/py-dns-clientsubnetoption EDNS Client Subnet support for python
wip/procps The Linux /proc file system utilities
wip/tuxtype2 Educational typing tutorial game for children
wip/netkit-base The inetd super server and ping for Linux
wip/html2latex HTML to LaTeX converter
wip/sysvinit The Linux System V init and miscellaneous Linux tools
wip/sysstat System performance tools for Linux
wip/ypbind-mt Multithreaded NIS (YP) client daemon
wip/ltrace Track runtime library calls in dynamically linked programs
time/gnutime Report user, system, and real time used by a process
fonts/freefont-ttf Free UCS Outline Fonts: FreeMono, FreeSans, and FreeSerif
print/poppler PDF rendering library
wip/speedx Car racing game for X
wip/ypserv NIS (YP) Server
wip/linux-modutils Linux kernel module utilities
wip/scr2png Converts the output of FreeBSD vidcontrol -p to PNG
wip/spamd-devel OpenBSD spam deferral daemons and tools
wip/yp-tools Linux NIS (YP) Tools
wip/man Man page viewer and utilities
x11/xcb-proto XCB protocol descriptions (in XML)
net/portmap RPC portmapper with access control
mail/mpop Small, fast and portable POP3 client
multimedia/libassetml Library for sharing image and audio files between projects
graphics/gimmage GTKMM-based image viewing program
wip/opax POSIX standard archive tool (port of OpenBSDs pax)
net/walker Retrieve a DNS zone using NXT/NSEC traversal
wip/inkscape Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) editor