./cad/geda-utils, Set of utilities for gEDA

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q3, Version: 20070526nb1, Package name: geda-utils-20070526nb1, Maintainer: dmcmahill

This package contains a set of utilities for gEDA (GNU Electronic
Design Automation). Currently there are several utilities:

* gmk_sym is a simple utility to convert comma separated
descriptions into rectangular gschem symbols. It should be useful
for easily creating memory, processors or connector style parts.

* smash_megafile is a C program that will take a ViewLogic megafile
and extract the contents into a directory of the same name, with
one file representing each element in the library.

* convert_sym takes ViewLogic Viewdraw schematic or symbol and
outputs a gschem compatible file. This utility should be
considered a work in progress.

* gpstoimage is a simple bourne shell script which shows how to
take the postscript generated by gschem and convert it into an
image (such as a gif or whatever).

Required to run:
[shells/bash] [cad/libgeda] [lang/python24] [lang/gawk] [lang/perl5]

Required to build:
[x11/randrproto] [x11/fixesproto] [x11/xproto] [x11/renderproto] [x11/xextproto] [x11/inputproto] [pkgtools/x11-links] [cad/geda-symbols] [devel/pkg-config]

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