./math/R-RArcInfo, Package uses the functions to read geographical information in Arc/Info

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Branch: pkgsrc-2007Q4, Version: 0.4.4nb1, Package name: R-RArcInfo-0.4.4nb1, Maintainer: mchittur

RArcInfo is a package for the R statistical program to import
Arc/Info V7.x binary coverages. It is based on the library Avcelib
written by Daniel Morissette.

Currently, RArcInfo supports most of the file formats stored by these
type of coverages. The geographical information (arcs, polygons,
topological relationships, etc.) are stored using lists, but all the
tables containing related information are imported into a data frame.

Once the desired data are imported, the user can draw maps, even filling
the polygons according to the value of a given covariate. Although R is
not designed for heavy G.I.S. work, this package is very helpful to work
with binary coverages inside R.

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