./mail/freepops, POP3 gateway to AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Juno, Yahoo, etc.

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Branch: pkgsrc-2011Q3, Version: 0.2.8nb2, Package name: freepops-0.2.8nb2, Maintainer: schmonz

FreePOPs is an extensible POP3 server. Its main purpose is to provide
a POP3 interface to a webmail. Supported webmail services include
(but are not limited to) AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, Juno, and Yahoo.

Required to run:
[www/curl] [shells/bash]

Required to build:
[devel/gmake] [devel/bison] [devel/libtool-base] [pkgtools/x11-links]

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SHA1: 5bbf5ed41916c2fee04938abb0c440d98b325710
RMD160: e209a2b2f289e5b431c1d5ab3aaf5d5b09a87135
Filesize: 2013.961 KB

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   2011-10-10 20:15:51 by Matthias Scheler | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Pullup ticket #3548 - requested by dholland
mail/freepops: build fix

Revisions pulled up:
- mail/freepops/distinfo                                        1.6
- mail/freepops/patches/patch-modules_src_luacurl_lua-curl-0_3_0_diff 1.1

   Module Name:	pkgsrc
   Committed By:	dholland
   Date:		Sun Oct  9 09:09:29 UTC 2011

   Modified Files:
   	pkgsrc/mail/freepops: distinfo
   Added Files:

   Log message:
   Fix build with recent curl.