./textproc/dict-client, Dictionary Service Protocol client

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.13.0, Package name: dict-client-1.13.0, Maintainer: cheusov

The Dictionary Server Protocol (DICT) is a TCP transaction based
query/response protocol that allows a client to access dictionary
definitions from a set of natural language dictionary databases.

dict(1) is a client which can access DICT servers from the command

Required to run:

Required to build:

Master sites:

SHA1: 3c2e09ec241c20633eeeddeefc0bd51e5419f02b
RMD160: ae046dc173773ebee2d7d4aecf6ef58bcdbc3931
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   2020-03-30 15:38:58 by Aleksey Cheusov | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update dict-client and dictd-server to 1.13.0

       * add support for IPv6 (the default is IPv4)
         - Add global configuration option "address_family" and
           command line options --address-family
         - Options "listen_to" and --listen-to accepts host name
           in addition to IP address, "*" means "bind to all \ 
       * add support for IPv6.
         - New command line options -4 and -6.
         - dict + dict:// URL: add support for IPv6 address
           surrounded by [ and ] symbols
       * fix overlap of source and destination buffers in memcpy(3).
         Use memmove(3) instead. This fixes failures on Linux/musl.
       * DICTFMT_SORT environment variable may be used for
         setting non-default sort(1)

  Fix build on recent Solaris/IllumOS (missing -lnsl at link time)

  Remove support for --use-dictorg and socks5. Clean-ups for build system.

  Remove support for non-utf8 dictionaries.

      * new test for dictd as a daemon
      * always use @AWK@
      * test/dictzip_test.in: avoid printing binary \0. This fixes test on some \ 
   2018-02-28 22:02:17 by Aleksey Cheusov | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
textproc/dict-client: dump pkgrevision due to ABI change in libmaa
   2012-07-22 17:32:51 by Aleksey Cheusov | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update dict-server and dict-client to 1.12.1

    Fix for Debian bug #677868 reported by Stepan Golosunov.

    Fixes for mistypes found by A. Costa. Thanks!

    Fix for sf.net bug #3390567 reported by Ivo Danihelka.

    Fix for sf.net bug #3398178

    Fix for option -c. Now it works correctly.

    Fix incorrect keyword for virtual database.
      Thanks to Marc-Jano Knopp for the report!
   2012-06-17 15:18:43 by Aleksey Cheusov | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Fix bug in dictl reported in Debian Linux (bug# 677868).
Dump pkgrevision for dict-client
   2011-05-07 12:06:02 by Aleksey Cheusov | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Closes PR pkg/44850, oked by wiz@ and reed@
devel/libmaa updated to 1.3.0
recursive bump pkgrevisions of dependent packages due to ABI change
   2011-02-03 13:55:51 by OBATA Akio | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update dict-{server,client} to 1.12.0.
per maintainer update request PR#44363.

Version 1.12, by Aleksey Cheusov, Sun,  9 Jan 2011 18:16:34 +0200

  New script dict_lookup for translating words and phrases from X
  selection. It makes sense to configure launching dict_lookup on a
  keyboard shortcut in the window manager.

  dictd: Fix for SHOW SERVER command (dict -I).  On systems where
  sizeof(int) != sizeof (long) values in "Uncompressed" column may
  contain random garbage.  This problem was seen on NetBSD/x86_64/5.1

  Fix for sf bug #3098788
https://sf.net/tracker/?func=detail& … tid=100605
  Regresson tests for dictzip were added.

  Fix in Makefile: non standard option for lex(1) was removed
  (This may unbreak compilation on SunOS, HP-UX...).

  Internal buffer size was increased from 10240 to 102400 bytes.

  Fixes for Tru64.

  Other minor fixes and cleanups
   2009-12-30 12:58:48 by David Brownlee | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated textproc/dict-client to 1.11.2 - also part of PR pkg/33227

2009-10-04  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS, configure.in:
  Version -> 1.11.2
  NEWS update

2009-09-21  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_test.in:
  update for regression tests for some type of sort(1) commands

  * test/db.expect.testdb_utf8.dict, test/db.expect.testdb_utf8.index:
  oops, I forgot to commit it

2009-09-20  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/db.expect.smiley_1.index, test/db.expect.smiley_2.index, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_3.index, test/db.expect.smiley_4.index, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_5.index, test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt:
  updates for regression tests (sort -k1,1)

  * test/dictd_test.in: fix for building from outside OBJDIR

2009-09-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt.c:
  dictfmt spawns sort command to sort the index. When there are several
  entries for the same headword, they get sorted BY OFFSET AND SIZE (in
  addition to headwords), which don't sort alphabetically. As a result, the
  order of identical headwords is messed up.
  To fix these problem -k1,3 option is replaced with -k1,1.
  Thanks to Goran Tal for pointing out.

  * test/db.expect.cyrillic_1.index, test/db.expect.dict, test/db.expect.index, \ 
test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_defstrat_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_test.in, test/testdb.c5.txt, test/testdb.e.txt, test/testdb.f.txt, \ 
test/testdb.h.txt, test/testdb.j.txt, test/testdb.p.txt, TODO, dictfmt.c:
  dictfmt: superfluous spaces are removed not only from the beginng and
     the end of a headword but also inside a multiword headwords.
     Thank to Goran Tal for pointing out.

  * dictfmt.1.in: FIX: s/--index-keep-headword/--index-keep-orig/

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_defstrat_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_defstrat_2_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_indexdata_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_limits_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_mixedcase_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test.in:
  all test files are CR NL, just like dict protocol is

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_3_res.expected.txt, test/input.cyrillic_3.txt, index.c:
  FIX: When search is handled by dict_search_bmh() function, the first
     character from the first entry in the index file is missing. Usually
     this is some of 00-database-* entries.
     Thanks to Goran Tal for a bug report and patch.

     Add regression test for this case.

  * test/dictd_test.in: minor reorganization

2009-03-01  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * configure.in: version -> 1.11.1

  * NEWS: Notes about upcoming release 1.11.1

  * INSTALL: updated for latest changes

  * Makefile.in: release unnecessary rule for dictd

2009-02-21  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * configure.in, Makefile.in:
  LIBMAA variable added to Makefile, imported from ./configure

2009-01-31  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictl.in:
  code clean-ups, significant simplification

2009-01-04  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt.c:
  FIXED: 'dictfmt -I' never worked (regrettable oversight, heh)
     Found and reported by Goran Tal <goran.tal@gmail.com>

  * daemon.c:
  SHOW STRAT: s/databases present/strategies present/
    Found and reported by Goran Tal <goran.tal@gmail.com>

2008-12-29  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: fix in uninstall target

  * configure.in:
  further clean-ups

  * Makefile.in, configure.in, dictP.h:
  remove checks for presense of memcpy and memmove. I don't care about
  platforms that do have them. I think all they are already dead.
  I you know such platforms, let me know
  Further clean-ups in configure.in and Makefile.in

  * configure.in, dictP.h:
  Further clean-ups. Remove checks for presense of unistd.h

  * Makefile.in, configure.in:
  Remove --with-local-libmaa, build libmaa before dictd/dict/... manually.
  This removes lots of garbage from configure.in and Makefile.in

  * configure.in:
  Enable additional gcc warnings on all platforms unconditionally.
  I need them under NetBSD

  * Makefile.in, configure.in:
  "building and installing different set of things based
  on configure results considered harmfull"(C)me :-)

  Plugins support in dictd is enabled by default (if available).
  DBI and JUDY plugins are disabled by default.
  This fixes sf.net bug #2218879

  * configure.in, include_regex.h.in, index.c:
  (Clean-ups) Ages ago, I've add to "configure" script an option
  --with-regex-include to make possible to build dictd with PCRE.
  Now, I've removed this option. If you want to build dictd with with PCRE,
  ask PCRE developers to install pcre/regex.h file linked to pcreposix.h.
  All other regexp libraries compatible with POSIX API do the same,
  rx/regex.h, rxspencer/regex.h etc. etc.
  So, this is good and well known convension.

  * Makefile.in:

  * configure.in: minor clean-ups

  * test/db.expect.hello_1.dict, test/db.expect.hello_2.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.hello_3.dict, test/db.expect.hello_4.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.hello_5.dict, test/db.expect.hello_5.index, \ 
test/db.expect.indexdata_1.dict, test/db.expect.mixedcase_1.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_1.dict, test/db.expect.smiley_2.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_3.dict, test/db.expect.smiley_4.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_5.dict, test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_2_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_3_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_4_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_5_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/db.expect.cyrillic_1.dict, test/db.expect.dict, dictfmt.c:
  fixed: sf.net bug #2197588 by Peter Volkov
     Now, all alphabet character from 00-database-alphabet special entry
     is resorted lexicographically and doesn;t depend on internal libmaa's
     function and sizeof(long)

2008-12-24  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictl.in:
  Now dictl can use an external program for charset2charset conversion.
     Set DICTL_USE variable for this.
     I think this fixes sf.net bug #2407725

  * Makefile.in:
  clean-ups: DICT_DIR and CONF_DIR have no / at the end (like PLUGIN_DIR)

  * Makefile.in: fix for sf.net bug #2218879 (/ at the end of PLUGIN_DIR)

  * dictd.8.in: fixed: sf.net bug #2407717

  * Makefile.in: no Makefile.conf

  * Makefile.in: libmaa is not a part of dictd tarball

  * NEWS: tyop

  * NEWS:
  notes about release 1.11.0

  * Makefile.in: better ChangeLog

  * exclude_libmaa_logs: script for postprocessing rcs2log output

  * configure.in: "libmaa not found" error message

  * libmaa/maa.h, libmaa/maaP.h, Makefile.in: no $Id$ - I dislike it

  * Makefile.in: removed: -ldl from building dbi plugin

  * clientparse.y, clientscan.l, codes.h, daemon.c, data.c, dict.1.in, dict.h, \ 
dictP.h, dictd.8.in, dictd.c, dictd.h, dictfmt.c, dictzip.1.in, dictzip.c, \ 
dictzip.h, index.c, net.c, net.h, parse.c, parse.h, servparse.y, servscan.l:
  'Revised ...by ...' lines removed from sources, cvs know better when
     files were revised last time.
  my copyleft

  * Makefile.in:
  'dist' target renamed to 'cvsdist'
  minor fixes in clean/distclean/cvsclean targets

  * configure.in: version -> 1.11.0

  * daemon.c, data.c, dictP.h, dictd.c, dictdplugin_dbi.c, dictfmt.c, dictzip.c, \ 
index.c, lev.h, parse.c:
  fixed: gcc warnings, "unused variable" etc.

2008-11-15  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dict.c: fixed: gcc compilation warning

  * configure.in: Do not override CFLAGS set in environment. Never!

  * dictfmt_index2suffix.in:
  \001 -> \1 inside regexp. It seems it is better excepted
     by different awk/regexp_engines. (heirloom posix2001/awk and libuxre)

  * Makefile.in: fixes in "clean" target

  * test/dictd_test.in: fixed: ln -f -s ./file file
    This is fatal on Interix

  * configure.in, dictP.h: fix for Interix 3.5, socklen_t is defined in it

  * configure.in, dictP.h:
  fix for platforms having no getopt_long(3) (Solaris, HP-UX, Interix etc.)
     happens if --without-local-libmaa option is applied.

  * configure.in: checks for zlib.h iwhile configuring

  * configure.in: fix for previous commits

  * configure.in:
  REMOVED: --with-cflags, --with-prog, --with-gprof, --with-checker,
     --with-efence, --with-insure and --with-purify

      Use CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, CC etc. environment variables instead

  * configure.in:
  removed: home-made --with-cc. Use CC environment variable instead

  * configure.in: I hate $Id$, Grrr

  * configure.in:
  By default dictd is built with external libmaa library (if found).
     If it is not found, error message is output that suggests to apply
     --with-local-libmaa option.

2008-08-30  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt_index2suffix.in:
  GNU awk is not needed.

  * configure.in: previous commit reverted

  * configure.in: removed: $Revision: ...$

  * examples/dictd_popen.conf, examples/dictd_popen.conf.in, configure.in:
  fixed: sf.net bug #1627458

  * Makefile.in: rm ====> libtool --mode=uninstall

  * dictd.c:
  fixed: sf.net bug #1941358

2008-06-02  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: dictfmt_index2suffix/dictfmt_index2word are installed from ./

  * configure.in, dictfmt_index2suffix, dictfmt_index2suffix.in, \ 
dictfmt_index2word, dictfmt_index2word.in, test/dictd_test.in:
  dictfmt_index2suffix and dictfmt_index2word are generated from *.in

  * test/dictd_test.in: renamings

  * test/dictd_test.in: cyrillic_4 regression test restored

  * Makefile.in: rm -> rm -f in distclean target

  * Makefile.in, configure.in, test/dictd_test.in:
  'make test' now works fine from obj directory too
  cyrillic_4 test is temporarily disabled

2008-05-29  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: fix for dictd_test

  * Makefile.in: ./dictd_test -> $(srcdir)/dictd_test

  * examples/dictd_popen.conf, INSTALL, Makefile.in:
  fixes for sf.net bug #1627458

  * Makefile.in: date -> touch

2008-04-06  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS, configure.in:
  version -> 1.10.11
  NEWS: Release notes

  * configure.in, daemon.c, dictdplugin_judy.c, dictfmt.c, index.c, iswalnum.c, \ 
iswspace.c, lev.h, plugin.c, plugins_common.c, strategy.c, strategy.h:
  fixed: lot of warning messages produced by icc-10 (Intel C Compiler)

2008-02-09  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c:
  timestamp message in log marker (log_option "timestamp")
      is changed to :t: from :T:
      because :T: begins client's full command (log_option "command")

2008-02-08  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * colorit.in: bashism fixed: echo -en -> more portable printf

2008-01-31  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dict.c:
  ADDED: -F|--flush option for flushing stdout after each definition/match.
      It is useful in combination with -f
  'XXX definitions found' is printed with -f (revert previous changes)

  * dict.c, dictzip.c: copyright

  * dictfmt.c:
  FIXED: maximum length of headwords are limited to hardcoded constant
      just by cutting the end of headword.
      Now internal arrays are realloced automatically.

  * INSTALL: spelling error fixed

  * Makefile.in: -I. before -I${srcdir}

2008-01-27  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * index.c:
  FIXED: while processing MATCH command unicity of only first column of
      .index is checked, but fourth column (if present) should also be

2008-01-22  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictP.h, dictd.c:
  FIXED: failure on Linux if --disable-plugin option is specified.
      Now USE_PLUGIN macros is checks correctly.

2008-01-20  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * wcrtomb.c: fixed: warning generated by NetBSD/Alpha/GCC

2008-01-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * configure.in, Makefile.in:
  CXX is detected using autoconf
  detection of AR/RANLIB is removed, they are not used directly
  libtool is run with --tag=CC and --tag=CXX for compiling C and C++ code
  C++ compiler cpp preprocessor are now detected using autoconf
  presence of fileno function is detected using autoconf
  removed: checking for command ar, not used directly

  * dict.c: removed: c99/c++ style comment markers

  * dictfmt.c, index.c, index.h, lev.h, wcrtomb.c:
  removed: c99/c++ style of comment markers

  * strategy.c: fixed: gcc warning

2008-01-12  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in:
  'gmake install' now works fine even if dictd was configure from
      the external "object"(any!!!) directory. Some other autobloat-based
      projects can do the same.

  * Makefile.in:
  FIX: now dictd can be fully built from external "object" (any!) directory
      just like many other autobloat-based projects can

      That is, the following works fine now

        cd obj-dir
        /dir/to/dictd --with-libmaa
        gmake install

  * configure.in: date ---> touch

2008-01-11  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * clientscan.l, servscan.l:
  __FUNCTION__ -> __func__
      Now dictd is fully ready to compiled with pcc, tested under NetBSD

  * daemon.c: fix for pcc

  * dictd.c: fixed: pcc warning

  * daemon3.c, data.c, dict.c, dictd.c, dictzip.c, index.c, lev.h, libmaa/arg.c, \ 
libmaa/base26.c, libmaa/base64.c, libmaa/bit.c, libmaa/debug.c, libmaa/flags.c, \ 
libmaa/hash.c, libmaa/list.c, libmaa/log.c, libmaa/memory.c, libmaa/pr.c, \ 
libmaa/rnd.c, libmaa/set.c, libmaa/sl.c, libmaa/source.c, libmaa/string.c, \ 
libmaa/timer.c, libmaa/xmalloc.c, net.c, parse.c, plugin.c, snprintf.c, \ 
  Not standard __FUNCTION__ macros is changed to __func__
      All these changed sources can now be compiled with PCC (under NetBSD)
      PCC - Portable C Compiler

  * configure.in: inttypes.h header is checked

  * dictfmt.c: fixed: pcc warnings, __FUNCTION__ -> __func__

  * daemon.c: fixed: pcc warning

  * dictP.h: a few comments added

2007-12-26  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictdplugin_popen.cpp:
  fixed: missed header file, seen with gcc-4.3.
      thanks to Martin Michlmayr for report

2007-11-10  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.conf: no autoreconf

  * NEWS: notes about release 1.10.10

  * configure.in:
  FIXED: ooooooold bug. configure script was run twice for libmaa
  version bumped to 1.10.10

  * dictl.in: fix for NetBSD where locale -k shows nothing

2007-10-10  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: minor fix in "clean" target

2007-09-29  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * clientparse.y, clientscan.l, colorit.in, dict.1.in, dict.c, dict.h, \ 
dictl.1.in, dictl.in:
  DICT, DICTL and COLORIT programs DO NOT support option --pager|-P
      anymore. The code supporting this is removed.
      '-P -' is still allowed to not break the scripts.

      "Pager" functionality should be easily be implemented by users.
      See the following shell function.

         mydict () { dict "$@" 2>&1 | colorit | less; }

      Add it to you .profile (or whatever).

      I appologize for breaking backward compatibilities.

  * Makefile.in: minor fix in *clean targets

  * dictfmt.c: copyright

2007-07-27  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * iswalnum.c:
  fix for utf-8 symbols other than BMP

2007-06-18  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_test.in: fixed: dictfmt is not found

2007-05-29  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt_index2suffix: mawk sucks

  * test/testdb.cyrillic_1.conf, test/testdb.cyrillic_2.conf, \ 
test/testdb.cyrillic_4.conf, test/testdb.defstrat_1.conf, \ 
test/testdb.defstrat_2.conf, test/testdb.hello_1.conf, test/testdb.hello_2.conf, \ 
test/testdb.hello_3.conf, test/testdb.hello_4.conf, test/testdb.hello_5.conf, \ 
test/testdb.indexdata_1.conf, test/testdb.limits_1.conf, \ 
test/testdb.mixedcase_1.conf, test/testdb.smiley_1.conf, \ 
test/testdb.smiley_2.conf, test/testdb.smiley_3.conf, test/testdb.smiley_4.conf, \ 
  no limits in most tests

  * dictdplugin_dbi.c, dictdplugin_judy.c: compilation fixes

  * NEWS, configure.in: 1.10.9 release

  * daemon.c, dictd.8.in: limit_queries=0 means no limit

  * NEWS: notes about fix with getopt_long argument

  * NEWS: minor fixes

  * NEWS: notes about "limit_childs" keyword

  * defs.h, dictd.8.in, dictd.c, dictd.h, servparse.y, servscan.l:
  option/variable/macro renamings: limit -> limit_childs

  * NEWS, daemon.c, defs.h, dictd.8.in, dictd.c, dictd.h, servparse.y, servscan.l:
  ADDED: new keyword 'limit_queries' for limiting a number of queries
      that client may send to the server. It defaults to 2000.
  minor fixes in NEWS

  * dictfmt.c: better checking for required argument

  * NEWS: note about 1.10.9 release

  * dictfmt.1.in: minor fixes

  * dict.1.in: new words about -f

  * dict.1.in: minor fix

  * daemon.c, defs.h, dictd.8.in, dictd.c, dictd.h, servparse.y, servscan.l:
  ADDED: 'limit_time' option to 'global' dictd.conf section
     See dictd.8 for the more information.
  minor clean-ups: dict_daemon and dict_inetd function use global variable

2007-05-28  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_3_res.expected.txt:    forgot to commit it

  * test/dictd_test.in, test/input.cyrillic_3.txt, test/testdb.cyrillic_2.conf, \ 
test/testdb.cyrillic_4.conf, configure.in:
  new self tests
  minor clean-ups

  * dictd.8.in, index.c, strategy.c, strategy.h:
  ADDED: Two new search strategies, 'first' and 'last'.
      See dictd.8 for the information.

  * dictd.c:
  I like empty lines to better separate code into sections ;-)

  * dictfmt_index2suffix, dictfmt_index2word:
  rewritten. Now they use dictfmt -i/-I for sorting

  * dictfmt.c:
  fix with -i and -I

  * dict.c:
  -f sends error messages like 'No matches...', 'No definitions...',
      'Invalid strategy...' etc. to stderr, not to the pager.

2007-05-27  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_test.in, test/testdb.cyrillic_2.conf:
  commented test for dictfmt_index2word

  * dictfmt_index2word: fixes

  * dictfmt.c: -i and -I options fully support 4-column input

  * index.c: removed: unnecessary code for --test-xxx

2007-05-24  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt_index2word:
  almost completely rewriten

  * dictfmt.1.in, dictfmt.c:
  -i and -I have the following format:
      dictfmt -i|-I [options]

  * dictfmt.1.in, dictfmt.c:
  -i and -I twins are now fully implemented and documented.
      See dictfmt(1) form documentation

  * test/dictd_test.in: clean-ups

  * test/dictd_test.in: nothing

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_defstrat_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_5_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test.in:
  fixed: <CR> symbol at the end of line...

  * test/dictd_defstrat_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test.in, \ 
test/input.defstrat_2.txt, test/testdb.defstrat_2.conf:
  another tiny test for default_strategy

  * test/dictd_defstrat_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test.in, \ 
test/input.defstrat_1.txt, test/testdb.defstrat_1.conf:
  test for dictd/dictfmt --default-strategy

  * test/dictd_limits_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test.in, \ 
test/input.limits_1.txt, test/testdb.limits_1.conf:
  small test for limi_matches

  * dictfmt.c, dictunformat.in:
  00-database-dictfmt-X.Y.Z headword is generated
      instead of 00-database-dictfmt

2007-05-23  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.h, index.c, servparse.y, servscan.l, defs.h, dictd.8.in, dictd.c:
  ADDED: new keywords in "global" section. limit_matches and \ 
      See dictd.8 for information

  * dictd.8.in: removed: docs about --test-* options

  * index.c:
  code clean-ups, added: dict_add_word_to_list function

  * dict.c, dictd.c, dictzip.c: I don't like $ in the code

  * dictd.c: copyright

  * dictd.c:
  The following option are removed:
     -t --test <word>
     --test-file <file>
     --ftest <file>
     --test-strategy <strategy>
     --test-db <database>
     --test-show-info <database>

    All these options were created for testing and debugging.
    Actually -i and newly created --stdin2stdout is anough
      (and better) for this.

  * dictd.8.in: minor improvement

2007-05-22  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * daemon.c, dictd.8.in, dictd.c, dictd.h, servparse.y, servscan.l:
  ADDED: site_no_banner, site_no_uptime, site_no_dblist keyword to
     the configuration file ("global" options section).

     See dictd.8 for more information.

  * daemon.c, defs.h, dictd.8.in, dictd.c, dictd.h, examples/dictd4.conf, \ 
  'site' keyword has ben moved to 'global' ection of configuration file
      'site' section is deprecated now, but is still supported,
      error messages is logged if it used. Documentation and examples/ are

2007-05-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dict.1.in: documentation for an option -f

  * dict.c:
  -m support -f too.
     Matches have the following format \ 
  -D, -S, -I, -H, -i and similar also support -f (formatted output)

2007-05-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dict.c: new option -f partially implemented

2007-05-12  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictunformat.in:
  Recently 4-column .index entries were introduced.
      Now dictunformat is ready for this kind of dictionaries
      and produces correct output.

  * test/dictd_test.in, dictfmt.1.in, dictfmt.c, dictunformat.in:
  added: dictfmt --without-ver option.
      See dictfmt.1 for more information

  * dictfmt.1.in:
  some docs for 00-database-mime-header entry
  minor fixes and changes

  * dictfmt.1.in: documentation for --case-sensitive option

  * dictfmt.1.in: documentation for --index-data-separator option

  * test/db.expect.indexdata_1.index, test/dictd_test.in, test/testdb.indexdata.txt:
  more complex test

  * dictfmt.c, test/db.expect.indexdata_1.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.indexdata_1.index, test/dictd_indexdata_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_test.in, test/input.indexdata_1.txt, test/testdb.indexdata.txt, \ 
  added: tests --index-data-separator and --index-keep-orig dictfmt options
      and appropriate dictd search

  * dictfmt.c:
  ADDED: --dictfmt --index-data-separator option that allows
      to set index and data parts of the headword in .index file
      (first and fourth columns respectively) completely independantly.

      That is, the first column in .index file can now be treated
      as an index and an optional fourth columns - as a data, all this for
      MATCH protocol command.

  * codes.h, daemon.c, data.c, data.h, defs.h, dict.c, dict.h, dictP.h, dictd.c, \ 
dictdplugin_dbi.c, dictdplugin_judy.c, dictzip.c, heap.c, heap.h, index.c, \ 
index.h, lev.h, md5.c, net.c, net.h, parse.c, parse.h, plugin.c, plugin.h, \ 
plugins_common.c, plugins_common.h, servparse.y, servscan.l, str.c, str.h, \ 
strategy.c, strategy.h, clientparse.y, clientscan.l:
  removed: $Id$, I don't like it

  * dictfmt.c: no $Id$

  * dictfmt.c: code clean-ups

  * dictunformat.in:
  00-database-case-sensitive headword is also not output

  * defs.h, dictd.c, dictfmt.c, index.c, index.h, str.c, str.h, \ 
test/db.expect.mixedcase_1.dict, test/db.expect.mixedcase_1.index, \ 
test/dictd_mixedcase_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test.in, \ 
test/input.mixedcase_1.txt, test/testdb.mixedcase.txt, \ 
  ADDED: support for case sensitive search.
      For this, database should be created using dictfmt --case-sensitive.

     In this case 00-database-case-sensitive headword is created which is
     checked by dictd

2007-05-06  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * data.c, index.c, net.c: fixed: gcc4/NetBSD warning messages

2007-03-10  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: fix: tab should begin the first line of action, not spaces

2006-12-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS: release notes for dictd-1.10.8

  * dictd.8.in: added: info about --stdin2stdout

  * configure.in: br

  * configure.in: no messages about flex/bison and GNU archive site

  * test/dictd_test, test/dictd_test.in, configure.in, dictunformat, dictunformat.in:
  fixes for Solaris:
      - awk version defaults to that detected by ./configure
      - fix for idiotic Solaris shell

  * Makefile.in, configure.in: libmaa: 0.990 -> 1.0; dict: 1.10.7 -> 1.10.8

2006-12-12  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c: added fcntl.h for open(2)

  * dictd.c: only 012 descriptors are closed and reopened while daemon(3)-izing

2006-12-11  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: fixes in install/uninstall targets

  * dictvd: del

  * Makefile.in, configure.in: fixes related to libtools and building xxxxFLAGS

  * Makefile.in: added: -lz

  * Makefile.in: libtool needs .lo, not .o

  * configure.in: no local zlib/regex/dmalloc anymore

  * configure.in: only CFLAGS, CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS...

  * Makefile.in, configure.in:

  * index.c:
  altcompare removed
  malloc_count_while_searching -= 1

  * Makefile.in:
  -static removed from libtool arguments Makefile.in
  plugins are linked with LIBOBJS

  * Makefile.in:

  * configure.in:
  fixed: lex/yacc presense checking (non-portable "which /path/to/exe
  local_libmaa=0 by default

2006-12-09  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * colorit.in: gensub(,...1) -> gsub()

2006-11-25  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * index.c: fix for match nprefix/match exact/define

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_5_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test:
  to make a debug easier command itself is also logged

  * test/dictd_test: new temporary file

  * daemon.c, dictd.c, dictd.h:
  added: --stdin2stdout option for debugging purposes (in addition to -i)

2006-11-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.8.in:
  Unknowledges section removed because neyther regex/ nor zlib/ are a part
     dictd distribution anymore
  Other minor clean-ups

2006-11-10  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_test: better message is output in case of test failure

2006-09-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * index.c:
  alcompare() function is implemented.
     Side effect: sf.net bug #1554437 is fixed.
     Side effect: for some sort of .index files MATCH command
      should work faster.
     TODO: remove malloc/free from altcompare.

2006-07-16  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS, configure.in:
  updates for dictd-1.10.7
  a few fixed typos in NEWS

2006-07-14  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c:
  FIXED: nmap utility of just a client that aborts connection for any reason
     can cause dictd server to exit with error on NetBSD and probably
     other OSes. This is because accept(2) returns ECONNABORTED which
     is treated as a uncritical error on Linux-only and
     as a critical error on all other OSes.

     Affected versions: 1.4.9-1.10.6

2006-07-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c:
  fixed: `cat /var/run/dictd.pid` != pidof (dictd).
     Writing pid should happen after daemon(3)

2006-07-03  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS: additions to 1.10.6 release

  * configure.in:
  removed: code that does not work with BSD 'which'
  1.10.5 ---> 1.10.6

  * dictd.c: removed: unnecessary code

2006-06-23  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_test: nothing

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test:
  Not only 'exact' search strategy is tested now.

  * index.c:
  fixed: 'word' strategy works incorrectly on OpenBSD and probably others
      because of incorrect isspacepuncttab array initizlization.

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test:
  all search strategies are tested

  * test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_5_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test:
  minor fixes

2006-06-22  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/db.expect.cyrillic_1.dict, test/db.expect.cyrillic_1.index, \ 
test/dictd_cyrillic_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_5_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_test, test/testdb.cyrillic.txt, \ 
  a few new tests, fixes, improvements

  * test/dictd_smiley_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
  removed: too big files from testing

2006-05-27  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c, dictfmt.1.in, dictfmt.c, dictunformat, index.c, libmaa/base64.c, \ 
  added: b64_decode_buf function to libmaa library
  index.c:dict_word_create: minor speed-ups, avoided use of malloc()
  dictfmt --index-keep-orig create (if necessary) fourth column
      in .index file that keeps original headword which is returned
      by MATCH command. See dictfmt.1 for details.
  dictd: If opening a pid file of log file failed, error messages are printed
      to stderr.

2006-05-26  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in: make --> $(MAKE)

  * NEWS, configure.in: version --> 1.10.5

2006-05-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * daemon3.c: new #includes added

2006-05-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * daemon.c:
  FIXED: In case database_exit directive is used in dictd.conf
     SHOW DB command returns incorrect number of databases available.
     Afected versions: 1.10.2 -- 1.10.4

2006-05-06  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * configure.in, daemon3.c, dictP.h, dictd.c, net.c:
  When available, system-wide daemon(3) function
      is used for becoming a daemon.

2006-04-15  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c:
  In dictd-1.9.14 dictd creates log file being root and than releases
     root priviledges. This was bad idea because log file may have % sign
     and may be used as a pattern for log files.

     Now older behaviour is restored, i.e.
     log file is created after releasing root priviledges.
     If you want to create log file under /var/log directory, create
     /var/log/dictd with appropriate permissions and create log files there.

     I apologize for inconvenience and breaking backward compatibility.

  * NEWS: typo fixed

2006-04-09  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * libmaa/maaP.h, dictP.h: removed obsolete code

2006-04-08  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * libmaa/Makefile.in, libmaa/decl.h, libmaa/maaP.h, libmaa/memtest.c, decl.h, \ 
deps, dictP.h, dictunformat:
  decl.h files seem obsolete to me. They cause problrems, do not help.

2005-12-12  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS:
  new notes

  * NEWS:
  typo fixed

  * NEWS, configure.in, dictd.c, net.c:
  FIX: pid file was created with 0666 permissions

  * dictd.c:
  minor fixes by Kirk Hilliard

2005-12-08  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS:
  Notes about regex/ and zlib/

  * configure.in, dictd.conf, examples/dictd1.conf:
  Version: 1.10.2 ---> 1.10.3
  Another example config file has been moved to examples/

  * NEWS:
  Notes about 1.10.3 release

  * config.guess, config.sub:

2005-12-06  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * examples/dictd_complex.conf:
  fixes for m4 shipped with *BSD and Solaris that expands "index" to -1
      even if it is used without arguments.

  * examples/dictd4.conf, examples/dictd_virtual.conf: minor fixes

2005-12-05  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dict.c:
  fixed: compilation bugs (conformance to ANSI C)

  * dictP.h, libmaa/maaP.h:
  fixed: compilation bugs because of alloca

2005-12-03  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.8.in, example.conf, example.dictrc, example.site, example2.conf, \ 
example3.conf, example_complex.conf, example_mime.conf, example_plugin_dbi.conf, \ 
example_popen.conf, example_virtual.conf, examples/dictd4.conf:
  Example files have been moved to examples/ directory
  A few references to these files from dictd.8

  * INSTALL, dictd.8.in, examples/dict1.conf, examples/dictd2.conf, \ 
examples/dictd3.conf, examples/dictd4.conf, examples/dictd_complex.conf, \ 
examples/dictd_mime.conf, examples/dictd_plugin_dbi.conf, \ 
examples/dictd_popen.conf, examples/dictd_site.txt, examples/dictd_virtual.conf:
  Example configuration files for 'dictd' and 'dict'
      have been moved to example/ directory

  * dictd.8.in:
  fixed: missing .RE

  * colorit.1.in, dict.1.in, dictd.8.in:
  minor changes in FILES section of man pages

  * Makefile.in, dictd.8.in, dictfmt_plugin, dictfmt_virtual, dictfmt_virtual.1:
  Files and directories in .1 and .8 are set according to ./configure options
  removed: dictfmt_virtual, dictfmt_plugin utilities.
      Configure plugin or virtual databases using dictd.conf file

  * colorit.1.in, configure.in, dict.1.in, dictd.8, dictd.8.in:
  File names (and optionally directories) in manual pages
       are specified according to ./configure options

  * dict.c:
  fixed (assert(3)):
     dict -M -S
     dict -M -D
     dict -M <query>

2005-11-30  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * colorit.1, colorit.1.in, configure.in, dict.1, dict.1.in, dictfmt.1, \ 
dictfmt.1.in, dictfmt_index2suffix.1, dictfmt_index2suffix.1.in, \ 
dictfmt_index2word.1, dictfmt_index2word.1.in, dictl.1, dictl.1.in, \ 
dictunformat.1, dictunformat.1.in, dictzip.1, dictzip.1.in:
     dict.1  ---> dict.1.in
     dictd.8 ---> dictd.8.in
     in order to make absolute paths in man pages
     dependant on ./configure options

  * NEWS, dictd.8: minor fixes

2005-11-21  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.c: noise exit after fatal error

  * Makefile.in: install -m 755 ====> mkdir -p

  * example.conf: fixed: missing space

2005-11-19  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.8, index.c, index.h, strategy.c, strategy.h:
  ADDED: `nprefix' search strategy. See dictd.8 for more information.
      No plugin support yet.

2005-11-15  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/testdb.hello_1.conf, test/testdb.hello_2.conf, \ 
test/testdb.hello_3.conf, test/testdb.hello_4.conf, test/testdb.hello_5.conf, \ 
test/testdb.smiley_1.conf, test/testdb.smiley_2.conf, test/testdb.smiley_3.conf, \ 
test/testdb.smiley_4.conf, test/testdb.smiley_5.conf:
  fixed: Some m4 shipped with Solaris/MacOS-/... translate index to -1
      when no arguments are specified. Solution: index ===> `index'

  * test/dictd_test: fix for Solaris-9: $PWD ===> `pwd`

2005-11-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictP.h: fixed: defining __FUNCTION__

  * dictd.8: minor fix

2005-10-30  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/dictd_smiley_2_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_3_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_smiley_4_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_5_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_1_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_2_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_3_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_hello_4_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_hello_5_res.expected.txt, test/dictd_smiley_1_res.expected.txt, \ 
test/dictd_test, test/testdb.hello_1.conf, test/testdb.hello_2.conf, \ 
test/testdb.hello_3.conf, test/testdb.hello_4.conf, test/testdb.hello_5.conf, \ 
test/testdb.smiley_1.conf, test/testdb.smiley_2.conf, test/testdb.smiley_3.conf, \ 
test/testdb.smiley_4.conf, test/testdb.smiley_5.conf:
  lots of new tests for 'dictd'
  fixes, code clean-ups and improvements of tests for 'dictfmt'

  * daemon.c: fixes for inetd (daemonS_out ---> 1)

2005-10-15  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dict.c:
  minor fixes with pager, patches by Kirk Hilliard

  * dictfmt.1, dictl.1:
  fixed: sf.net bug #1227624, patches by micha137

  * dictl.in:
  fixed: sf.net bug #1223489, patches by micha137

  * test/dictd_test: minor fixes in printf

2005-09-22  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * decl.h:
  fixed: compilation bug undet Solaris

  * configure.in, setenv.c:

  'setenv' function implementation (Solaris is affected)

2005-09-06  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS: updated

  * NEWS: release time

  * NEWS, configure.in, dictd.8:
  documentation updated
  version: 1.10.1 --> 1.10.2

  * dictd.8:
  added: short description for a list of special headwords in .index file

  * NEWS: updates for 1.10.2

  * dictfmt.1:
  added: documentation for --utf8 option

  * NEWS: updated for 1.10.2

2005-09-05  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictP.h, libmaa/maaP.h:
  fixed: compiler warnings on FreeBSD5

  * NEWS: *** empty log message ***

2005-09-02  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt.c, str.c:
  fixes for FreeBSD-4

2005-08-26  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * colorit.in:
  new command implemented: gensub

2005-08-25  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * Makefile.in:
  fixes in 'distclean' target

  * test/dictd_test:
  minor changes

  * dictfmt.c, test/db.expect.smiley_1.index:
  FIXED: dictfmt MUST produce the same output on all platforms.
     - -k 1,3 is used instead of -k 1,1, so all columns are used in sorting.
     - LC_ALL environment variable is ALWAYS set to C for 'sort' utility,
       otherwise sorting order depends on locale (LANG and LC_xxx variables).

2005-08-18  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/db.expect.hello_1.dict, test/db.expect.hello_1.index, \ 
test/db.expect.hello_2.dict, test/db.expect.hello_2.index, \ 
test/db.expect.hello_3.dict, test/db.expect.hello_3.index, \ 
test/db.expect.hello_4.dict, test/db.expect.hello_4.index, \ 
test/db.expect.hello_5.dict, test/db.expect.hello_5.index, test/dictd_test, \ 
  added: new tests for dictfmt

2005-08-17  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * test/db.expect.smiley_1.dict, test/db.expect.smiley_1.index, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_2.dict, test/db.expect.smiley_2.index, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_3.dict, test/db.expect.smiley_3.index, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_4.index, test/db.expect.smiley_5.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_5.index, test/dictd_test, test/testdb.smiley.txt, \ 
  more tests
  fixes, code-clean-ups

  * test/db.expect.dict, test/db.expect.index, test/db.expect.smiley_1.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_1.index, test/db.expect.smiley_2.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_2.index, test/db.expect.smiley_3.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_3.index, test/db.expect.smiley_4.dict, \ 
test/db.expect.smiley_4.index, test/dictd_test, test/testdb.c5.txt, \ 
test/testdb.e.txt, test/testdb.f.txt, test/testdb.h.txt, test/testdb.h.txt.dict, \ 
test/testdb.h.txt.index, test/testdb.j.txt, test/testdb.p.txt, \ 
  added: files for automatic testing, and testing script itself

2005-08-15  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS, dictfmt.1:
  minor fixes

2005-08-14  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * index.c:
  printf(...) --> PRINTF (DBG_SEARCH, (...))

  * dictfmt.c:
  fixed: 'dictfmt --allchars' run 'sort' utility with no C locale, while
      dictd requires this type of sorting.
      Affected versions: all dictfmt version providing --allchars option.
      It is strongly recommended to recreate dictionary
      which was built with --allchars option.

2005-08-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt.c:
  added: -i option

2005-07-26  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * daemon.c:
  FIXED: 'SHOW DB' command shows the special entry '--exit--'
      as a normal database which cannot be used used for searching.
      This contradicts rfc-2229.

      Use 'SHOW SERVER' command to see where the default search stops.

  * dictfmt.c:
  FIXED: all these years dictfmt worked incorrectly
      because not only index part of .index was used in the sorting.
      A a result .index file could look like

        gawk:sample programs   CXyl    ON
        gawk:scalar constants  +sR     RS
        gawk:scanning an array BfKx    k7
    !   gawk   Se      I3e
        gawk:simple sed        Cpm/    xZ
        gawk:single character fields   pQy     So
        gawk:special caveats   7nN     Z2

    Pay attention to the line preceded by !.
    It leads to the word 'gawk' was never found.

    Now the external utility 'sort' is run with additional options:
      -t <TAB> -k 1,1

    Affected versions of dictfmt: 1.6.1 - 1.10.1

2005-07-20  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt.c:
  fixed: typo in error message

2005-07-17  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * index.c:
  fixed: sometimes the regexp strategy may incorrectly
      because of optimization code and strange binary search.

      Thanks to Slava Kravchenko for bug report.
      Affected version: 1.4.9 - 1.10.1

2005-06-09  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * NEWS: NEWS file update

  * NEWS, configure.in:
  news updated
  version --> 1.10.1

2005-06-08  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictfmt.c:
  minor fix

  * index.c:
  By default 'dictd' is run in UTF-8 mode unless you ./configure it
     with --with-system-utf8-funcs option

  * dictfmt.c:
  added: --utf8 option. Use it to create utf-8 dictionaries.
      Use of '--locale ru_RU.UTF-8' is deprecated unless you
      ./configure dict packages with --with-system-utf8-funcs

  * dictP.h:
  MB_CUR_MAX__: 7 --> 6

  * dict.1:
  fixed: typo. Thanks to A Costa for reporting the bug report.

2005-04-14  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.8, dictd.c, dictd.h, servparse.y, servscan.l:
  By default dictd, when running as daemon, writes a PID
      to /var/run/dictd.pid file. This can be overriden by
      'pid_file' keyword in dictd.conf (See dictd.8) of command line
      option '--pid-file'

      Thanks to Josef Novak for sudgestion and patch.

2005-04-13  Aleksey Cheusov <vle@gmx.net>

  * dictd.8:
  fixed: dictd.8 says that 'lev' strategy doesn't work
      with utf-8 dictionaries, but it does since release 1.9.13

  * configure.in, dictP.h, dictd.c, dictfmt.c, index.c, lev.h, mbrlen.c, \ 
mbrtowc.c, mbstowcs.c, mbtowc.c, str.c, wcrtomb.c, wctomb.c:
  unless 'dictd' is configured using './configure --with-system-utf8-funcs'
      'dictd' and 'dictfmt' use built-in UTF-8/UCS functions, i.e.
      there is no need for --locale xx_YY.UTF-8. As a result
      'dictd' can be compiled and run on platforms
      which doesn't have UTF-8 locale.
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