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wip/jupp The portable version of joe from the MirOS project
net/bwm-ng Console-based bandwidth monitor
wip/got-portable Game of Trees version control system manipulating Git repo
wip/libmd Message Digest functions from BSD systems
time/calcurse Text based calendar and scheduling application
x11/qt5-styleplugins Qt 5 extra widget styles
x11/xbrightness Brightness and gamma correction through the X server
shells/ksh93 Actively developed fork of AT&T KornShell 93u+
shells/etsh Enhanced port of Thompson shell from V6 UNIX
wip/signify Cryptographically sign and verify files, from OpenBSD
wm/emwm-utils Companion utilies for EMWM
x11/drawterm Utility to connect to Plan9 CPU servers
wip/ee EasyEdit, a classic curses text editor
wip/xidle Run a program on X inactivity
wip/xlax Multi-window input software
wm/emwm Enhanced Motif Window Manager