./textproc/dictem, Dictionary client (RFC-2229) for [X]Emacs

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Branch: pkgsrc-2008Q1, Version: 0.81, Package name: dictem-0.81, Maintainer: cheusov

DictEm is a customizable DICT client for (X)Emacs. It implements all
functions of the client part of the DICT protocol (RFC-2229). Unlike
dictionary.el, it widely uses autocompletion that is used for
selecting a dictionary and search strategy. It also provides several
hooks that may be used for buffer postprocessing. Built-in
hyperlinking and a highlighting mechanisms are based on this
ability. Also, DictEm supports the mechanism of virtual dictionaries
that can be used for grouping dictionaries from _different_ DICT
servers into the client-side virtual dictionary.

Fore information about dictionary protocol and DICT project, see

Required to run:
[editors/emacs] [textproc/dict-client]

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