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www/wiliki WikiWiki clone written in Scheme
fonts/jisx0213fonts X11 bitmap fonts for JIS X 0213
textproc/eb C library for accessing EB, EBG, EBXA and EPWING CD-ROM dictionaries
lang/elisp-manual The Emacs Lisp Reference Manual for GNU Emacs Version 21.2
sysutils/acpidump Portable ACPI table dumper
www/w3m-img Multilingualized version of w3m with inline image support
www/w3m Multilingualized version of a pager/text-based browser w3m
mail/mlmmj Mailing list management made joyful
graphics/skencil Interactive drawing program
devel/apel Portable Emacs library
print/pdfjam Small collection of PDF utilities
fonts/kochi-ttf Free Japanese TrueType font by Yasuyuki Furukawa
inputmethod/iiimecf Emacs Lisp library for IIIM Protocol
inputmethod/skkinput X11 frontend for SKK
devel/global Source code tag system including web browser output
textproc/eblook Interactive command-line interface for EPWING electric dictionaries
textproc/ndtpd Server for accessing CD-ROM books with NDTP
fonts/efont-unicode Free unicode BDF font
fonts/monafonts Japanese fonts for Mona seen at
fonts/jisx0212fonts X11 bitmap fonts for JIS X 0212
editors/mule-ucs Another encoding conversion mechanism for Emacs
misc/lookup Electric dictionary agent for Emacs
inputmethod/skk Japanese input methods for Emacs
mail/mew Messaging in the Emacs World
devel/semi Emacs lisp library to provide MIME feature
misc/elscreen Window manager within Emacs
editors/emacs-packages Meta-package for the GNU Emacs lisp packages
www/kahua Continuation-based framework to develop application service
textproc/freepwing Free JIS X 4081 (subset of EPWING V1) formatter