./ham/fldigi, Digital radio modem

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Branch: pkgsrc-2009Q1, Version: 3.03nb1, Package name: fldigi-3.03nb1, Maintainer: wulf

A digital radio modem program with support for the following modes:

* CW
* DominoEX
* Feld-Hell
* MFSK-4, MFSK-8, MFSK-16, MFSK-22, MFSK-31, MFSK-32, MFSK-64
* PSK-31, QPSK-31, PSK-63, QPSK-63, PSK-125, QPSK-125, PSK-250, QPSK-250
* Olivia various tones and bandwidths
* RTTY various baudrates, shifts and bandwidths
* Thor-4, Thor-5, Thor-8, Thor-11, Thor-16, Thor-22
* Throb-1, Throb-2, Throb-4, ThrobX-1, ThrobX-2, ThrobX-4
* WWV, receive only
* Freq. Analysis, receive only

Required to run:
[misc/xdg-dirs] [graphics/jpeg] [graphics/png] [audio/libsndfile] [audio/portaudio-devel] [audio/libsamplerate] [x11/fltk]

Required to build:
[devel/gmake] [devel/pkg-config]

Master sites:

SHA1: fcdc0f34fe62b6857c5e02bb8e7a8ecbe6e7050c
RMD160: 30fa50eee0b00c2a332f8c48999e0183df88f60a
Filesize: 694.557 KB

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